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Technical writing/Business writing

Technical writing/Business writing. Technical & General writing: Difference Technical writing- (a) a means to some other end. (b) Purely practical motives. (c) It informs and educates. (d) Involves intellect and facts. (e) Precise and direct. (f) Always impersonal.

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Technical writing/Business writing

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  1. Technical writing/Business writing Technical & General writing: Difference Technical writing- (a) a means to some other end. (b) Purely practical motives. (c) It informs and educates. (d) Involves intellect and facts. (e) Precise and direct. (f) Always impersonal. (g) Logical arrangement of ideas. General writing- (a) An end in itself. (b) Artistic, aesthetic approach. (c) Delights and moves. (d) Involves emotion and fancy. (e) Expansive, inflated. (f) story type ideas

  2. Some do’s & don’ts • Do’s- • (a) Simplicity • (b) Brevity • (c) Lucidity • (d) Correctness • (e) Directness • (f) Rationality • (g) Discipline and order • (h) Pre-planning & arrangement • (i) Objectivity • (k) Plainness • (j) Proportion • (k) Fact • (l) Active Voice • Don’ts- • (i) Ornament, gaudiness • (ii) Verbosity • (iii) Obscurity, ambiguity • (iv) Disbalance in thought • (v) Sentimentality • ( vi) incoherence • (vii) Subjectivity • (viii) Personal feeling • (ix) Fancies • (x) Passive voice

  3. How to communicate something unpleasant • Dear Mr Madhav It is to inform you that your services are required no more by this company. Therefore, you are requested, to collect your pay cheque and acknowledge the receipt of this information. Yours Sincerely V.S.Venkatesh Manager

  4. Dear Mr Madhav As you must be aware, the company which has been using your services for the last three years is facing an unprecedented economic crisis today. The present circumstances force us to take some disagreeable decisions in the interest of the company. We have to inform you that, in spite of your good work, we shall not be able to continue this arrangement in future, for how long we did not know. You are ,therefore, advised to prepare yourself for a change of job. You are requested to receive your pay -cheque along with a letter of recommendation. We believe that you will soon get a better place than the present one. We would also like to extend all possible help to you in the task of seeking a fresh opportunity. You can avail of the counseling, and infrastructure, offered by this company. We hope you will keep in touch. We wish you good luck. Yours Sincerely S.D. Manchanda Manager

  5. Structure/format of a business letter • A business letter, usually, consists of the following parts: • (i) Heading • (ii) Date • (iii) Reference • (iv) Inside address • (v) Attention line • (vi) Salutation • (vii) Subject line • (viii )Body • (ix) Closing • (x) Signature • (xi) Identification marks • (xii) Enclosure

  6. 1. Heading.The heading contains the writer's name and address • 2.Date- 21/3/12 • 3.Reference-your ref no….. • -Ref/our ref. no…. • 4.Inside address.The inside address shows the name and address of the recipient of the letter • 5. Attention- name/ designation of particular person/person concerned. • .6.Salutation.The salutation, the “Sir" of the letter, • 7.Subject -The subject line announces the main business of the letter. • 8.Body of the letter . The actual message of course is contained in the body of the letter, the paragraphs between the salutation and the complimentary close • 9.Complimentary close.Yours truly/ faithfully……. • 10. Initials/ Identification marks.The name (abbreviation) of the typist. • 11.Enclosures. • 12.Copies.If you send copies of a letter to others

  7. Letters in the Course • 1. Letter of Enquiry/ Inviting Quotation • 2. Response to Enquiry/ Sending Quotation • 3. Placing an order • 4. Letter of Complaint • 5. Letter of Adjustment • 6.Credit letter • 7. Collection Letter • 8. Sales Letter

  8. Inviting Quotation • 1..INVITING QUOTATION - is important to know the rates and terms of payment for goods. Its purpose is to find out the cheapest and best source of supply of goods required. To achieve these objectives one should proceed in a systematic manner as follows: • (i) Describe your needs clearly and precisely. Write specific information as the shape, size, quality etc. of the goods . (ii) Request the seller to quote the prices and terms of payment. • (iii) Ask him for the sample, if necessary. • (iv) Give an idea of quantity. • (v) Indicate the time by which he will be able to supply the goods. • (vi) Ask for guarantee period, offer and discounts etc if possible.

  9. Inviting Quotation • Opening sentences: • Please quote your lowest rate for the following items. • We shall be grateful if you would kindly inform us of the terms and conditions for the supply of ……. • May we request you to let us have your lowest rates for the following items which we require in March,2008. • Please let us know your lowest rates as early as possible for the supply of…..

