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Premier Assistive Technology Suite PowerPoint Presentation
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Premier Assistive Technology Suite

Premier Assistive Technology Suite

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Premier Assistive Technology Suite

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  1. Premier Assistive Technology Suite Universal Reader, E-Text Reader, And Talking Word Processor

  2. Disclaimer:Network issues … Some “quirks” will occur at times. Patience is required. Experience helps. As always, we can only be as successful as the system will allow....

  3. Premier Tech Toolbar Look for the “tools” icon on your desktop Insert tools graphic here If not …Look for Premier AT (under Start>Programs) • Double icons may appear for • some programs • Specific to our network • “Old school”/”new school”

  4. Universal Reader + Works with web pages, MSWord docs, emails, other text. Not PDF’s Must highlight text , then click Read button Text will display in Reading Window Will track (highlight) words as text is read Voices can be modified by reader, pace, or pitch Talking Pointer –will read any text /link when cursor is “floated” over Summarize – works with long docs, adjustable, text appears in Reading Window • Old school version – • more basic appearance • similar capabilities • No Talking Pointer • No Summarization features

  5. E-Text Reader Works with MSWord docs, other digitized text. Not PDF’s Must be doc or RTF files, but no need to highlight text Open in regular program, copy & paste into E-Text Once in program typing/formatting is possible Controls are similar to Universal Reader + Voices, stop/start/pause, summarize Find feature- will locate specific word, even exact as typed Bookmarks - good for long readings or multiple sittings Re-locate with Prior/Next Study Tools – allows highlighting of important info Can extract, by color, to separate window Old school version – No summarization No talking pointer No extract ability

  6. Talking Word Processor Independent word processing program, similar to MSWord 2 word prediction programs on toolbar: TWP, Predictor Pro 3 Predictor Pro 3 doesn’t work on network (?) Reading features are similar to Universal Reader/E-Text Reader Voices, start/stop/pause, summarize, highlight/extract Old school version – No summarization No talking pointer No extract ability

  7. Talking Word Processor Word prediction – pre-set prompting to aid spelling Allows options to be saved to individual students Can add specific terms for curriculum, helps improve vocabskills Adjustable by # of characters, font size, dictionary size (>Options) Fewer character s to prompt = weaker speller/more prompting More character s to prompt = stronger speller/less prompting Not great at phonetic spelling Backspacing of word creates irregular prompting – deleting word works better

  8. Talking Word Processor Editing tools – voice aided proofing of written work Click at beginning of written work , Read button Grammar check – can be set to check certain rules (>Options) Sentence/word repeat – re-read to check for contextual errors (>Options) Dictionary/Thesaurus – helps expand vocab in writing (R click on word) Old school version – No grammar check ability

  9. Don’t be afraid to try … If you still feel frustrated ... Call or e-mail me and we can try to troubleshoot … Hillside (5261)