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Football. By: Al- Anood Al- Darwish. Where did Football originate from?.

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    1. Football By: Al-Anood Al-Darwish

    2. Where did Football originate from? The game originated a long time ago god knows when. So no one actually knows when the game of football was originated with an exact date. But in the old days people really didn’t care much about sports and football so these days people are caring much more according to what I have seen and been through.

    3. Who made up the first organized set of rules for Football? Why did they do this? There is more than one kind of football there is an English football, American football. But the football I will be talking about is the English football. In 1815 a famous English school named Eton College started up the rule which other universities, schools and colleges started to use. They did this because they wanted something as a sport and they didn’t have anything so the made up the game and the rules

    4. How many countries play Football as their national sport? There are about sixty nations actually playing football as their national sport until now. They have been playing against other countries and having world cups. These days people really care about sports. The bid for 2018 and 2022 were both for football. People were crying for loosing when some people were crying of happiness because they won.

    5. Why do you think Football has become so popular around the world? The game of football is really popular because the excitement and they way its presented. Football its a fun and interesting game and you actually benefit from it cause you can loose weight and be fit and have muscles. There are lots of techniques in football that look interesting and people want to try it and enjoy.

    6. What I think about football? I think football is a great game and everyone should try playing it. Its good for your muscles and you get fit. Its also good for you health because this activity promotes health and you can have a longer life.

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