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Digital Signage Update Blue Star VAR Tech 2011 PowerPoint Presentation
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Digital Signage Update Blue Star VAR Tech 2011

Digital Signage Update Blue Star VAR Tech 2011

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Digital Signage Update Blue Star VAR Tech 2011

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  1. Digital Signage Update Blue Star VAR Tech 2011

  2. ViewSonic Offers Choices! Diversified product solutions for any Digital Signage application Scalable solutions to fit every budget! Expanded product portfolio solutions: more ePoster models, enhanced video walls, commercial TV’s, and High Bright / Extreme wide displays Application assistance, and solution training programs / webinars provided to improve overall knowledge for our products Improved - “Finch Club” Professional Reseller Program DS and Pro A/V program elements combined for improved effectiveness Indirect and direct categories Platinum, Gold, and Silver reward levels Digital Signage, Commercial TV, and selected Projector products featured products ViewSonic’s Digital Signage Solutions

  3. ViewSonic Offers Choices! Media Players and Software X86 & RISC platform & Signage software New! – Extreme Wide Extreme wide with outdoor readable New! - CLED Series Displays Green, power save LED backlight display CD Commercial Display Slim, Scheduling and Touch! Screen size: 32”~82” EP series – All-in-One Total Solution Freestanding digital poster; Metal case with tempered glass design

  4. DS Market Opportunities – North America • Education • Flat Panel Displays are used in Educational environments (Lower & Higher-Ed) not just for broadcast TV watching but also for: • Way finding around larger campuses • Campus-wide Public Addressing • Classroom use (education DVD viewing for Electronic Billboards • QSR / Menu Boards • Sub-set of “Digital Signage” electronic menu boards include the replacement of static menu board with dynamic digital signs mostly for the fast food industry. • Electronic menu boards are growing for new franchises. QSR 11% • Rental • Not just for Technology Trade shows but for ALL types of Trade Shows • Allows messages to be changed regularly • Market is Largely based on re-use • Market is highly Saturated • Even small Tradeshow Booths are being designed for FPD due to limited space • Digital Signage (DooH) • Currently mostly includes “Home Grown” Digital Signage/Advertising companies. • Major Out-of-Home media placement companies such as JC Decaux, CBS Outdoor and ClearChannel currently own the “space” for many/most printed poster-board ads in space, but each has a “Digital” initiative looking to move from the printed page to the digital age DOOH 31% Total Available Market

  5. Targeted Applications – Success Through Partners Video Entertainment Casinos Fitness Centers Theaters Sport Stadiums Hospitality, Hotel Chains - Commercial displays ePosters - LCD TV’s - Projectors Digital Signage (DooH) Advertising agencies QSR – (quick service restaurants) POS Advertising - ePosters - Commercial displays - LCD TV’s Digital Signage Solutions • QSR / Menu Boards • “Digital Signage” electronic menu boards include the replacement of static menu board with dynamic digital signs mostly for the fast food industry. • - Commercial displays • ePosters • - LCD TV’s • - Projectors Rental Video Equipment Rentals Convention Centers Freeman / Video Equip. Rentals - Commercial Displays - LCD TV’s - Projectors Leveraging Partners to Broaden Market Reach in Growing Applications

  6. 52” LCD (1920x1080) 65” LCD (1920x1080) 42” Panel 31.5” LCD (1920x1080) 450 nits/5000:1 500 nits/2000:1 700 nits/1100:1 700 nits/4000;1 RS232, PIP/POP Video wall, scheduling Video wall, scheduling RS232 SPK: 5Wx2(in) /7Wx2(out) SPK: 5Wx2(in) /7Wx2(out) Built-in 6W+6W SPK Daisy Chain Bezel width: 16.3mm Bezel width: 19.5mm Bezel width: 39.9mm Portrait / Landscape Portrait/Landscape Landscape 46” LCD(1366x768) 450 nits/3000:1 Scheduling/Video wall Daisy Chain Open Frame: T/L: 2.4mm; B/R:4.3mm Image Retention Portrait / Landscape CD Series – Mainstream Commercial Displays CD3225 New CD4233 CD4225 / CD4232 - EOL CD4636 Ultra Slim (Video Wall Display) Slim CD5233 - EOL 55” LED CD6530 – Special Order Video wall, scheduling Portrait/Landscape

  7. 46” LED backlight 54.6” LED backlight 42” LED backlight 450 nits/ 4000;1 450 nits/ 4000;1 500 nits/ 4000;1 1920 x 1080 1920 x 1080 1920 x 1080 Fanless design Frame rate: 120Hz Fanless design Image retention Image retention Image retention SPK out: 12W+12W SPK out: 12W+12W SPK out: 12W+12W Support Daisy Chain Support Daisy Chain Support Daisy Chain Portrait/Landscape Portrait/Landscape Portrait/Landscape Commercial Display Series - Transitioning to LED in Q4 CLED 5525 – 55” first available size in Commercial LED Display 55” CLED 4625 – September MP 46” CLED 4225 – September MP 42”

