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By: Parker Austin

By: Parker Austin. Chapter 1: The Hanging Edge.

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By: Parker Austin

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  1. By: Parker Austin

  2. Chapter 1: The Hanging Edge My name is Lightning and this is my story. I am on a train to the Anima to become part of the Pulse. On the way someone on the train made friends with me. His name was Sazh. Sazh and me made a plan to get out of the train. Once we got out of the train , we encountered a Manasvin Warmech. We killed the Manasvin Warmech and went on with are journey.

  3. Than Snow came in to the Story. Snow made a group called Nora. They tried to kill the army and stop people from becoming part of Pulse. He tried to get to a group of people all the way across the Bridge of Death. Once we got over there we asked if any one wanted to help. This kid’s Mom asked if she could help. There was one last gun and he asked if anyone wanted it. This one girl asked if she could have it. Soon you figure out that the girls name was Vanille and the kid’s name is Hope.

  4. Chapter 2: The Pulse Vestige This is when Vanille comes in to the story. Vanille partnered up with Hope. Vanille and Hope started by getting there weapons after they kill a pantheron, a pantheron is a mechanical wolf. They find some treasure. They say when you find treasure it gives you magical powers. They finally fight some of the Zwerg Metroids.

  5. Then we come to Snow again. Snow had to go through the House of Stairs which was really frightful. Then Snow ran into Hope and Vanille. They teamed up to fight a couple of cie’th. They were Ghasts, and Ghouls. Then Lightning and Sazh ran into the Ghasts, and Ghouls like Snow, Hope, and Vanille did. Then all of them meant up with each other. They found Sarah, Snows soon to be wife. Then they fought the Anima which is really hard.

  6. Chapter 3: Lake Bresha The Pulse Vestige was destroyed by the army and the place froze forming Lake Bresha. Every one turned into a pulse and gained magical powers to heal, and use magic. They gained something called crystaium. Then they fought some Ghasts, and Ghouls. Then they found a creature called bloodwinged basses. They learned four roles Commando, Medic, Sentinel, and Ravager.

  7. Then Theytraveled through the Lake Bresha Maze of Doom. Then theyfought a lot of Breshen bullfrogs and a lot of bloodwinged basses. Then they saw Sarah in a crystal and we all tried to get her out of the lake and tried to take her but we failed. Then theyran into the Manasvin Warmech again and he was really, really, tough this time. First Sazh died, and so Vanille had to revive him.

  8. So we started going on without Snow. We traveled the very straight tight cables. Sazh and Vanille almost fell off of the very straight tight ropes. They found a treasure sphere. Theyall gained the power of thunder. Then Theyran into a lot of bloodwinged basses and breshen bullfrogs. They are really hard to kill when they are combined. Then they ran into a new bad guy and this one is really tough. Its name is Ciconia Velocycle.

  9. Sazh, Vanille, Lightning, and Hope ran into a very, very, scary Ruin of Doom. Theystarted going through the ruin and found some pantherons. Then theyfound a Psicom Reaver and some really frightful Alpha Behemoths. Then theyran into a Treasure Sphere. Theyran into a Garuda Interceptor. They are really hard cause there is two of them. After we beat him theygot a crystaium expansion. Which was really awesome. Then theyfought Snow’s Eldolon the Shiva Sisters.

  10. Chapter 4: The Veil Peaks This is when you hear about Sazh and Vanille. They find, and fight a pack of Thexteron wolfs. Then it goes to Lightning and Hope. Then they learn how to fight three-way battles. They have a little trouble at first and then they get the hang of it. Then it switches back to Sazh and Vanille. Sazh learns how to do the Synergist role and Vanille learns how to do the Saboteur role.

  11. Lightning and Hope get in a fight and spilt up. Hope runs into a Succubus and two incubus. He kills them and goes on with his journey. Then Sazh and Vanille run into him and run into 10 Pulsework Soldier. Hope gives up and Vanille encourages Hope to keep going. He goes with them and runs into Lightning. Lightning decides to go with them. Lightning, Sazh, Vanille, and Hope run into a Dreadnought. The Dreadnought was really hard to kill.

  12. Lightning says “That the Corps will be on us soon.” Just before she finished her sentence, they started getting shot at. They had to fight a lot of Corps and a giant robot called a Ulhan. Then they find some treasure spheres and get magical powers to launch people up in the air. Lightning and Hope split from the others and fight a few things. Lightning stops believing in Hope and her Eidolon comes to kill her. Her Eidolons name is Odin. They beat him and go on with there journey.

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