using sozo tools with not yet christians n.
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Using Sozo tools with Not yet Christians PowerPoint Presentation
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Using Sozo tools with Not yet Christians

Using Sozo tools with Not yet Christians

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Using Sozo tools with Not yet Christians

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  1. Using Sozo tools with Not yet Christians

  2. Purpose of workshop • Sozo as a tool for Evangelism • Inviting others to a Sozo session • Relationships • Testimony • Engage with God – supernatural • Key differences in taking an unsaved Sozo • Willing to talk to the Godhead • Unwilling to talk to the Godhead • Information

  3. Mindset Shift

  4. Why come to a Sozo: Unproductive Unproductive • Describing it as counselling • Making the booking weeks later • Stating the issue might be theirs • Describing it in Christian language • No existing relationship • Putting on them

  5. Why come to a Sozo: Fruitful • Fruitful • Testimony • Describe Sozo in their words • Helping meet the need • Encounter with God • Trusting relationships • Book session within a few days • Unconditional love and acceptance • Honour where they are • Move to their space • Allow them to bring a support • Depersonalise the issue

  6. Practical Points to starting the session • Welcoming • Build relationship • What can they expect • Informed consent • Opportunity for questions • Provide and gather information • Throw out the agenda

  7. Transcript Example 1 • Jesus took guilt from me and replaced it with strength to be who I want to be to carry on. In exchange for financial worry Jesus gave me abundance of all the important things - people around me, friends, family, more support, not so alone. He took anxiety and worry and replaced it with calmness, love and inner strength. I breathed them in so they could become part of me. In exchange for sadness he gave me light-heartedness - fun, bubbly, frothy. He took the unhealthy tool of being and feeling defeated and He gave me a voice to express myself in a healthy way. • I saw myself in a muddy/clay ditch and I was trying to wade through it but it was really heavy going.  As I forgave different people in my life I could walk through it and the level of the water went from my chest to my knees, then to my ankles and by the end of the session I was out of the ditch and standing on a flat surface that was sandy. The sun was close and low in the sky. It's where I wanted to be.  • At first I saw Holy Spirit as a white vapour.  I forgave my Mum  and rejected lies I believed about myself. At the end I saw Holy Spirit all around me as a vapour. He was blowing in my face when I asked Him what His role in my life is. He is going to be a gentle reminder for me. 

  8. Transcript Example 1 • At first I saw Father God as an older man with white hair who was peaceful and calm. He was a long way away. I forgave my Dad and rejected lies about men and God and how they will behave around me and treat me. At the end I saw Father God closer to me, with more of a smile on his face. When I asked Him what He thought of me He said I'm a good person,  kind and a fair person. I felt a warmth on the side of my neck. Maybe He was showing me He is there for me to look after me and protect me.  • At first I saw Jesus standing side on to me, with his right side to me.  He was looking into the distance away from me. I forgave my ex husbands, had unhealthy soul ties were cut and released them from any harm they have done to me. At the end Jesus was taking the unhealthy tools I have been using and replacing them with good things. For the first few unhealthy tools His long arm stretched out to take them from me, but as I developed trust I was comfortable for Him to come right up to me and take Defeated. He came back to me and handed me a voice to express myself in a healthy way. 

  9. Willing to talk to god • Start where they are at • Focus on meeting the need • Similar to a standard Sozo session • Provide opportunity for God to speak • Arrow and armor example • Address questions • Love not converting

  10. Transcript example 2 • Father God said- I can keep you safe- I love you and you are loved- there are no rules so you can live your life with peace and freedom- He gave me forgiveness and love- I am good enough just as I am and are special to him- you don't need to be ashamed anymore- you are much stronger than you think you are- you have a right to live at peace- you don't have to hurt anymore- it is okay you don't have to live a life with fear anymore- it is okay you are not alone.Jesus said- I am all around you- I am hear with you by your side guiding you- he told me I am loved and wanted- I am not to judge as we are all equal- I am with you to keep to safe- living life with Jesus will be light, loving, forgiving, peaceful, happy, full of laughter and joy- you are unique and very special to me- do not doubt me I am here with you every step of the way

  11. Transcript example 3 • I gave Father God any hurt. Now I feel very relaxed and chilled out. It feels like peace. Headache has gone and I feel serene. • I gave Father God anxiety and worry. In exchange He gives me relaxation and lack of tension. • I think I need to walk into this relaxed mode and be it in my life. • In exchange for anger Father God gives me humour and more peace. • Father God tells me he will protect me by keeping me calm and through humour. • When I think of Father God I see Him as an energy field that's now less aggressive than it was before. • When I asked Father God what I need to do next he said “I need to do what we've been doing tonight, connect with Him, and move into that space.”

  12. Unwilling to talk to god • Hurting • Honour their requests • Start where they are at • Gather information • Listen for language • Provide information on healing process

  13. Unwilling to talk to god • Similar Sozo process (asking Sozoee) • Forgiveness – who do I need to foregive? • Renounce lie/untruth/falsehood/misconception • Truth – what do you now think the truth is? • Listen to Godhead connection • When ready introduce Sozoee to God • Questions that allow God to reveal

  14. Transcript example 4 • Father God:I see God as soft. God said that he exists He is going to give me a better life if I take down the wall. I saw some scenery with nice weather. To walk into this better life I need to be more positive. God showed me an open hand he is wanting to give me life. I need to stop thinking that life would be better with out God I gave God doubt and he gave me a ring. He gave it to me for marriage to show the closeness of our relationship. He said he is giving me hope • Jesus: Jesus showed himself as a leader. Jesus said that he forgives me Jesus is in control and is organizing everyone like sheep. He is telling me that I need to be more of a leader and be an example for my brothers. He said he will teacher me how to do that. He is going to give me faith to help me. I access it by leaning on him. It will be like a roller coaster. He said that I am good. • Holy Spirit: I see the Holy Spirit as living and alive. The Holy Spirit will teach me how to help others.

  15. Information only • Not ready to talk to God • Not ready to forgive • Listen to the issues • Provide information • Walls/unfrogiveness • Healing process • Build hope • Provide options • Leave the door open

  16. How do we measure success • Make a decision to follow Jesus? • Hear from the real God of the Bible • Have an encounter or experience of the Godhead • Move them along the continuum towards the Kingdom of God • Remove barriers • Help address misconceptions • Richard Larcombe- marriage commitment

  17. Where to from here • Growing capacity in the team • Standing aside and enabling others • Educating the church community • Follow up - disciples not conversions • Connect to community programmes • Published materials

  18. Question and answers • Questions and Answers • Contact details • •

  19. Declaration I declare God has made me a competent minister of the new covenant. I am not ashamed of the gospel for it is the power of God for salvation. I host the presence of God. I bring the atmosphere of heaven wherever I go. The Spirit of the Sovereign Lord is on me; He has anointed me to proclaim good news to the poor and set the captives and prisoners free. I am a contagious witness for Christ and have a powerful testimony. God has prepared people for salvation through Jesus. I partner with the Lord of the Harvest who decreed I will reap abundantly The time is now and people are ready to be saved In the Sozo sessions I am part of, people who don’t know God as Father, Jesus and Holy Spirit will be restored to relationship with him and receive the gift of salvation. Thank you Father Amen.