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MI – Crime Scene Shark Bait PowerPoint Presentation
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MI – Crime Scene Shark Bait

MI – Crime Scene Shark Bait

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MI – Crime Scene Shark Bait

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  1. MI – Crime Scene Shark Bait • Name some of the factors/ concepts that are misrepresented on the TV Crime programs. (What is wrong with the show) • The DO-IT-ALL Sleuth • The COOPERATIVE CRIME SCENE • INSTANT RESULTS • The FULLY EQUIPPED CRIME LAB

  2. MI – CSI – SHARK BAIT • Name as many different careers that are involved in possibly solving a crime. a. Detectives, prosecutors, medical examiners, pathologists, forensic chemists, serologists, toxicologists, psychiatrist, botanists, entomologists, odontologist, document examiner, firearms examiner, latent print examiner, toolmark examiner, and trace evidence examiner.

  3. The 5 houses A,B,C,D,E are in a row since clue 8 says that the man living in the middle drinks milk. So in house C is milk. • The Norwegian lives in the 1st house so he lives in A and the house next to it is blue. So the blue house is B. • The green house is on the left of the white house so it is not A or C and the person in the green house drinks coffee so not in C; thus the green house is D with coffee and the white house is E. • The Brits live in the red house so not A, B, D, or E thus the Brits live in C and drinks milk. By Elimination house A where the Norwegian lives is yellow, he smokes Dunhill, and the man who has the horse lives in the blue house at C. • The Dane drinks tea so it is not in house A, C, or D; the Dane lives in B or E. • One who smokes Blue Master drinks beer so is not in house A, C, or D, so also lives in B or E; thus the Norwegian in A drinks water, which leaves the one house B – blue and horses as one who smokes blends. • The Swede keeps dogs so not in B and the German smokes Prince so not in B. Thus the Dane lives in house B and he deinks tea so by elimination, man in white house at D drinks beer, and smokes Blue Master. • The German smokes Prince, so not the man in house E; he lives in D and the Swede must live in E and keeps dogs, the Brit in red house C whod drinks milk; smokes Pall Mall and rears birds. • German has FISH

  4. Dane Blue Blend Tea horses Swede White Blue master Beer dogs Milk Brit Red Pall mall birds German Green Prince Coffee FISH Norwegian 1st house Yellow Dunhill Water cats

  5. What are the goals of a criminal investigation? • To determine if a crime has been committed • To obtain, legally, evidence and information to identify the person or persons responsible for the crime • To find and arrest the suspect or suspects • To recover property, if any has been stolen • To present the prosecuting attorney with the best possible case

  6. MI – CSI – Shark Bait • What steps must the 1st officer at a crime scene take to preserve life and evidence.

  7. Possibly answers for job for 1st officer • Assure personal safety and that of any fellow officers, victims, suspects, and witnesses • Offer first aid to injured persons and call for medical help. • Call for backup and ancillary personnel, detectives, crime-scene investigators, coroner’s personnel, and firefighters. • Cordoning off the scene to protect the integrity of any evidence. • Detaining and separating any suspects or witnesses whenever possible. • Establishing a security log for any and all persons who enter or leave the crime scene.

  8. MI – CSI – Shark Bait • There were over 12, 000,000 criminal acts reported in 2004. Name the 2 major categories of crimes and as many different types of criminal acts for each category. • Violent crimes including murder/ manslaughter, rape, aggravated assault, robbery • Property crime including burglary, larceny-theft, auto theft, and arson --- Over 26% of Americans answered yes when asked “Have you or any member of you immediate family been a victim of nonviolent crime over the last 5 years?” 9 % said they had been victims of violent crimes.

  9. MI – CSI – Shark Bait • What do you do if you witness a crime?

  10. What do you do if you witness a crime • Protect yourself • Help others • Call for help - 911 • Do not touch or move anything • Pay attention • Wait for the police


  12. MI - CSI -- SHARK BAIT • What is the most important function of the medical examiner/coroner in any death investigation? • To determine the cause, manner, and mechanism of death. • CAUSE OF DEATH – What disease or trauma directly caused the victim’s death. Examples may be heart attack, a gunshot wound to the head, or a drug overdose. • MECHANISM OF DEATH – What specific physiological effect of the cause of death actually led to the cessation of life. For example, a heart attack victim would die from a deadly change in heart rhythm of damage to the heart muscle leading to shock. • MANNER OF DEATH – How the cause of death came about.

