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The Feel –Good Band

The Feel –Good Band

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The Feel –Good Band

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  1. The Feel –Good Band 1A form

  2. The Feel –Good Band • Hello, my name is Svetlana Bolya. I am a teacher from Lithuania. I teach primary school students, aged 6-10. This is my eighth class that I will teach from grades one to four. I have worked in school for twenty eight years already. • My credo is a unity of patience, respect and insistence towards each student.

  3. This year I teach first-graders. Our team is called Little Explorers and is a part of this project!

  4. Little Explorers • Our school is proud to have its own traditions. • We meet our future students long before they start school. To maintain continuity and to enable a gentle transition in order to avoid emotional trauma, schoolteachers come to the preschool institutions to meet the children for the first time. • The teachers attend celebrations, teacher-parent meeting and give advice to parents how to help prepare a child for school.

  5. Little Explorers • We organize open door days in schools, where children and their parents can watch an exciting show with fairytale characters which playfully tell them about school, give a tour, play games and competitions with the little ones. • Further on, during the entire school year preschoolers attend specially designed, game-like lessons. Gradually, they get used to the teachers and are able to select the teacher they would like to have in school.

  6. Little Explorers • Classes are relatively short – three 30 minute lessons. In addition to that, the preschoolers will be treated to special celebratory occasions – Christmas and New Year, a Fairytale Day. • Last year we organized a most captivating cognitive competition game – Tricky Questions.