  8. 54.6” LED backlight 450 nits/ 4000;1 1920 x 1080 Fan less design Image retention SPK out: 12W+12W Support Daisy Chain Portrait/Landscape Q2 Launch - New LED Commercial Displays • 54.6” LED FHD Screen • Thin Bezel – 27mm • Edge-White LED backlight • Low power consumption – <200W • Built in Power for media player • Internal IP multiple screen zones • RS232 automated control • IR pass through • 5x5 Video Wall ready – with video wall compensation feature Slim ID

  9. 55” LCD (1920x1080) 10.4” LCD (800x600) Metal & VESA design 500 nits; 5000:1 Photo, Video & Music Photo, Video & Music Build in 2G memory Tempered glass 5W+5W speaker Watch Dog/RTC SME software include HDMI, VGA, YPbPr, AV 22” / 32” LCD (1366x768) 450 nits; 5000:1 Photo, Music & Ticker Build in 2G memory 2W+2W speaker EME software include RISC base (ESS chipset) 2GB storage Single Screen e-Poster Product Offerings EP1020r Small Screen series EP2202r / 3202r EP4602 – EP4602T (IR touch) 46” LCD (1920x1080) 450 nits; 4000:1 Photo, Video & Music Tempered glass 5W+5W speaker HDMI, VGA, YPbPr, AV Optional - NMP-640 (Intel D525+ IONII) Optional -NMP-560 (Sigma design) Large Screen Series EP5502 – EP 5502T (IR touch) Optional -NMP-560 (Sigma design) Optional - NMP-640 (Intel D525+ IONII)

  10. 46”(1920x1080) x 2 Dual Panel: 46”+46” Dual Panel: 55”+22” 55”(1920x1080); 22”(1366x768) 450 nits/300 nits 450 nits 4000:1 4000:1/2500:1 Tempered glass Tempered glass HDMI, VGA, YPbPr, AV HDMI, VGA, YPbPr, AV Dual Screen (back-to-back) Displays EP4646 - Dual Screen Media Player sold separately 5W+5W speaker Security: Door & Key lock NMP-640 (Intel D525+ IONII) NMP-710 (Intel i5-450M) Dual Screen Series EP5555 – Dual Screen EP5555 T Dual Screen one side Touch 5W+5W speaker Security: Door & Key lock Media Player sold separately NMP-710 (Intel i5-450M) NMP-640 (Intel D525+ IONII)

  11. EP4602, 5502 Overview

  12. eP4602 / eP5202 Input Connectivity 2GB CF Storage Card HDMI Input port Aux AC Power YPbPr and Composite Inputs USB Input ContentLoading VGA Port Extreme Flexibility – from all-in-one to Network connected

  13. Commercial TV Products - LED Technology New Products VT4205LED - Pending 42” 1920x1080 (16:9), LED TV ATSC, RS232, IR pass-through, HDMI x 3, Programmable firmware VT3205LED 32” 1366x768 (16:9), LED TV ATSC, HDMI x 3, RS232, IR pass through Programmable firmware VT2405LED 24” 1920x1080 (16:9), LED TV ATSC, HDMI x23, RS232, IR pass through Programmable firmware VT1905LED / VT 2205LED Pending 18.5” / 22” 1920x1080 (16:9), LED TV ATSC, HDMI x23, RS232, IR pass through Programmable firmware June August September July P13

  14. Key Benefits to Leverage “Edge Bright” LED technology Energy savings Programmability RS232 control Signage compatible PC optimization Extended warranty Media player solutions IR pass through remote control Exclusive “Finch Club” reseller programs and incentives Elevate ViewSonic’s Product Image Custom programmability – allows you to calibrate behavior of TV – examples are TV channel defaults, audio levels, front panel lock out, auto power up Edge Lit HD LED panel provides extreme brightness and contrast saving 40% power usage Optimized EDIT Code- Insures proper picture sizing and scaling of content from a PC RS 232 control – allows remote control of remote control functions Front panel and remote lockout– Prevents public interaction Versatile input connectivity – including 3 HDMI ports for connecting HD set-top-box, media players, and blue ray players IR Pass through - Allows compatibility to control hospitality set-top-box’s with 1 remote control 14

  15. Q2 Launch - New Extreme Wide / High Brightness Key Features: • LED backlight • Commercial built • Brightness 1000nits! • High contrast ratio • Wide viewing angle • Wide temp. range • Long lamp life • Fast response time • Low power consumption • Anti-shock & vibration • Creative cutting LCD • High brightness @1000 nits • Ultra wide aspect ratio • Slim bezel design • Portrait/Landscape mode • Touch screen (Optional) • AOT bonding (Optional)

  16. Sigma design 8644 MP: November Intel Atom D525 1.8GHz April 2011 4GB Storage HDMI, VGA, AV 320GB HDD Storage nVidia ION II G218 Network RJ45 SCALA… SMIL compatible 2GB DDRIII DRAM HDMI & VGA Multi zone Signage SW (SME) USB 2.0 x 3 Network RJ45 Media Player Offerings X86 New! - X86/NMP-640 (Windows 7 Home) RISC/NMP-560 RISC

  17. New - NMP-640

  18. Infocomm DS Specials

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