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Fort Meade Background

Fort Meade Background. Important Growth Characteristics 2005 BRAC 5,800 2003-2014 Overall Growth 20,000 2020 Projected Growth 12,000. Fort Meade Demographics. Workers On Post.

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Fort Meade Background

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  1. Fort Meade Background Important Growth Characteristics 2005 BRAC 5,800 2003-2014 Overall Growth 20,000 2020 Projected Growth 12,000

  2. Fort Meade Demographics Workers On Post “Maryland’s largest military installation and its workforce will continue to grow and expand as information, intelligence and cyber operations continue to grow.” – Colonel Brian Foley • A Powerful Economic Engine • Maryland’s largest employer • Maryland’s largest military installation • 4th largest workforce of any Army installation in U.S. • Over $20 billion/year into the Maryland economy Workers Off Post Supporting the Fort Meade Mission 120,000 Jobs (x 2.2 Contractor Multiplier)

  3. Fort Meade Mission and the Regional Economy are Intertwined The welfare of the installation is intrinsically tied to the region and vice-versa. Public Services Transportation Employers Land Use Fort Meade and Partner Agencies Education Housing Defense Contractors Mission Accomplishment / Regional Prosperity Regional Job Base Workforce / Families Health & Human Services Commercial / Institutional Development Other Growth Sources Recruiting & Retention Public Safety Other Services Recruiting & Retention Quality of Life Source: RGMC Staff Analysis

  4. Fort Meade Regional Growth Management Committee (RGMC) RGMC Vision: A region where collaboration between its jurisdictions and Fort George G. Meade improves quality of life, sustains mission effectiveness and generates savings of the resources of our country. • Membership: 8 Counties and 3 Cities. • Funding: DoD Office of Economic Adjustment and the two core counties. • Growth and Execution Planning: Mission Growth Initiative (MGI). • Critical Objective: Establish and sustain joint strategic planning, end ad-hoc actions. • Functional Focus: Transportation, Infrastructure, Business, Family Support and Emergency Management. • Installation Interface: • Staff Interaction: With all directorates and tenants through Plans, Analysis and Integration Office (PAIO). • Attend: Weekly Command and Staff Meetings, Deputy Commander Staff Meetings, Monthly Tenant Commander’s Meetings and other relevant meetings. • Physical Offices: Anne Arundel County, Howard County, Fort Meade (RGMC).

  5. Partnerships The mission is to systemically improve collaboration and business practices between Fort Meade and the surrounding region (local governments, local businesses, and local community partners). The RGMC is facilitating new win-win partnerships between the installation and local governments, regional businesses, and regional community partners. Here are just a few examples: Installation-to-Government(Public/Public Partnerships) - Howard County/Fort Meade Recycled Water Project: 5.5 Million Gal/Day for cooling Cyber Campus. County funds and constructs, DoD reimburses ($40M). Meet mission demands, saves the bay, aquifer and taxpayer dollars. Installation-to-Business(Public/Private Partnerships) - Used Book Action:A third-party vendor is seeking to place book drop boxes around Fort Meade to collect used books and resell them. The revenue generated will shared. Installation-to-Regional Community(Public/NGO Partnership) - Golf Courses: In addition to Columbia, Anne Arundel and Talbot County have offered reduced rates for Fort Meade community members (military and civilian).

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