  13. Forensic History – Shark Bait – d, f, g, a, c, b, e

  14. Shark Bait- • Alec Jeffreys • Hans Gross • Sir Arthur Conan Doyle • Calvin Goddard • His Duan Yu • Mathieu Orfilia • Antione Louis • Father of forensic toxicology. Published on the detection of poisons and their effects • Developed using the comparison microscope to determine if a bullet was the one shot from the suspect’s weapon. • Wrote describing the application of scientific disciplines to the field of criminal investigation. • 1749 presented a classic discussion of the differential signs of murder and suicide in cases of hanging. • how to distinguish drowning from strangulation. • first applied the principles of serology, fingerprinting, firearm identification, and questioned-document examination g. Responsible for the process for isolating and reading DNA markers

  15. Shark Bait – Review for quiz • Study of insects is _____________________ • Study of bullets and firearms is ___________ • Identifying remains based on teeth is _______________. • Identification based on skull and bones is __________. • ____________________ stated there is always an exchange of materials between people an objects at a crime scene. • _____________________ presented differences between murder and suicide in cases of hanging. • __________________ developed a method of classifying fingerprints.

  16. Shark Bait Review • Name 3 steps you do if you observe a crime: • Identify 3 steps you do if you are the 1st officers at a crime • Identify 1 violent crime and 1 property crime • Name and explain 3 different careers involved with forensics

  17. Review for QUEST • The Father of Toxicology was ________________ • _____________ distinguished the difference in determined death by accidental drowning and murder by drowning. • ___________ developed the system of measuring the human body to create a record of criminals. • The study of bones to determine the identification of a person is called __________________ • Using a comparison microscope to analyze bullets or weapons left at a crime scene is ____________ • _______________ is studying tissues and having a medical examiner to determine the cause of death

  18. Shark Bait – What should you do?? • What should an investigator do to process a crime scene? Make a list of about 4-5 steps you did yesterday. • What did we not do yesterday?

  19. Name the 5 manners of death: (How the cause of death came about) • Natural, suicidal, homicidal, accidental, and undetermined. MI – CSI – Shark Bait

  20. When would a CRIME SCENE INVESTIGATOR need to know medical terminology? • 2. In OLD WEST movies, the killer many times killed a person in the _______________ region of the body. • 3. DO YOU know the scientific name for: • Collar bone • Shoulder blade • Thigh bone • Skull Shark Bait

  21. Shark Bait – Human Body • Another name for the back area is ___________ • Another name for the top part of your body is __________________. • The plane that divides the body into a right and left side is __________________ • The plane that divides the body into a top and bottom is ______________________ • Name 2 organs in the abdominal cavity • Name 2 organs in the thoracic cavity

  22. Means, motive, opportunity • Means – HOW the crime was committed--the ability of the defendant to commit the crime • Motive – WHY the crime was committed-- reason the defendant had to commit the crime • Opportunity – WHAT situation was there that allowed the crime to occur –WHEN • Ironically, motive is not an element of many crimes, but proving motive can often make it easier to convince a jury of the elements that must be proved for a conviction.

  23. Who killed Santa Claus? Read there is a 2nd page • It was midnight on Christmas Eve when the maintenance staff of Kimble’s came to work in the deserted department store. When they arrived at the North Pole display, they discovered every child’s worst nightmare, the lifeless body of Santa Claus. He was in a storage room, his head bashed in by the butt end of a .44 revolver. Santa’s off-duty name was Rudolph Pringle. “That’s Rudolph’s revolver,” the manager informed the police. “He started carrying it after a six-year-old pulled a knife on him.” “Do you know anyone who would want to see Rudolph dead beside the six-year-old?” The manager cleared his throat. “Santa’s been having a lot of fights with his elves. I know three elves who’d threatened to kill him.” The detective had the murder weapon bagged. Then he placed it on the center of the interview table, right where the suspects would be forced to look at it. “Rudolph Pringle has been murdered,” he informed each elf. “What do you know about it?” Joe Winters shivered and couldn’t stop staring at the gun. “I know nothing. Some of the guys had trouble with Rudolph. But he was always nice to me.

