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Multinational Planning Augmentation Team (MPAT)

Multinational Planning Augmentation Team (MPAT). MPAT TE - 3 Overview Brief Seoul, Korea 11-18 January 2002. Facilitating the Planning Process. What is MPAT ?.

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Multinational Planning Augmentation Team (MPAT)

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  1. Multinational Planning Augmentation Team(MPAT) MPAT TE - 3 Overview Brief Seoul, Korea 11-18 January 2002 Facilitating the Planning Process

  2. What is MPAT? A cadre of military planners from nations with Asia-Pacific interests capable of rapidly augmenting a multinational force (MNF) headquarters established to plan and execute multinational coalition operations in response to military operations other than war (MOOTW) / small scale contingencies (SSC).

  3. The MPAT program provides periodic opportunities for a small group of military crisis action planners from nations with Asia-Pacific region interest to get together at workshops where they (1) build personal and professional relationships, (2) become familiar with each others’ national planning doctrine / standing operating procedures (SOP) / Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures (TTP), and (3) become proficient in forming multinational operational level, CTF HQs and common crisis response planning procedures. MPAT Vision

  4. Improve Interoperability and Multinational Cooperation Reduce Crisis Response Time and Increase Planning Effectiveness Strengthen MNF Command & Control, and Communications & Information Systems Procedures Become Familiar With Common Standing Operating Procedures (SOP) for MNF / Coalition Task Force Headquarters Develop MNF Integration SOP to Assist Transition from a JTF to a CTF MPAT Goals

  5. The MPAT Concept Scaleable to contingency • National Contributions • Operational Planners • Size: Tailored based on • mission Primary Function Planning Augmentation for MNF/CTF Staff May include expertise in - Ground - Legal - Air - Log - Sea - Medical - Comms - Eng - Intel - Etc. MPAT coordinated by MPAT Secretariat

  6. Multinational Planning for Military Operations Other Than War / Small Scale Contingencies Conceptual Framework MISSIONS COMMAND AND CONTROL Humanitarian Assistance Operational Procedures Disaster Relief Search & Rescue FORCES Non-Combatant Evacuation Tactical Procedures Peace Operations

  7. Desired Capability CTF TRANSITION EXECUTE EXECUTE Effectiveness DEPLOY Reduce Time / Increase Effectiveness DEPLOY PLAN PLAN ESTABLISH CTF Improvement - X days X days Y days Time Improved speed of response through effective planning

  8. Core Planning Staff Augmenting the MNF HQ Lead Nation Nation 4 Nation 1 MNF/CTF HQ Multinational Nation 5 Nation 2 Force HQ Nation 3 Nation 6

  9. TEMPEST EXPRESS (TE) HQ Staff Planning Workshop Scenario driven planning event that begins with a lead nation warning order and culminates in a recommended Course of Action for the MNFC approval Host country provides core MNF staff for MPAT planners to augment Venue for introducing new C2 and collaborative planning technologies MPAT Concept & SOP Development Workshop (CDW) Identify/develop common standing operating procedures for MNF/CTF HQs Venue for identifying MNF C2 requirements and evaluating possible solutions Seek consensus among participating countries Design future TEMPEST EXPRESS workshops Selected MPAT Invited To Participate In Non-MPAT events TEAM CHALLENGE Exercise – Crisis Action Planning (CAP) Phase VI execution opportunity Other nation’s exercises, seminars, wargames, etc. MPAT Venues

  10. Nov 00:Manila (19 Countries) Feb-Mar 01:Bangkok (19 Countries) Jan 02:Korea (30 Countries to be Invited) Aug 02:Singapore Jan 03: TBD ( need a country to host! ) Jul/Aug 03: Mongolia Jan 04:Japan (date is tentative) TE Staff Planning Workshop Manila (TE-1) Bangkok (TE-2)

  11. MAY 00: Hawaii (5 Countries) JUL 00: Bangkok - (7 Countries) AUG 00:Hawaii (11 Countries) JAN 01:Hawaii (16 Countries) JUL 01: Hawaii (24 Countries) JAN 02: Korea (2 days prior to TE-3) MAR 02: Hawaii (USCINCPAC Hosted MNF SOP Workshop) JUN 02: Hawaii (USCINCPAC Hosted MNF SOP Workshop) AUG 02: Singapore (2 days prior to TE-4) FY 03: Nepal MPAT Concept and SOP Development Workshops (CDW)