  10. Inviting Quotation • Closing sentences: • We look forward to hearing from you soon. If your quotation is suitable, we shall be happy to buy all our requirements from you. • On hearing from you, we shall place a firm order with you. • As we need these goods urgently, we shall be grateful for an early reply. • We look forward to placing an order with you.

  11. BIRLA EDUCATION TRUST 23/31 SHAHJAHAN ROAD,NEW DELHI-110051 20 /3/, 2009 Reference No. BET/161/2009 Zebra Electronics 603/32 Allahpur, Allahabad-211003 Attention: Mr C. P.Manchanda Sir Subject: Inviting Quotation for Language labs We wish to buy the following items for our language laboratory. We shall be grateful if you would kindly quote your lowest rates for these items, giving full particulars and technical details. The quantity we propose to buy is mentioned against each item. Quantity Particulars 21 Student headsets 42 Tutor headsets 37 Student recorder knobs 49 Mini lamps We want to set up the lab by the end of June so that it can function when the institute reopens in July. We would, therefore, like the equipment to be delivered to us latest by 26 March. Please let us know whether you will be able to arrange the supply by this date. Please let us also know the guarantee period and any after-sales facility offered by you. We look forward to hearing from you soon. Yours faithfully Rohan Bajaj Purchase Officer

  12. Sending Quotation • SENDING QUOTATIONS- is a response to a letter- inviting quotations • DO NOT FORGET TO MENTION: • Mode and terms of payment. • Place and time of delivery. • Transportation • Tax details • Packing and forwarding charges • Guarantee period, discount etc. • Other charges , if any. • Offers, discounts, if any.

  13. ZEBRA ELECTRONICS 603/32 Allahpur, Allahabad-211003 28 /3/,2009 Reference No. ZE/43/2009 Birla Education Trust 23/31 Shahjahan Road, N. Delhi-51 Attention: The Purchase Officer Sir Subject: Sending quotation for language laboratory Thank you for your letter No.BET/169/200 dated 20 March, 2009. We have pleasure in submitting the following quotation for your consideration. We confirm that the prices will remain valid for three months. Particulars Net Price Each(Rs) Student headsets 254 Tutor headset 342 Student recorder knobs 436 Mini lamps 254 Sales Tax 10.5% Transportation 02% Packing charges and other duties and taxes are included in the prices quoted above. All items are guaranteed for three years. During this period, if necessary, we shall repair or replace any item at our cost. We do not require any advance but would like the payment to be made by crossed cheque drawn on SBI, within 12 days of the receipt of equipments. We look forward to receiving your order soon. If you need any further information, please do not hesitate to write to us. Yours faithfully C.P. Manchanda Sales Manager

  14. PLACING ORDERS- After accepting a quotation , the next step is to order the goods. To ensure efficient and prompt handling of our order keep the following in mind: • Place a clear and firm order. It interests the supplier. • Specify the quantity that you want. • Indicate the mode and terms of payment. • Mode of transport. • Indicate a reasonable period of time for delivery. • Mention the complete address where you want the goods delivered.

  15. BIRLA EDUCATION TRUST 23/31 SHAHJAHAN ROAD,NEW DELHI-110051 30 /3/,2009 Reference No. BET/171/2009 Zebra Electronics 603/32 Allahpur, Allahabad-211003 Attention: Mr C. P.Manchanda Sir, Subject: Placing the order for language laboratory Thank you for your letter No. ZE/43/2009. We are pleased to place an order for the following items on the terms and conditions agreed upon. Please send the equipment duly insured and include the extra charges in your bill. Quantity Particulars 12 Student headsets 21 Tutor headsets 32 Student recorder knobs 47 Mini lamps We note that the equipment will be sent by goods train and reach us within One month of the receipt of this order. We shall make the payment by crossed cheque as desired by you soon after the arrival and inspection of equipments. Yours faithfully Rohan Bajaj Purchase Officer

  16. CLAIM/COMPLAINT LETTER • 1. is written to sort out the problems, misunderstanding between two organizations. • 2. In complaint or claim letter instead of treating a complaint as a trouble, we should adopt positive attitude. • 3. In claim letter there should be a clear explanation of what has gone wrong. • 4. A claim/complaint letter is usually written to the head of the organization or the most responsible person.

  17. ADJUSTMENT LETTER • An adjustment letter is a type of explanation/ justification/rectification of the complaint concerned. • It explains the probable causes, reasons. It gives justification. • This letter helps to continue the business between two organization.

