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  1. uncharted Salt merchandise port native procession Open Court 4th Grade - Dollars & Sense Unit 2 Lesson 6 Melissa Lape – Wilson Elementary

  2. Uncharted “Use context clues” They sailed together for a day or two, until a strong wind came up and blew Ivan’s ship away into uncharted seas. Explorers, like Magellan or Lewis and Clark, went into uncharted, or unexplored, territory. uncharted - unknown, not on the map Melissa Lape – Wilson Elementary

  3. merchandise “Use context clues” Ivan went into the city to bow before the king and request permission to trade his merchandise. Department stores sell different kinds of merchandise. merchandise - something that is bought or sold Melissa Lape – Wilson Elementary

  4. port“Use context clues” Attended by her maidservants, she went down to the port to see the Russian ship. The sailors waved goodbye as their boat pulled out of the port. Port - a place or town where ships come to load or unload Melissa Lape – Wilson Elementary

  5. native “Use context clues” Soon Ivan could see his native land ahead, and moments later they arrived. Jorge left Mexico four years ago, and he misses his native country. Native - belonging to someone by birth Melissa Lape – Wilson Elementary

  6. procession “Use context clues” He arrived just as the wedding procession was about to enter the church. Cars waited for the procession of ducklings to cross the street. procession - a line of people moving forward in an orderly and ceremonial manner Melissa Lape – Wilson Elementary

  7. These words contain the /ow/ sound spelled ou. without scoundrels mountains aloud

  8. Each of the following words ends with the –cious spelling pattern. delicious precious conscious ferocious

  9. Each of these words are position words. Position words show where events or actions in the story take place, tell where a character or object is, or describe something. ahead nearby inside before

  10. These words contain digraphs; a digraph is a single sound that can be spelled using two letters. minnows merchant share sauces riches

  11. adjectives Identify the two adjectives in this sentence as well as the noun they describe. Once he loaded two ships with precious furs.

  12. possessive pronoun Point out the possessive pronoun and identify the noun to which the pronoun refers. Then Ivan was brought before the king.

  13. digraph Which words contain a digraph? A person who buys goods and sells them for profit is called a merchant.

  14. A Digraph is a pair of letters representing a single speech sound, such as the ph in pheasant or the ea in beat. Consonant Digraphs wheat phone cheese clock wreath sock trunk Vowel Digraphs sauces drawing minnow cousin boot head hawk