  12. Two MPAT TEMPEST EXPRESS Staff Planning Workshops each fiscal year (FY) FY 03- 04: JAN and JUL/AUG At least one MPAT Concept & SOP Development each fiscal year (To be scheduled in conjunction with TE or as a separate workshops) Support Common SOP / Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures (TTP) Development Efforts Where Are We Going?(Way-ahead)

  13. Practice procedures for forming CTF HQ and MNF standing operating procedures (SOP) Develop understanding, exercise and refine the multinational crisis action planning (CAP) procedures Identify planning requirements for a multinational response to a HA/DR scenario Practice procedures for the use of network/computer-based collaborative planning tools. MPAT TE- 3 Objectives

  14. Co-sponsors: ROK JCS and USCINCPAC Dates: CDW-6, 11-12 Jan’02 / TE-3, 13-18 Jan’02 Venue: Westin Chosun Hotel (Downtown Seoul) Focus: CTF HQs Forming and MNF Crisis Action Planning Procedures Audience: Primary - MPAT personnel (30 countries invited) Secondary - CTF HQ (ROK & USFK) Tertiary - UN, International Organizations (IO), Non-Government Organizations (NGO) Notional Scenario: Multinational response for humanitarian assistance / disaster relief (HA/DR) operations with ROK as lead nation MPAT CDW-6 / TE - 3 Overview

  15. MPAT CDW-6 and TE-3 Timeline Product: Commander’s Estimate Improving CTF Staff Planner Effectiveness Initiation: Supported Strategic Commander’s Warning Order to CTF Fri 11 Jan Sat 12 Jan Sun 13 Jan Mon 14 Jan Tue 15 Jan Wed 16 Jan Thur 17 Jan Fri 18 Jan Opening Cer. MSN ANAL BRIEF Initial COA BRIEF ACADEMICS COA Decision Brief (Optional) Academics for ROK Participants & CDW & MNF SOP (Optional) Academics for new MPAT Participants & CDW & MNF SOP (cont) Ops/Intel Brf PRACTICAL EXERCISE (COA ANALYSIS & COMPARISON) ACADEMICS PRACTICAL EXERCISE (STAFF ESTIMATE DEVMT) ACADEMICS ACADEMICS PRACTICAL EXERCISE (MISSION ANALYSIS) PRACTICAL EXERCISE (COA DEVELOP- MENT) PRACTICAL EXERCISE (COA ANALYSIS) Korea Orientation & CTF Forming Staff Estimate Brief ROK Hosted Cultural Activity & Dinner AAR ROK Hosted Ice Breaker W. Chosun

  16. MPAT TE-3 Focus: Forming the CTF HQ Staff LNOs from Supporting Commands Add’l MPAT SMEs: PSYOP, Civil Affairs, Legal, Medical, Pol-Mil, etc. MPAT Lead Nation Headquarters C1 C2 C3 C4 C5 C6 Cultural Dynamics SOPs CTF HQ Infrastructure Differences Communications Operational Level focus TTPs

  17. MPAT Invitations Countries to Attend Upcoming MPAT Events Brunei China Solomon Islands Vietnam FSM & Other OCEANIA Countries (9) Previous Attendees Australia Bangladesh Canada Fiji France India Indonesia Japan Korea Madagascar Malaysia Maldives Mauritius Mongolia Nepal New Zealand Philippines Singapore Sri Lanka Thailand Tonga UK US Papua New Guinea Russia Vanuatu Note: Sweden Providing HA/DR Simulation Model and Operators

  18. CATS TYRDesktop Simulation Systemfor Military Ops Other Than War • PC-Based Simulator built in Sweden, for Combat, Peace Ops and HA/DR Training • Displays Real-Time Joint / Combined operations • Movement – Losses – Logistics – Situation Awareness – Detection – Etc. • Can function from Strategic level down to tactical (Squad) level • Capable of Multi-functional Ops (Military – Civilian Police – Civilian/NGO) • Capable of Multi-sided relations (Allies – Neutral – Enemy – Suspicious) • Uses local area network or can be set-up in multiple locations via internet • TE-3 will be first demonstration of CATS TYR as an MPAT training tool • Sweden and US will provide trained CATS TYR operators for TE-3 Developed together with the Swedish Defence Wargaming Centre and SWEDINT