  24. I left the store at nine, right when it closed. I was too tired to change, so I wore my costume home. No one said a word on the subway.” “Rudolph was a pig, snarled Sam Petrie, the second elf. “If he pushed me to far, I wouldn’t smash his head in. I’d sue. What’s the use of a dead Santa when a live one can be made to pay?” Robert Goldstein was the smallest elf. On hearing the news, he burst into tears. “Last week, Rudolph started a fight. He said I was too slow bringing in the kids. He slapped me on the head and called me all sorts of Names. But I didn’t kill him.”The detective called in his assistant. “Well, we have our killer,” he said. “All I had to do was use a little psychology.” WHODUNIT????? • Sam Petrie, he knew that Rudolph had been hit. Rudolph had a gun but Sam grabbed the gun and hit Rudolph over the head.

  25. WHAT MAKES A MURDERER • Is a person born a murderer or do they become one as they grow up. Explain your answer?

  26. WHODUNIT • Planted a bomb at the Atlanta Olympics ________________ • _________________ was accused of killing his wife and her boyfriend and was found not guilty. • Planted a bomb in a rental van that killed adults and children; worst act of terrorism until 9/11_______________________ • Redneck Charlie Manson, did not want victims to die quickly____________________

  27. Shark Bait - Killers • Tried to kill Ronald Regan ____________ • Killed President Kennedy _____________ • Drowned her 2 young sons ____________ • Accused of shooting their mother and father to death, spent a large portion of inheritance before being caught - ________________________ • Charged with kidnapping child from her house, burglary, robbery and lewd act on a child and murder __________________________

  28. Killers in the NEWS • _____________ was recently found guilty of having KKK members commit crimes years ago. • _________________ was accused of killing his wife and her boyfriend and was found not guilty. • Accused of shooting their mother and father to death - _________________________________ • Charged with kidnapping, burglary, robbery and lewd act on a child (Polly Klass) and murder __________________________ • Assasinated RFK ________________________

  29. Shark Bait • Explain what the following people did to be in history: * Kenneth Register - ________________ * Susan Smith: ____________________ * Menendez brothers: _______________ * Pee Wee Gaskins: ________________ * John Hinckley: __________________ * Eric Rudolph: ___________________

  30. SERIAL KILLER REVIEW • Serial killers are rarely: • Serial killers believe: • Serial killers tend to be: at least 4 physical traits • Serial killers are motivated by____________ urges • Most serial killers suffer from _______ _____ disorder • Serial killers want:

  31. REVIEW • Serial killers usually murdered: • There is often a correlation for serial killers:

  32. Shark Bait - Killers • Charles Manson convinced his followers that he was _________________. • _____________assassinated RFK who was running for president, his motive was RFK’s support for ______________. • _______________ kidnapped Alice Donovan from Wal-mart. • ___________ was addicted to hard porn, tortured women, had a unique bitemark.

  33. DO YOU KNOW THESE?? • _______________ assassinated Martin Luther King and escaped to London. Died of hepatitas. • __________________ involved with a controversial murder in Dallas, Killed by jack Ruby – never made it to court. • _________________ wanted to start a race war called _____________ ___________ convinced his family to kill others, involved in prostitution. • _______________________ shared the confession with a therapist, spent large quantities of money, accused family of sexual abuse.

  34. MI – CSI – Agent Brown’s Shining Moment #2 • A black Cadillac tore around the busy street corner, slowing as it approached the steps of the courthouse. The tinted, passenger-side window rolled down and a semi-automatic handgun poked its barrel out. Pauly Gillespie, mob informant and protected witness, stood frozen in this tracks. Pauly’s FBI bodyguards threw themselves on top of him, but not before 2 shots erupted and Pauly had taken a bullet in the shoulder. The Cadillac screeched across 2 lanes of traffic. But it made the mistake of turning left down an alley and getting stuck behind a double-parked delivery van. The 2 hit men scrambled out and raced away – right into the arms of 4 off-duty officers. Having heard the shots and the sirens, the officers grabbed the running men and held them for the FBI. Agent Brown was new and was asked to clear the Cadillac out of the alley so that traffic could continue. Brown adjusted the rearview mirror, backed the car out and drove it around to where his colleagues were Mirandizing their suspects.

