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Autoclave Sterilizer by Tanco Autoclave

Tanco Autoclave is manufacturer, Supplier and exporter of all kinds of Autoclaves and sterilizers used in Medical labs, scientific labs, Pharmaceuticals, hospitals etc.<br>List of Sterilizers manufactured by Tanco Autoclave:<br>Vertical Autoclave - https://goo.gl/tkngvP<br>Fully Automatic Vertical Autoclave - https://goo.gl/RZVXKU<br>Vertical Autoclave GMP Model - https://goo.gl/VYJtyi<br>Triple walled Vertical Autoclave - https://goo.gl/C348SL<br>Horizontal Autoclave - https://goo.gl/WDe3b6<br>High pressure steam Sterilizer - https://goo.gl/9woZc2<br>Medical waste Sterilizer - https://goo.gl/ux2oKa<br>Portable Autoclave - https://goo.gl/CDGpWA<br>Pressure cooker type vertical Autoclave - https://goo.gl/Kg78Nn<br>

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Autoclave Sterilizer by Tanco Autoclave

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  1. P.L.TANDON & CO. AN ISO 9001-2008 COMPANY Laboratory & Scientific Equipment Manufacturing Company Website :- www.tancoautoclave.com Enquiry :- tancolabproducts@gmail.com

  2. Autoclave Sterilizer  Vertical Autoclave  Horizontal Autoclave  Cylindrical Autoclave  Medical Waste Sterilizer  Portable Autoclave Website :- www.tancoautoclave.com Enquiry :- tancolabproducts@gmail.com

  3. Horizontal Autoclave Horizontal Autoclave Smart investment for hospitals and laboratories, where large volume of sterilization is required. Made of SS with radial Locking system. Fitted with Automatic Vacuum Breaker, Low Water Level Cut-off Device, Pressure Control Switch & pressure gauge, safety device, SS basket, water level indicator, drain valve and neoprene/silicon rubber gasket. Mounted on Tubular stand with S.S. Boiler Operating Pressure 15 to 20 (p.s.i. adjustable), Single Phase 220/230 volts A.C. Height x Dia 450mm x 250mm 500mm x 300mm 550mm x 350mm 600mm x 450mm 750mm x 550mm 1100mm x 400mm Height x Dia 18" x 10“ 20" x 12“ 22" x 14" 24" x 18" 30" x 22" 44" x 16“ Load 1.5 2.0 3.0 6.0 7.5 9.0 Capacity 22 Ltrs 36 Ltrs 50 Ltrs 98 Ltrs 152 Ltrs 200 Ltrs ACH-1 ACH-2 ACH-3 ACH-4 ACH-5 ACH-6 Website :- www.tancoautoclave.com Enquiry :- tancolabproducts@gmail.com

  4. Cylindrical Autoclave High Pressure Triple Walled for Dry Sterilization (134°C at 30psi) Complete With Steam Jacket * Separate Boiler with Radical Locking System, self-locking safety door, Insulated, steam boiler , Inner tank capacity up to 240 liters or more, Automatic Pressure Locking, Pressure Gauge, Safety value, Vacuum Breaker, Drain Value, Low ware Cut off Device, Pressure Control Switch. Discharge Line Sterilization Cycle controlled by single point/multiple Port value. Workable on Three Phase 440 Volts A.C Supply. Height x Dia 400mm x 600mm 400mm x 1100mm 500mm x 900mm 500mm x 1250mm Load 6.0 9.0 9.0 10.0 Capacity 88 Ltrs 162 Ltrs 165 Ltrs 220 Ltrs ACH-1 ACH-2 ACH-3 ACH-4 Website :- www.tancoautoclave.com Enquiry :- tancolabproducts@gmail.com

  5. Medical Waste Sterilizer For Sterilization of Regulated Bio-Medical Hospital Waste and Related spores triple walled for Dry Sterilization Steam Jacket & Separate Boiler Made of SS with Radical Locking System , Fitted with all accessories. Cycle Controlled by Single Point / Multi Port Valve. Workable on 220/230 Volts A.C Additional Facilities:- Automatic Pressure control Digital Temperature display Automatic Temperature Recording System Neoprene rubber gasket door seal Website :- www.tancoautoclave.com Enquiry :- tancolabproducts@gmail.com

  6. Portable Autoclave Portable autoclave sterilizers by PL Tandon & Co. are designed for general purpose sterilization jobs at Laboratory, clinics, nursing homes and hospitals etc. Single Walled Complete with Stand ,Pressure Gauge, Steam Release Valve. Workable on 220/230 Volts AC. Height x Dia 275mm x 225mm 300mm x 300mm 350mm x 300mm 550mm x 300mm Capacity 10 Ltrs 21 Ltrs 24 Ltrs 39 Ltrs ACH-1 ACH-2 ACH-3 ACH-4 More Detail Visit : http://www.tancoautoclave.com/portable-autoclave Website :- www.tancoautoclave.com Enquiry :- tancolabproducts@gmail.com

  7. Our Autoclaves • • • • • • • • • Vertical Autoclave Vertical Autoclave Fully Automatic Vertical Autoclave Triple walled Vertical Autoclave GMP Model Horizontal Autoclave Medical Waste Sterilizer Cylindrical Steam Sterilizer Portable Autoclave Portable Pressure Cooker type Autoclave Website :- www.tancoautoclave.com Enquiry :- tancolabproducts@gmail.com

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