  19. OPERATIONAL PLANNING PROCESS STAFF CCTF/MNFC Mission Mission CPG Briefing Team (Mission Analysis Brief) Analysis Analysis End Planning State guidance Brief Building Team(Initial COA Brief) COA COA Development Development Staff Warning Estimates Orders COA Gaming Team(COA Analysis) COA Analysis COA Analysis COA COA Comparison Comparison Brief Building Team(COA Decision Brief & Staff Estimate Briefs) COA MNFC Selection Estimate OPORD Development

  20. MPAT TE-3 13-18 January 2002 Scenario

  21. Republic of Parang Do • Island nation located 110 nautical miles southwest of ROK, with area of 6,555 square miles • Rugged coastlines, with central mountainous region • Capital/economic center: Dong Nam Po • Population: 1,800,000.

  22. Republic of Parang Do (continued) • Economy: based primarily on fishing, followed by furniture and yacht manufacturing • Government: democratic republic • Military: small constabulary, coastal navy, and air guard • Mutual economic and security cooperation agreements with ROK

  23. ROAD TO CRISIS: 4 August-Super Typhoon Dawn Strikes • Super Typhoon Dawn strikes Parang Do • Infrastructure damage • Thousands homeless • Relief efforts commence

  24. 25 August-Major earthquake devastates Parang Do More infrastructure damage Shelters destroyed Breakdown in Parang Do public safety and welfare services Parang Do citizens start boat exodus to ROK 10 September-Parang Do refugee population in southwest ROK now up to 100,000 25 refugee camps established vicinity of Mokpo, Kunsan, and on Cheju-Do 12 September-Parang Do requests international assistance Parang Do requests ROK lead Supplies, shelter, medical care, security needed Road to Crisis (Continued)

  25. 14 September-UN issues appeal for funds and supplies To be used for Parang Do and Parang Do refugees in ROK 22 September-Weather forecasters predict new Super Typhoon Nari to hit Parang Do and Korea 27-28 September 24 September-ROK requests international assistance in anticipation of Super Typhoon Nari damage ROK expects major damage to southeast portion of ROK UN designates ROK as lead nation for Parang Do relief efforts ROK-led multinational task force to support ROK relief efforts Road to Crisis (Continued)

  26. ROAD TO CRISIS (continued): 27 September-Super Typhoon Nari Strikes • Super Typhoon Nari strikes Parang Do and southwest Korea • Infrastructure damaged; 100,000 homeless in ROK, plus Parang Do refugees • Parang Do refugee camps in ROK severely damaged; 100,000 refugees without shelter • Heavy infrastructure damage; 200,000 homeless in Parang Do • Relief supplies damaged • Infrastructure damage • Thousands homeless • Relief efforts commence

  27. 1 October-ROK-led multinational TASK FORCE HUI MANG (Hope) stood up. Headquarters initially co-located with Second ROK Army (SROKA) Headquarters, Taegu U.S. forces stationed in Korea (US Forces Korea-USFK) not available for MNF USFK facilities (ports and airfields) will be made available to MNF USFK will provide staff augmentation (chopped to MNF) and liaison officers Road to Crisis (Continued)

  28. Korea (southwestern portion) Persons (excluding Parang Do refugees) Killed 46 Injured 327 Missing 278 Without shelter 100,035 Structures destroyed/severely damaged Residences 24,002 Commercial buildings 354 Public buildings (including schools) 76 Infrastructure damage Roads: 80% capacity. Bridges: 50% capacity. Normal power generation/distribution suffered minor damage. Power distribution lines to refugee camps destroyed. Cheju airport incapable of handling fixed wing aircraft. Expected to be fully operational 8 October. Parang Do refugee camps destroyed/severely damaged. Preliminary Damage Assessment: 1 October

  29. Parang Do (statistics are approximate) Persons Killed 450 Injured 1,500 Missing 1,500 Without shelter/food 200,000 Structures destroyed/severely damaged Residences 85,000 Commercial buildings 375 Public buildings (including schools) 125 Infrastructure damage Dong Nam Po port: one pier undamged (350 ft. vessel capacity) Buk Jin port: all piers damaged. Lighterage only Dong Nam Po airport incapable of handling fixed wing aircraft. Expected to be fully operational 13 October Power generation plants damaged. Transmission lines down Water mains destroyed. No power for water distribution Preliminary Damage Assessment: 1 October