  35. Brown stood and watched. One of the suspects was tall, lean and sullen. The other was a good 5 inches shorter, Agent Brown’s height. He was big through the chest but short. He spoke animatedly, gesturing freely with his hands. The director was upset since the suspects had ditched the gun and their gloves in the alley. The director asked which criminal had been the shooter. “Not me,” said the large, short man. “Not me,” said the lean, sullen one. Agent Brown smiled. “I know who the shooter was,” he said softly. WHO WAS THE SHOOTER? The shooter was the smaller man, Agent Brown had to move the mirror when he got into drive. The larger man was the driver and the shorted person was the shooter.

  36. Super Bowl Madness – 2 pages Vince McCormick was a big, angry man just a month shy of retirement. On Super Bowl Sunday, his 2 sons Vince Junior and Sonny came over as usual. Before the game, the boys were in the kitchen, helping their mother fix snacks. Junior heated nachos in the microwave and Sonny poured pretzels and potato chips into bowl. Mari McCormick was mixing ice, ginger ale and rye together into glasses. “Make mine strong,” yelled her husband. Junior saw bruises on his mother’s arm. “Did he do that?” he asked. Marie did not answer. “What’ll you do when he retires and is here all day long?” Sonny asked. “ No one in our family gets divorced,” Marie said. “Oh dear. I forgot which is your father’s. Taste the drinks, Sonny.” Sonny tasted the drinks, nearly choking on the 3rd drink. “ It’s about 2x as strong as the others.” “Give it to me.” Vince was standing behind them, grabbing for his drink. “Making me come in here,” he muttered. Sonny carried in the snack bowls while Junior took in the nachos, just in time for kick-off.

  37. All 4 sat around the T.V., munching on the snacks and sipping their drinks. It was near the end of the 1st quarter when Vince Senior bellowed, “Get me another.” Marie was in the kitchen working on the refill when she heard a gasp, then a moan. She returned to find her husband in his easy chair dying. “A strong fast-acting poison,” the homicide detective said. “two to five minutes. And yet they all claimed to be eating the same things. They’re lying, covering up for each other. “Not necessarily,” a sergeant ventured. “It could’ve happened just the way they said?” How was Vince poisoned????? The poison was not in the food – all of them ate the same food. The poison could not have been in his drink because Sonny drank to see which drink it was. The poison was in the ice that melted during the 1 quarter.

  38. MI – CSI – The Vanishing Love Token The Valentine’s Day party was a tradition. Each year Henry and Bitsy V. invited their friends into their Park Avenue home. After a wonderful dinner, the couples went to the drawing room. The men drank port, the women drank champagne, and each couple exchanged gifts. George E. outdid himself, presenting his wife with a ruby necklace. The women sighed enviously while the men added up the cost and wondered how their wives would react to their own less extravagant gifts. When Henry’s turn came, he told Bitsy to close here eyes and led her over to the windows. When Bitsy opened her eyes, she saw the billboard and gasped. “To Bitsy, the most beautiful woman in my world. Love, Henry.” “You don’t know how much trouble it was getting a billboard put up on Park Avenue,” Henry said. George E. was the first to notice the missing necklace. “Stolen,” he gasped, holding up the empty jewel box. “Nobody leave the room.”

  39. Everyone assured everyone else that there couldn’t be a thief among the. Systematically, they searched the room. There was nothing in the empty champagne bottle. Nothing on the thick Persian carpet. The crystal decanter set was in place and all the containers filled to the top with whiskey, port, and bourbon. The glasses were examined, as were the folds of the red tied-back curtains flanking the locked windows. They even inspected the red crystal chandelier. The butler quickly rounded up the dog and cat, stuck his fingers down their throats and then checked out their favorite hiding places. All guests were searched and nothing was found. Where is the necklace????? Who was the thief??? The butler took the necklace while the guests were looking at the billboard and put it in the decanter of port. The color of the port matched the color of the necklace.

  40. REVIEW • Describe a typical serial killer: • What drives a serial killer? • Name 3 different serial killers: • What are several differences between serial killers and mass killers?

  41. Shark Bait – Deadly killers: • Name 2 serial killers not including your: • What souvenirs did your serial killer collect? • What was the outcome of your killers trial? • What was the general description of the victims?


