congressional and capitol hill issues and u pdate n.
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Congressional and Capitol Hill Issues and U pdate PowerPoint Presentation
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Congressional and Capitol Hill Issues and U pdate

Congressional and Capitol Hill Issues and U pdate

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Congressional and Capitol Hill Issues and U pdate

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  1. Congressional and Capitol Hill Issues and Update Dr. Jack Dugan SPAFOA May 1, 2014

  2. SPAFOA Legislative Activities and Views • Present Activity • SPAFOA language in “Competes” bill • Rep. Lipinski letter to DOE • Previous Congressional Activity • Pursuit of SPAFOA industrialization goals • Language in House version of “America Competes” • History of Effort • Present climate for US high tech industry • Budget and policy trends

  3. History of LCFOA/SPAFOA Effort • ~ 10 year activity • Major legislative interfaces with House S&T and Senate E&NR Committees • Staff retirements, Dr. Bob Simon, caused strategy change to focus on House committee • House support chiefly dems. With GOP support from Rep. Hultgren (R-IL) • Interaction with HAC/SAC very limited

  4. SPAFOA Language in Dem. America Competes Bill • Substantively previous language in House passed version of the bill • Consistent with SPAFOA goal of assuring “level playing field” for international procurements • Evidence of S&T “Corporate Memory” for industrialization issue • Likely to be offered as amendment in S&T committee

  5. American Competes Bill Language Domestic manufacturing Capability FOR Office of Science Facilities Report- Not later than one year after the date of enactment of the Department of Energy Office of Science Authorization Act of 2014, the Secretary shall transmit a report to the Committee on Science, Space, and Technology of the House of Representatives and the Committee on Energy and Natural resources of the Senate. The report shall- “(1) assess the current ability of domestic manufacturers to meet the procurement requirements for major ongoing projects funded by the Office of Science, including a calculation of the percentage of equipment acquired from domestic manufacturers for this purpose; and “(2) identify steps that can be taken by the Federal Government and by private industry to increase the capability of domestic manufacturers to meet procurement requirements of the Office of Science for major projects”. • Sec 603, Title VI

  6. SPAFOA Industrialization Goals • Promote US industry competitiveness in jobs in domestic and international major science project procurements • Recognize lack of financial incentives for DOE SC to assure robust industry role • Note that budgetary concerns drive DOE approach to industry role

  7. Present Climate for Advocating Industrialization • Difficult to detect Senate interest level • House enthusiasm chiefly from Cong. Lipinski while GOP support is muted by opposition to funding increases • Congressional termination of “earmarks” has added to the erosion of policy and program proactivity • Lack of annual appropriation bills severely limits opportunities on Congressional priorities • Congress leverage confined mainly to appropriation committees • SPAFOA members encouraged to engage with their representatives on this issue