  30. Warehouses in Pusan 10 days of food supplies for 300,000 (100,000 in refugee camps; 200,000 in Parang Do) Parang Do 3 days of food supplies in warehouses in Parang Do Ship en route Expected arrival in Pusan: 15 October 50,000 metric tons of food and other relief supplies Status of Relief Supplies: 1 October

  31. Cholera outbreak Southwestern portion of Korea Cheju-dokl Parang Do Illnesses/deaths due to exposure Vulnerable population: elderly, children, infants Measles outbreak Children in Dong Nam Po, Parang Do Medical Issues: 1 October

  32. OPERATION CHUNSA Supported Strategic Commander Chairman, ROK JCS “Warning Order”

  33. MPAT TE - 3 CTF Hui MangStaff Forming Plan13 Jan 02

  34. CPG-1 LTC Yoo LTCOL Smethurst Lt Col Loftus Coalition Planning Groups (CPG) Leaders and Personnel AssignmentsCommander CTF (CCTF) - MG LEEDeputy Commander CTF (DCCTF) - COL StuartChief of Staff (COS) - COL Yang CPG-2 COL(P) Chun LTC Mohamad CDR Ferraris CPG-3 CDR Hur LTC Quiapo Maj Holcomb / MAJ Newman ROK Co-leader: MPAT Co-leader: US Co-leader:

  35. ROK CPG Assignments: CPG-1 LTC YOO, Gi Jun (Groud) LTC LEE, Kwang Yeap (Ground) MAJ KIM, Seung Wook (Ground) CDR(P) CHOI, Il (Maritime/AMP) Maj KIM, Tae Sung (Maritime/AMP) LTC JUNG, Young Chul (Air) MAJ YOON, Seong Eun (SOF) MAJ SON, Yi Ho (Log) Maj KO, Ok Yeul (Eng) LTC SONG, Kyu Myung (PA) Capt YOON, Dae Hae (Legal) CPG-3 CDR HUR, Hong Bum (Maritime/AMP) LTC(P) LEE, Chul Won (Ground) MAJ LIM, Yoon Kap (Ground) Maj CHOI, Yong Ho (Maritime/AMP) MAJ PARK, Jae Seok (Air) MAJ CHOI, Tae Sung (SOF) MAJ YANG, Chang Hun (Intel) LTC NA, Dong Hyun (CA) MAJ LEE, Suk Won (Trans) LTC CHOI, Jang Min (Pol-MIL) CPG-2 COL(P) CHUN, In Bum (Gound) LTC HUR, Sae Mann (Ground) CDR SUH, Moon Won (Maritime/AMP) Maj KANG, Moon Ho (Maritime/AMP) MAJ CHA, Jae Hoon (Air) MAJ CHOI, Sung Man (Intel) LTC BYUN, Woo Kyung (Log) LT CDR KIM, Jae Dong (Comms) MAJ LEE, Hwa Soo (PSYOPS) LTC JUNG, Dong Sik (Medical)

  36. CPG-1 CDR Mason (Maritime) LtCol Heguduish (SOF) Maj Koontz (Eng/Log) LCDR Tate (Medical) Mr. Keefe (CA) USFK CPG Assignments CPG-3 LtCol Foster (Ground Ops) MAJ Springett (CA) Maj Gumbs (C2) MAJ Newman (Legal) LtCol Smith (Intel) CPG-2 MAJ Scarborough (Air) MAJ Erickson (PSYOPS) LTC Grandin (C2) MAJ Lundborg (Comms) Mr. Collins (Pol-Mil) MPAT (US) CPG Assignments CPG-3 Maj Holcomb (Air) Maj Gogue (Medical) Maj Erb (Ground Ops) LT Samboonpakron (Maritime) MAJ Drose (Comms) Maj Borbely (Air) CDR Leetz (Log) CDR Johnson (SOF) CPG-2 CDR Ferraris (Maritime) Maj Lawson (Air) CDR Job (Eng) MAJ Neumann (Ground) LTC Hastings (Medical) MAJ Stroh (SOF) LTC Peters (CA) CPG-1 Lt Col Loftus (C2) CPT McGarry (Legal) CPT Snyder (Log/Comms) Maj Dyson (ground) Mr. Cobb (POL/MIL) LT Col Bollman (Intel) MAJ Parker (PSYOPS) Lt Col Fisher (IO)

