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Group Therapy Activities PowerPoint Presentation
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Group Therapy Activities

Group Therapy Activities

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Group Therapy Activities

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  1. TANU CHOKSI Group Therapy Activities

  2. TANU CHOKSI Happy Memory This is one of the simplest group therapy activities that almost therapist practice with all groups of all ages. It involves recreating a scene with one of their most joyful / happy memories. They themselves have to be a part of it and cast members as other individuals in their story.

  3. TANU CHOKSI A Big Friendship Mural This activity is fun and engaging for teens and young adults. During those phases in life, an individual undergoes major changes in their social life. This banner states - A good friend is someone who ____ and the participants paint and scribble adding their definitions.

  4. TANU CHOKSI Affirmation Poster A simple yet fun activity is asking the participants to create an affirmation poster. This poster will have a quote or a saying or any words that pull them through their darkest times. All the required stationery like crayons, glitter and everything else is provided to make their poster beautiful.

  5. TANU CHOKSI My Perfect Life This is one of the popular group activities for teens. It involves them painting a picture / writing a note of how they imagine their perfect life to be with aspects like success, achievements, career, relationships, etc. The individuals are also supposed to write three steps on the back that they think will help them achieve their perfect life.

  6. TANU CHOKSI Treasure Map A map is laid out with beginning on one end and success on the other. The path to it is very windy with curves. One has to reach the other end crossing hurdles called forgiveness and other aspects. This activity helps one understand that life’s hurdles are important and crucial.

  7. TANU CHOKSI Thank You