  18. RAJ STEEL WORKS 23/31 STATION ROAD,NEW DELHI-110051 24 /3/ 2009 Reference No. RSW/102/2009 Rajan Furniture House 603/32 Nawabganj, Varansi-211013 Attention: Mr D. S. Dagar / The Sales Manager Dear Sir/Sir Subject: Complaint about defective furniture Kindly refer to our order, dated 17 March, 2009 for the supply of furniture in our office. For the last seven years you have been fulfilling our requirements concerning the office furniture. But the furniture supplied to us in response to above mentioned order is not equal to the standard of quality. Some of the tables are broken and the chairs have rough edges. We would not like to break our long standing business relationship immediately. We also hope that you will be more careful in future about the quality of the product sold by you. In the meantime, you are hereby requested to replace the defective furniture without delay. Yours faithfully Deepak Purchase Officer

  19. RAJAN FURNITURE HOUSE 603/32 NAWABGANJ, VARANSI-211013 30 /3/ 2009 Reference No. RFH/301/2009 Raj Steel Works 23/31 Station Road, New Delhi-110051 Attention: Mr Deepak / The Purchase Manager Dear Sir/ Sir Subject: Replacement of defective furniture Thank you for your letter dated 24 March, 2009. I am sorry to know that we have given an occasion to make this complaint. As you have graciously mentioned that such a thing has happened. I would like to add that this is the first ever complaint received by us from any of our customers. The flawed supply, which, however, was made during my absence from the firm, is being immediately replaced. We shall be more watchful in future, and grateful to you if you allow this business association to continue. Yours truly D.S. Dagar Sales Manager

  20. Credit letter is a request for allowing differed payment for goods delivered. • In credit letter the writer should be able to convince the addressee that he will be honest and true to his words/ promise. He/ She should also have no confusion regarding the terms and conditions of the credit facility.

  21. Collection letter – • Prompt collection of money is essential for a successful operation of business organization. • The main purpose of the collection letter is to collect the pending bills and to ensure that the business relationship with the customers is maintained. • In a collection letter one should begin with a letter to the customer to send the due payment/cheque.

  22. Sir Please refer to your letter dated 12 March,2008. We appreciate your request for credit. We would have liked to cooperate with you on this occasion as we did in the past. On considering the state of transaction during the last two years, we find it in the interest of all the parties concerned if you buy for cash this time . This would mean savings to you as you would not have to pay the interest amount. We are sure that you will give us more opportunities to serve you better. Yours sincerely Arsh Preet Mishra

  23. Subject: Request for the supply of Apollo suitcases Sir One of our business contacts in Delhi has informed us that the Apollo suitcases manufactured by you are light,durable, soft and colored and well designed and their sale is picking up fast. This information has aroused our interest in your product. We have been selling leather bags and plastic purses for the last twenty years and our average annual turn over is about Rs 6 lakh. Now we wish to add to the rank of our merchandise. A recent consumer survey in Bhiwani has revealed that there is a market for the kind of suitcase you manufacture. To begin with, please supply 750 suitcases on 30 days credit term. We would also like to have similar terms for future purchases. If you need any further information ,we shall be glad to furnish it. Yours faithfully S.D. Pahuja Purchase Manager

  24. SAMSUNG COOLERS LIMITED 23/31 SHAHJAHAN ROAD,NEW DELHI-110051 30 /3/ 2009 Reference No. SCL/123/2008 Dhingra Construction Company 603/32 Allahpur, Allahabad-211003 Attention: Mr C. P. Manchanda Sir Subject: Our new product- SAMSUNG COOLERS As the summer is approaching, you must be thinking of how to keep your office cool, so that you and your colleagues can continue to work efficiently. To meet your needs we have produced room- coolers of different capacities. The detailed specifications are given in attached pamphlet. We shall give a guarantee for five years against all manufacturing defects and repair, or replace any part that may cause trouble, at our cost. At the end of the pamphlet you will find a card. Please fill it in and we shall send our technician to survey your office, assess your requirements, and advise you about the location of coolers so that your entire office may be maintained at the proper temperature throughout summer . If you place the order before 10 April , we shall give you a special discount of 5 percent. We trust, you would like to avail yourself of this special offer. Yours faithfully T. S. Pohani Sales Manager Identification Marks: RV Enclosure: Pamphlet

  25. ASSIGNMENT • As the sales officer of a company, draft a letter to housewives to promote the sale of an electric milk boiler that it has recently manufactured. • As the librarian of your organization ,write a letter claiming compensation for 39 books which arrived in a damaged condition. • The purchase manager of a company has asked you to replace the lot of 37 typewriters he bought from you ten days ago. Draft a suitable reply, refusing replacement but suggesting an alternative which you think will satisfy him. • Draft a letter from the Bombay Stores Limited, to the Pragati Press, asking for quotation for the printing of their catalogue,20,000 copies. • Write a sales letter describing a fountain pen that does not need refilling for two years.

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