  37. CPG-1 Rank Name – (SME) SQNLDR Matthews (Log) LTC Manulevu CDR Singh MAJ Shimamoto (Comms) MAJ Yamauchi (Intel, Ground) LTC Lesoa LTC Rahamat MAJ Byambasuren GPCPT Forrest (Air) MAJ Warkoney LTC Seet MAJ Tien Yuen Mr. Sikua CPT Fifita MAJ Eggleton (Ground) LTC Shiyam LTC Walgama COL Mei MPAT CPG Assignments CPG-3 Rank Name – (SME) MAJ Sharpe (Ground) WGCDR Maslekar MAJ Santoso LTC Kaida (C2, Air Defense) LCDR Nakabe (Maritime) LTC Mohamad MAJ Deal LTC Bautista LtCol Osi MAJ Humfrey MAJ Tay Mr. Kili LTC Worapol SQNLDR Fogden (Air) LTC Lui GPCPT Premachandra LtCol Cumming CPG-2 Rank Name – (SME) LTC Smethurst (Ground) CDR Naupoto COL Rusmono LTC Kishikawa (Ground, Eng) MAJ Yasunaga (Air) BG Raonenantsoa CPT Bhantooa COL Chimeddorj LTC Quiapo LTC Chopra Mr. Soh MAJ Ying Thong COL Surasit MAJ Latu MAJ Edmanley MAJ Nizam

  38. CPG Briefing Team – Mission Analysis Brief (8-10 planners) ROK COS- led briefing team. Co-Leaders: Maj Kim, Tae Sung (ROK) & Maj Lawson (US). Other Team Members- Two reps from each CPG. Brief Building Team 2 – Initial COA Brief (4-6 planners) ROK COS- led briefing team. Co-Leaders: LTC Hur, Sae Mann (ROK) & Maj Erb (US). Other Team Members- One rep from each CPG. Brief Building Team 3 – COA Decision Brief and Staff Estimate Brief (4-6 planners) ROK COS- led briefing team. Co-Leaders: MAJ Lim, Yoon Kap (ROK) & LT Samboonpakron (US). Other Team Members- One rep from each CPG and for Staff Estimate Brief one rep from each functional staff planning cell. Brief Building TeamsSupport the CTF COS

  39. Team Co-Lead MAJ CHOI, Sung Man (ROK) Team Co-Lead Maj Eggleton (UK) Functional Staff Cell Representatives: Intel Air/Nav Ground/SOF CA/PA LOG/ENG/Transportation IO/PSYOPS C2/Pol-MIl Medical Legal Communications COA Gaming (Red Cell) Team( Names will be filled in 15 Jan )

  40. Air/Maritime Staff Planning Cell ROK Co-leader: MPAT Co-leader: US Co-leader: Planning Cell members: CDR SUH, Moon Won / MAJ PARK, Jae Seok CDR Singh (India) Maj Lawson (USCP) / LT Samboonpakron (CPF) CDR HUR, Hong Bum (ROK) LTC JUNG, Young Chul (ROK) LT CDR(P) CHOI, IL(ROK) MAJ CHA, Jae Hoon (ROK) Maj KIM, Tae Sung (ROK) Maj KANG, Moon Ho (ROK) CDR Mason (USFK) CDR Ferraris (CINCPACFLT) MAJ Scarborough (USFK) Maj Holcomb (USCP) MAJ Borbely (USCP) GPCPT Forrest (NZ ) MAJ Yasunaga (JA ) SQNLDR Fogden (UK) LCDR Nakabe (JA)

  41. Ground Staff Planning Cell ROK Co-leader: MPAT Co-leader: US Co-leader: Planning Cell members: LTC HUR, Sae Mann COL Rusmono (Indonesia) LtCol Foster (USFK) COL(P) CHUN, In Bum (ROK) LTC YOO, Gi Jun (ROK) LTC LEE, Kwang Yeap (ROK) LTC(P) LEE, Chul Won (ROK) MAJ KIM, Seung Wook (ROK) MAJ LIM, Yoon Kap (ROK) LTC Grandin (USFK) MAJ Neumann (USFK) Maj Dyson (MARFORPAC) MAJ Eggleton (UK) MAJ Sharpe (CA ) Maj Erb (USCP) LTC Shiyam (Maldives) LTC Rahamat (Malaysia)

