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Improving RD Engagement for 2012 PowerPoint Presentation
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Improving RD Engagement for 2012

Improving RD Engagement for 2012

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Improving RD Engagement for 2012

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  1. Improving RD Engagement for 2012 Based on 2012 Employee Engagement Initiatives

  2. Defined as the percentage people for which the average across the 6 questions is a 4.5 or higher Six questions are used to determine the engagement level agree disagree disagree Disagree Slightly Strongly Slightly agree Agree Strongly 1 2 3 4 5 6 • I would not hesitate to recommend Sodexo to a friend seeking employment • Given the opportunity, I tell others great things about working here • I rarely think about leaving Sodexo to work somewhere else • It would take a lot to get me to leave Sodexo • Sodexo motivates me to contribute more than is normally required to complete my work • Sodexo inspires me to do my best work every day Say Stay Strive

  3. Opportunities and Risks Biggest Opportunities

  4. Engagement Dashboard – US Healthcare & Area 326 • RESULTS: Overall US Healthcare – Overall Key Engagement Drivers Area 326 – Overall Key Engagement Drivers Opportunity Drivers Opportunity Drivers Communication Recognition Senior Leadership Pay Communication Recognition Learning & Development Pay Risk Drivers Risk Drivers Customers Learning & Development Work Activities Diversity Senior Leadership Physical Work Environment Work Activities Immediate Manager

  5. Areas to be improved for better engagement Key opportunity drivers are the same as in 2008, which makes sense because satisfaction has not significantly changed either. Actions have to be taken in the following areas in order to improve satisfaction on the main Engagement Drivers: • Communication(“In Sodexo there is open and honest two way communication”) • Improve perception that Sodexo management takes into consideration their employees ideas and opinions (55% satisfied, 54% in 2008, 48% in US and Noram, 54% in US Average benchmark) • Recognition(“I receive appropriate recognition (beyond my pay) for my contributions and accomplishments”) • Improve perception that Sodexo (not only the immediate manager) recognizes productive people (52% satisfied vs 49% in 2008, 45% in the US and Noram) • Senior Leadership (“I trust the leadership of Sodexo”) • Improve Sodexo Leadership team communication on the future (62% satisfied, same in 2008, 55% in the US and Noram) – Note that this action also relates to Communication Driver

  6. Action Planning Team Area SVP, DM’s, ASM’s, Finance Director & HRD met and reviewed the overall and area-specific results Determined key areas of focus based on results Chose Leads & Sponsoring DMs for each based on Team Criteria: “Lead & Think Differently” Introduction webinar to explain results and team goals – June 30, 2011 Each Lead/Sponsor will develop focus group questions, determine invitees, conduct webinars & submits detailed Action Plan Action Planning Team reviews Focus Group findings and build detailed Action Plan History and Plan for FY12

  7. Action Planning Team Mary Basel, CNM, DLS MUSC Richard McLaughlin, DM in SC (now part of the First Start Team) Tawnya Hutchison, ASM Berdis / Rohde region Initial call conducted at the end of FY12 Determined that a “drill down” survey with the clinical teams to see if we could get more data History and Plan for FY12

  8. The results of the survey indicated that the following could positively impact dietitian's engagement with Sodexo: * To increaseRecognitionfor accomplishments from immediate supervisors and General Managers * To provide more direction and develop career paths to promote *Career Opportunities * To address compensation of dietitians in relation to the Sodexo Benefits Package * To improve *Communicationbetween dietitians and other Sodexo managers Area 326 focused Clinical Results

  9. Engagement Topics: Creating Strong Clinical Goals Clinical Opportunities Best Practice Expectations Meeting Always Obtaining 9/10 on client surveys Understanding Sodexo clinical benefits 30 second elevator speech Continuing Education: Provided 15 additional training opportunities (internal and external) DLS structure: Set up a new structure for FY12 where all the units is not visited were personally contacted via email / phone for support History and Plan for FY12Engagement Focus

  10. ASM / DLS agenda change: Agenda “What am I hearing” Corporate strategy Hot topics Sdx training (Gold checks) DLS development ASM newsletter was created DLS mentee program: Assigned one Engagement presentation Increased to 7 DLS mentor to take on account visits as appropriate “Mini” teams: Wellness Communications History and Plan for FY12Engagement Focus

  11. Recognition Results 83% receive appropriate recognition for accomplishments (personal notes, department meetings, group emails) Increased from 75% in 2011 45% prefer to be recognized by their Immediate Manager, Decrease from 49% in 2011 40% prefer to be recognized by their General Manager, Increase from 29% in 2011

  12. Career Opportunity Results 92% know career opportunities available through Sodexo, Increased from 78% in 2011 Barriers: 43% content in current role, increase from 37% in 2011; 27% unable to relocate, increase from 24%

  13. Benefits Package Results Sodexo’s benefit package’s average rating is 74/100 for Very Good or Excellent, decrease from 81% for Very Good or Excellent in 2011 63% feel they are being paid fairly, slight decrease from 65% in 2011 Suggestions to improve: Carry over time for vacation or receive pay for unused sick time, salary increase for board certifications and advanced degrees/continuing education, increased options for saving/retirement/pension, Sodexo contribute to medical/dental insurance for employees and expand Dental PDP options

  14. Learning Opportunity Results 92% participated in Sodexo webinars, increase from 87% in 2011 38% participated in Sodexo training, decrease from 59% in 2011 41% participated in local/national conferences, increase from 36% in 2011

  15. Enhancing Engagement Results Provide support needed for advancement, CNM increase from 34%, GM decrease 41% Communicating more openly and directly, CNM increase from 23%, GM increase 14% Sharing a common vision for professional development or career goals CNM increase from 21%, GM increase from 16% Recognizing achievements, CNM increase from 3%, GM increase from 16% Listening and providing constructive feedback, CNM increase 11%, GM increase 5%

  16. Every area of focus went up with the exception of compensation and benefits Interesting Findings: Dietitians want to be recognized from their GM more than the CNM Viewed as GM’s do not support employee advancement Dietitians are not getting out of the unit for Sodexo trainings Benefits package reference appears to be self-op Overall Results

  17. Next Steps for FY13 • Working on Engagement Calendar with new some new topics and some refreshed topics • Creating new “mini” champion teams • Identifying a possible training road map for clinical development • Restructuring the DLS program for quarterly support • Using social media to improve recognition

  18. Question and Answer