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Brand Architecture PowerPoint Presentation
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Brand Architecture

Brand Architecture

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Brand Architecture

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  1. Brand Architecture Current Situation Social Media Executive Summary • Facebook: updated regularly with relevant information pertaining to event and health updates and initiatives; oversaturated as only source of social media outlet. • 589 Likes • Twitter: was connected to Facebook status updates; recently separated. • 173 followers • Pinterest: created and several boards ready to start pinning. • 3 Followers • LinkedIn: created as a group. • Hootesuite: set up and currently utilized for automatic postings on Facebook. • Klout Score: 11 Social media includes web-based and mobile technologies used to turn communication into interactive relationships between organizations, communities, and individuals. Amongst Orange County residents, social media is widely used due to the high net worth of most occupants and their ability to create access to outlets for themselves and others. JDRF Orange County could greatly benefit from a more comprehensive and in-depth strategy aimed at improved fundraising and higher volunteer participation rate. Challenges Who (audience) • Ratio of volunteers to employees is very high. • Lack of unique resources • Limited knowledge of social media. • Little to no training on the professional purposes of social media. • Advocates: participate in events, actively donate time and money throughout multiple events each year, board member. • Frequent flyers: donate money to events, participate in one or two events per year. • Single action: donate money because friend or family member is an advocate or frequent flyer. • Don’t care: like on Facebook, follow on Twitter. • Don’t know. Why (Goals) • Create greater awareness of and participation in events, further increasing donations. • Develop and maintain relationships with all levels of interactions via social media in order to increase participation in various elements of the organization. Opportunity • Increased donations to JDRF. • Raised awareness of events. • Greater access for volunteer opportunities. • Emotionally engage and inform a wider audience. Strategy • Utilize social media outlets as broadcasting platforms for all event and news updates. • Interact with social media users to further integrate corporate partners. • Encourage social media users to engage more physically with the organization through volunteer hours or monetary donations. Recommendations Tactics How (Social Media Objectives) How (Social Media Execution) • Maintain one overall administrator for all the social media. • Organize and approve all posts. • Use HooteSuite to your advantage. • Organize scheduled release of all posts for every upcoming event. • Create similar password for all outlets. • Create more interaction with your advocates. • Foster conversations with and amongst social media followers. • Limit topics of social media postings to the relevant audience. • Include calls to action on majority of posts. i.e. questions, polls, etc. • Identify who the high degree engagers are across platforms. • Create contests to elevate low engagement interactions. • Conduct video interviews and create clips from events. • Follow in-house created social media policy to maintain consistency of organization’s mission. • Facebook: create interactive posts, often with calls to action; streamline messages and create consistency throughout each week. • Twitter: engage in conversations; follow T1D celebrity advocates; tweet unique messages to Twitter. • LinkedIn: advertise via print and other digital outlets; invite donor targets; post scientific and economic/financial information. • Pinterest: fill boards with event photos; connect to Facebook; conduct content research to include expert bloggers. • YouTube: benchmark other organization videos; connect to JDRFonline if OC chapter decides not to expand this outlet. • Obtain 1,000 “likes” on Facebook by January 1, 2013 • Reach/maintain a score of 50+ by December 1, 2012 • Have all administrators trained on and using Hootsuite by July 1, 2012 • Increase attendance at events and fundraising contributions through social media activities.

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