  42. SOF Staff Planning Cell ROK Co-leader: MPAT Co-leader: US Co-leader: Planning Cell members: MAJ YOON, Seong Eun Mr. Kili (Solomon Islands) LtCol Heguduish (USFK) MAJ CHOI, Tae Sung (ROK) MAJ Stroh (SOCPAC) CDR Johnson (USFK) LTC Lui (Vanuatu) WGCDR Maslekar (India) LTC Walgama (Sri Lanka)

  43. CA / PA Staff Planning Cell ROK Co-leader: MPAT Co-leader: US Co-leader: Planning Cell members: LTC NA, Dong Hyun LtCol Worapol (Thailand) LTC Peters (USCP) LTC SONG, Kyu Myung (ROK) Mr. Keefe (USFK) MAJ Springett (USFK) LtCol Manulevu (Fiji) MAJ Warkonei (PNG) MAJ Tien Yuen (Singapore) GPCPT Premachandra (Sri Lanka) CPT Fifita (Tonga) LTC Mohamad (Malaysia)

  44. Log/Eng/Transportation Staff Planning Cell ROK Co-leader: MPAT Co-leader: US Co-leader: Planning Cell members: LTC BYUN, Woo Kyung LTC Cumming (Australia) CDR Leetz (USCP) MAJ SON, Yi Ho (ROK) MAJ LEE, Suk Won (ROK) Maj KO, Ok Yeul (ROK) Maj Koontz (USFK) MAJ Velazquez (USARPAC) CDR Job (USCP) LTC Kishikawa (JA) CPT Snyder (USMA) LTC Osi (PNG) MAJ Tan (Singapore) MAJ Tay (Singapore)

  45. IO / PSYOPSStaff Planning Cell ROK Co-leader: MPAT Co-leader: US Co-leader: Planning Cell members: MAJ LEE, Hwa Soo COL Surasit (Thailand) Lt Col Fisher (USCP) MAJ Parker (SOCPAC) MAJ Erickson (USCP) LTC Quipo (Philippines) Mr. Soh (Singapore) MAJ Deal (Mauritus) MAJ Byambasuren (Mongolia)

  46. Command and Control Staff Planning Cell ROK Co-leader: MPAT Co-leader: US Co-leader: Planning Cell members: Maj CHOI, Yong Ho LTC Bautista (Philippines) LTC Grandin (USFK) BG Raonenantsoa (Madagascar) LTC Smethurst (AS) Maj Erb (USCP) Maj Gumbs (USFK) LtCol Loftus (USCP) LTC Kaida (JA) CDR Naupoto (Fiji) MAJ Edmanley (Vanuatu) CDR Chopra (Singapore) Mr. Sikua (Solomon Islands) MAJ Nazim (Maldives)

  47. Medical Staff Planning Cell ROK Co-leader: MPAT Co-leader: US Co-leader: Planning Cell members: LTC JUNG, Dong Sik LTC Seet (Singapore) Maj Gogue (USCP) LTC Hastings (COE HA/DR) MAJ Kelly (USFK)

  48. Legal Staff Planning Cell ROK Co-leader: MPAT Co-leader: US Co-leader: Planning cell members: Capt YOON, Dae Hae LTC Lesoa (Madagascar) CPT McGarry (USCP) MAJ Newman (USFK)

  49. Communications Staff Planning Cell ROK Co-leader: MPAT Co-leader: US Co-leader: Planning cell members: LT CDR KIM, Jae Dong CPT Bhantoa (Mauritus) MAJ Drose (USCP) MAJ Lundborg (USFK) MAJ Shimamoto (JA) COL Chimeddorj (Mongolia) MAJ Latu (Tonga)

  50. Intelligence Staff Planning Cell ROK Co-leader: MPAT Co-leader: US Co-leader: Planning cell members: MAJ YANG, Chang Hun MAJ Yamauchi (JA) Lt Col Bollman (USCP) MAJ CHOI, Sung Man (ROK) LtCol Smith (USFK) COL Mei (China)

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