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Participation Requirements PowerPoint Presentation
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Participation Requirements

Participation Requirements

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Participation Requirements

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  1. Participation Requirements SELN Conference October 14, 2011 Laura Abbott Joy Hunsucker Ann Jacobson

  2. What do these things have in common?

  3. They are all ways to make State Assessment Decisions. not

  4. What happens if we don’thave a process in place?


  6. Accommodations Curriculum Services Test Graduation

  7. Accommodations STAAR Curriculum Services Test Graduation

  8. Accommodations Modified Curriculum Services Test Graduation

  9. Accommodations Alternate Curriculum Services Test Graduation

  10. 3

  11. 5

  12. Based on educational need and instruction • Not solely based on: • disability category/race/SES/attendance service time/service location • Why STAAR is not appropriate • Why Modified/Alternate is appropriate • All eligibility criteria are met • Based on multiple sources of data • Not based solely on previous state assessment • ARD Committee decision • Not cap-driven administrative decision

  13. Participation Requirements: Are you sureabout your district?

  14. Participation Requirements: Raise your hand! Raise your hand! If you…

  15. So what can we do?

  16. GOBs: academic Goals Objectives Benchmarks functional modify prerequisite

  17. Present Levels of Academic Achievementand Functional Performance

  18. How is the student performing on academic tasks that are affected by his or her disability?

  19. A “well-rounded picture of the whole student” Parents Student Teachers Service Providers

  20. PLAAFP should • Provide a focus or a spotlight on the child’s needs • Serve as a preview as to which skills will need some instructional support and focus • Provide specific baseline data supporting their area of need

  21. You do not want…. Plaafp-lac Noun: The absence of a well-written PLAAFP based on data

  22. General Curriculum Disability Involvement Progress

  23. TEKS Expectations Can the student tackle the grade level TEKS as written? or Does the student’s disability affect his/her ability to master the grade level TEKS?  Enrolled Gr. Level Modified TEKS Prerequisite Skills

  24. The Gen. Ed. / Spec. Ed. Team

  25. Accommodations

  26. Accommodations Changes to instructional materials, procedures, or techniques that allow a student with disabilities to participate in grade-level instruction and testing Individualized for each student Used routinely in instruction and testing Evaluated regularly for effectiveness


  28. General Education Setting Special Education Setting Co-teach Indirect Support Support Fac.

  29. Additional Information

  30. STAAR Modified STAAR Alternate STAAR L

  31. Assessment Decision Process Does the student receive instruction in the grade-level TEKS for this subject with or without accommodations? If yes, then the student takes STAAR for this subject.

  32. Assessment Decision Process Does the student access the grade-level TEKS for this subject through modifications (modified content)?

  33. Modified Question #1: Multiple Years Behind Grade-level Rate of Progress

  34. Modified Question #2: Modified Enrolled Grade Level Content

  35. Modified Question #3: Direct, Intensive Instruction Acquire, Maintain, Transfer Skills

  36. Assessment Decision Process Does the student have a significant cognitive disability that requires the student to access the grade-level TEKS through prerequisite skills?

  37. Alternate Question #1: Significant Cognitive Disability As determined by his FIE (8-28-09) and ARD Committee meeting (5-2-11), Aaron meets the criteria as having the disability condition of an intellectual disability.