  43. Shark Bait

  44. REVIEW for TEST • 3 traits of serial killers: • Most serial killers had a _________________ background. • Name 2 differences between serial killers and mass murderers: a. b. • Serial killers believe that:

  45. MI – CSI --- Friends at the Office • Detective Gibson was visiting his accountant in a small, seedy office building when he heard noises coming from above. First there were angry voices. Then came a scream, followed by a heavy thud. Gibson raced upstairs and found an open door. Wiley Kline, a lawyer, lay on the floor of his office, a switchblade sticking out of his chests. Gibson called in the murder and waited on his partner to examine the office. Not far from the victim’s hand was a half-smoked cigarette. On the floor beside the cigarette were a turned-over wastebasket, a cheap lighter, and a blank notepad. On the desk they noticed a telephone, a pen, a shot glass smelling of bourbon, and an ashtray filled with cigarette butts and burned matches. “ It’s funny how none of his neighbors poked their heads out,” Gibson observed. The floor contained 3 other offices. The first office had Helen Hurly a massage therapist. She told them she was relaxing between appointments.

  46. “I didn’t hear a thing,” she claimed, pointing to the stereo headphones she’d just removed. The second office had Jackson Cod, an artist. In one hand he held a paintbrush, in the other an unlit cigar. “Sure I heard the scream. But I was right in a moment of inspiration. Besides you hear all sorts of things in the building.” Jackson held out his cigar. “Either of you fellows got a light. The 3rd office had Lionel Wafer, a chiropractor, also between appointments. “I heard a scream. What happened?” Gibson asked Lionel why he was holding an ice pick. “Oh, I’m defrosting,” Lionel said and returned to the old, ice-ladened refrigerator in the corner. WHO IS THE PRIME SUSPECT?? The prime suspect was Jackson Cod who was a smoker and was missing his lighter.

  47. MI CIS – Death of a Deceiver • Mona Fisher turned and gazed at Jerry, sleeping next to her on the plane. Her eyes wandered down to his wedding band. She still couldn’t believe she was married to such a catch. Their flight from Acapulco landed late that night. The next morning, February 19, Jerry Fisher shoveled the snow from the driveway, kissed Mona good-bye, and headed off to work. At seven that evening, a cleaning woman entered the law offices of Fisher & Dyce and discovered the body of Jerry Fisher. He had been stabbed to death, a sharp letter opener still sticking out of his chest. Lieutenant Miller interviewed the young lawyer’s widow. Mona was distraught. “We were only married four months. I never met a man more romantic and honest. Why would anyone want to kill him?” Jerry’s law partner Kyle Dyce stated, “Jerry was a man I trusted completely, and a darn good lawyer. He was still working when I left. About 6 pm I walked across to the health club.

  48. I didn’t work out, just used the tanning bed. I suppose I was jealous of Jerry’s great tan. The lieutenant spent the next hour going through papers and discovered that Jerry Fisher had been skimming from the law firm. He also found a telephone number for Gail Lowenski. The attractive redhead was devastated by Jerry’s death and even more devastated to hear that he’d been married. “We were together just this afternoon, at my apartment. The louse told me he was single. For 2 months he was stringing me on. I was so sure he was going to propose. Who did Lieutenant Miller know had done the crime. Jerry Fisher had a tan from his vacation and his wedding ring had been on when he was on vacation. When he went to Gail’s house he would take off his ring and it was obvious that he was married. Ms. Lowenski was the murderer.

  49. 2 places at Once • All evidence pointed to Frank Fortini. “he has motive,” the homicide chief told his men. “Frank’s Uncle Gregor, the victim, just won the state lottery. Frank and his brothers are Gregor’s only relatives and would inherit the $14 million prize. “also, Frank had opportunity. Gregor was a paranoid guy living in an isolated cabin. He always kept his doors locked and hated strangers. Since there was no forced entry and no sign of a struggle, we know Gregor was attacked by someone he knew and trusted. “To top it off, we found direct evidence at the cabin. There were fresh tire tracks, perfectly matching the tires from Frank’s mountain bike. And…” The chief was getting angry. “And we found a ticket from today’s lottery near the scene – with Fran’s prints on it.