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Nonlinguistic Representations

Nonlinguistic Representations. Using technology to create an active classroom. Essential Question. How can I use non-linguistic representations to increase achievement for all students? ( Marzano ). Objectives.

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Nonlinguistic Representations

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  1. Nonlinguistic Representations Using technology to create an active classroom

  2. Essential Question • How can I use non-linguistic representations to increase achievement for all students? (Marzano)

  3. Objectives • To show you several technology strategies that can be used as nonlinguistic representations of content/topics (Observe, Listen, Write, Speak) • To show you what technology MHS has to offer • To help you get the training and help you need (Support!)

  4. Why?… • What does research say? (Source: McREL “Using Technology With Classroom Instruction that Works” and Hill and Flynn “Classroom Instruction that Works with English Language Learners”) • 4 non-negotiables that research says increases achievement and motivation: 1)setting clear objectives; 2) providing quick feedback; 3) reinforcing effort; and, 4) providing recognition • What works when students are learning new knowledge: 1) advanced organizers and cues; 2) nonlinguistic representations; 3) reinforce effort; 4) summarizing and note-taking; 5) cooperative learning • ALL of the above can be achieved through technology and incorporating the web sites, software and tools presented!

  5. NonLinguistic Representations Q1 Interactive Lectures Podcasts/Vodcasts Interwrite Boards Clickers Web Tools Mediacast Document Cameras 3D Web Sites

  6. Interactive Lectures • Incorporate choice with linked “buttons” • Incorporate Questions…use clickers, cups, dyads • Incorporate Video • Incorporate Internet sites with animations • Other?

  7. Podcasts and Vodcasts • Create tutorials • Student projects • The Library will have 10 classroom iPods for checkout • Prereq: must take training class here at MHS • http://bvsd.org/iteach/S2P2/default.aspx

  8. Clickers and Interwrite Boards • We have Clickers and Interwrite boards for classroom use! • Please request a training…small groups preferrable! • Most textbooks already have clicker questions, especially ExamView testing software • http://bvsd.org/iteach/clickers/Pages/default.aspx

  9. Web Tools • Enhance your activities, graphic organizers and projects with fun Web Tools • See handout

  10. 3D • Coming to BVSD in the near future! • http://bvsd.org/bvs3d/Pages/default.aspx • http://bvsd.org/iteach/BlogCentral/Lists/Categories/Category.aspx?Name=Future%20Talk

  11. Mediacast • How to Login? • BVSD is adding to this site every month! • http://bvsd.org/iteach/Pages/DCI.aspx • http://mediacast.bvsd.org/login.cfm

  12. Document Cameras • We have these for check out from the library…See Beatrice for a training! • Ideas for use in the classroom?

  13. Web Sites • Can get a folder for SharePoint or software for Dreamweaver • Contact me for a tutorial • http://bvsd.org/spresources/Pages/default.aspx • Discussion board, calendars, handouts, links, surveys, Podcasts/Vodcasts, RSS feeds…

  14. Challenge… • Challenge: Pick at least one web site, software, or technology and incorporate it into a lesson this year! Let us know how it went via our MHS staff listserve! Q2 and Q3

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