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Peacemaking Brand Architecture PowerPoint Presentation
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Peacemaking Brand Architecture

Peacemaking Brand Architecture

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Peacemaking Brand Architecture

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  1. Peacemaking Brand Architecture Chris Macrae

  2. My PROBONO networking project for next 5 years • I think we are finally getting to understand that KM is not about XML or data transfer, but about people and their (trusted) relations... and this has very important repercussions with respect to how we call for research... • Command and control & self-organising • Value multiplication audit of intangible flows & value add of tangibles • Whole system of systems versus parts • Closing Competition versus open partnering • Society health and economics • Local and global • Virtual and real learning • Learning and doing Chris Macrae/

  3. Thoughts • Practice of Peace: • Conflict, Change and Not needing to be in control- these are the greatest innovation tipping points wherever people prize openness and diversity. They lead systems of systems to value destruction or value multiplication. So why does the practice of management fear them all and spread compound fear everywhere. Because current management only knows the maths of add: separability not connectivity, parts not whole systems, machine investments not people, past planning not future adaptability. Value multiplication can only begin when you audit emerging conflicts in every cycle. Conflicts are where the outside changes or the inside of a human system ruptures unless you all see and resolve. • Open Space • Whether in the workplace or the world, Open Space expands the field of possibilities for peace. • Thinking through a collapsing world • We live in a changed world. The old institutions have failed or are failing. We need to rebuild. Develop new initiatives, new projects, new collaborations. We want new pathways to reconciliation. Thinking through a collapsing world:’pathways to reconciliation’, will be held to provide a vehicle for the exploration and development of political strategies for reconciliation. Chris Macrae/

  4. The Practice of Peace • Case study Nobel laureates and networks of Charities Big 50 Human Issues University of the stars Responsible Heroes Alumni of 300000 open spaces Big People Networks YouthWomenHIV Chris Macrae/

  5. Each multiplier compounds spinning down to zero or up and up Trust flows Value supply Value demands (win-wins or win loses?) Knowledge worker (human capital) Employee segments K1 V1 K worker’s personal network (social and community capital) Customer segments K2 V2 Organisation(company’s intellectual capital) Investor segments K3 V3 Network of organisations (industry, network capital) Partner segments K4 V4 Policy, regulation, etc (environmental capital) Local and global society K5 V5 Trust Rational Emotional Political Spiritual Open source property transparency What you measure isn’t just what you get but what you compound over time and across systems. This has extraordinary policy impacts connecting human, social and intellectual capital across regions. Chris Macrae/

  6. Part of Open Catalogue of Human System Value Multiplying Methods Top 3 Methods Deep Coordination Methods This leads to open cataloguing searches of great facilitation methods anchored around each of the 10 value multipliers: research process connectivity needs meta-disciplinary goodwill. Chris Macrae/

  7. V V V V V V V V V V • Neumann/MAHEO/Medinge/BrandPoint… SPACENETS • Where the world’s first 500 supersonic organisations benchmark and people enjoy hi-trust innovation 500 organisations benchmarking how to ensure unique purpose isn’t eroded. Policy spaces, eg collapsingworld’s practice of peace or wherever intangible value system – designers knowledgeboard or Ukraine – Russia – China Open Space Entrepreneur Collaboration Network. Map Alumni hubs of barriers to system integration: spiral dynamics, Open space, intangible capitals, conflict resolution methods. Chris Macrae/

  8. Transparency/Intangibles Auditing of Trust-Flow: 5 territories, 4 PROTECTION compass (I) Mapping How Stakeholders Value Us: Trust-makers & breakers Win-Win Conflict Detection Connect Internal Knowledge Productivities System Networking Openly with External Living Systems SWOT Contextual Culture Leadership: Systemic Relationship Depth, Breadth & Foresight -Purpose, Pattern rules & Passion to Learn/ Change NUMERICAL APARTHEID PROTECTION CONFLICT PROTECTION CONTEXT EROSION PROTECTION Org DISEASE PROTECTION Would I get same transparent answers to deep questions of active purpose asked to organisation’s top 20 people? to any 20 of its people? Chris Macrae/

  9. Transparency/Intangibles Auditing of Trust-Flow: 5 territories, 4 PROTECTION compass (II) NUMERICAL APARTHEID PROTECTION CONFLICT PROTECTION Auditing of Trust-Flow & Value Multiplication CONTEXT EROSION PROTECTION Org DISEASE PROTECTION Andersen couldn’t count; NASA lost safety; Baring’s no trust gentleman’s word; NY Power grids cant network Diseases CEO-no bad news up hierarchy Emperor & Bus-Case Dependency Silo distrusts Lost culture diseases Outsourcing (on short-term projections) Chris Macrae/