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Contemporary Business Writing Fundamentals of Modern Business Writing 现代商务英语写作的基本原则 Business Letter Writing 商 PowerPoint Presentation
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Contemporary Business Writing Fundamentals of Modern Business Writing 现代商务英语写作的基本原则 Business Letter Writing 商

Contemporary Business Writing Fundamentals of Modern Business Writing 现代商务英语写作的基本原则 Business Letter Writing 商

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Contemporary Business Writing Fundamentals of Modern Business Writing 现代商务英语写作的基本原则 Business Letter Writing 商

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  1. Contemporary Business Writing • Fundamentals of Modern Business Writing 现代商务英语写作的基本原则 • Business Letter Writing 商务信函写作 • Report Writing 报告写作

  2. Business English Writing Establishing Business Relations 建立贸易关系 Inquiries and Requests 日常询盘 Replies 回复函 Declining a Counteroffer 拒绝还盘 Orders 定单 Complaints and Claims 投诉与索赔 Adjustments to Claim Letters 索赔复函 Urging Establishment of Letter of Credit 催证 Invitations and Thank-you Letters 邀请函与感谢信 Notes and Announcements 便条与通知 Letters of Application 申请信 Resume 简历 Recommendation Letters 推荐信

  3. Establishing Business Relations建立业务关系 • Establishing business relations is the first step in a transaction in international trade. Writing letters to new customers to establish relations is a common practice in business communications. • General information about a company, including the name and address, can be obtained through the following channels: 1. Banks 2. Chambers of commerce 3. Advertisement in the media 4. Commercial counselor´s office in foreign countries 5. Exhibitions and trade affairs • When you write your first letter, you should tell your reader how you obtained his or her name and address, express your desire to do business and explain what you hope to buy or to sell.

  4. Useful Expressions • 一. We have your name and address from the Commercial Counselor´s Office of your embassy in Beijing and are now writing to you for the establishment of business relations. 我们从贵国驻京使馆商务参赞处得悉贵公司行名及地址,现特致函与贵公司建立业务关系。 1. We have obtained / come to know / heard / learned your name and address from our embassy in your country. 2. We owe your name and address / fax number / postcode / business scope / products / E-mail address to China Council for the Promotion of International Trade in Beijing. • 二. We have learned by courtesy of Mr.Greenhow that you are one of the leading importers of Chinese chemicals and pharmaceuticals in your country. 承蒙格林豪先生介绍,我们得知你们是贵国中国化工产品和药品的主要进口商之一。 例:We understood from World Bank / through the courtesy of CCPIT / on the recommendation of AerChem, Inc. / after contacting your trade delegation that you are one of the leading importers of Chinese Chemicals and Pharmaceuticals in your country.

  5. 三. Your firm has been recommended to us by Bank of China in Beijing . 在北京的中国银行已把贵公司介绍给我们了。 例:Your name has been introduced /suggested / brought forward / given to us by Citibank, Shenzhen office. • 四. We have the pleasure of introducing ourselves to you as a state-operated corporation dealing exclusively in light industrial goods. 我们有幸自荐,我们是一家专营轻工业品的国有公司。 例:We have the pleasure to introduce take pleasure in introducing take the liberty of introducing avail ourselves of this opportunity to introduce are venturing to write to introduce wish to introduce ourselves to you as a state-operated corporation dealing in light industrial goods.

  6. 五. We are the chief cigarette packing materials exporter in Austria and are thankful to the Chinese Embassy in Vienna for giving your name. 我们是奥地利主要的香烟原辅材料出口商,并感谢驻维也纳的中国使馆向我们提供了你们的行名。 例:We are thankful / grateful / obliged / indebted to the Chinese Embassy in Vienna for giving us your name and address. • 六. Specializing in the export of Chinese arts & crafts goods, we express our desire to trade with you in this line. 我们专门经营中国工艺美术品出口,愿与贵方进行交易。 例:Specializing / Being experienced / Having been for years / Dealing exclusively in the export of Chinese............ • 七. It is hoped that by our joint efforts we can promote business as well as friendship. 希望通过共同努力,我们既可促进贸易又能增进友谊。 例:It is hoped that through our endeavors / to our mutual benefit / for our common interests we can promote........

  7. 结 束 语 • We look forward to your favorable reply. 等候佳音。 例:we await / appreciate / expect / anticipate / hope to receive your favorable reply. • We shall be grateful/ obliged / glad / thankful if you will reply at an early date. 敬请早日答复,将不胜感激。 • Your early reply / prompt attention / immediate response / favorable answer will be highly appreciated. 如蒙早日答复,将不胜感谢。 • We await your further news with interest. 我们切盼你方进一步的消息。

  8. Sample Letters for Establishing Business Relations Dears Sirs, Your name and address have been given to us by the Hongkong & Shanghai Banking Corporation of Jakarts . We are now writing to you for the establishment of business relations. We have had no contact with yout country before. In view of the developing friendly relations between our two countries, we wish to ascertain whether cooperation to the advantage of both our firms could be established. We invite you to send us details and prices, possibly also samples, of such goods as you would be interested in selling, and we shall gladly study the sales possibilities in our market . On the other hand, please favor us with a list of those goods you are interested in obtaining from us so that we might be able to quote on some and give you all the necessary information regarding supply possibilities. Yours faithfully,

  9. Dear Sirs, We owe your name and address to the Chamber of Commerce, Tokyo, who informed us that you are in the market for Personal Computers. We are one of the largest computer manufactures in our country in our country and have been handing various kinds of computers for about 10 years. We approach you today in the hope of establishing business relations with you and expect, by our joint efforts, to enlarge our business scope. In order to acquaint you with our business lines, we enclose a copy of our illustrated catalogue covering the main items suppliable at present. If you are interested in any of the items, please tell us by fax. We´ll give you our lowest quotations and try our best to comply with your requirements. Our customers are always satisfied with our products and the service after the sale. We believe that you will be, too , after we do business together. Our banker is the Bank of Tokyo, Japan. They can provide you with information about our business and finances. We are looking forward to your early reply. Yours faithfully, business scope = line of business 经营范围

  10. Manufacturers Write to Importers Now more and more factories and manufacturers are allowed to sell their products in the world market. If you are working in such an enterprise with the Government´s approval of import and export, you will be write directly to the importers abroad for the sale of your products without any help from an export company. Sample Letter 1: Dear Sirs, We have been manufacturing this product for 20 years. Our success in trade, which can be seen from our rapid expansion from a single factory of medium size twenty years ago to a total number of fourteen large modern factories situated at various places in the Pudong Development Zone today, depends entirely on the trustworthiness of our products. Our trade name, which we value so much, will sufficiently warrant your confidence in us. Yours faithfully

  11. Complete the following sentences 一. We have the pleasure of 1. 告诉你们,我们已经与贵方代表( representative ) 取得了联系。 2. 获悉贵方对与我公司建立业务往来很感兴趣。 3. 将我公司驻沪办事处的地址及联系人告诉贵方。 Exercises 二. We are appreciative of 1. 贵方有和我公司建立贸易关系的意向( intention )。 2. 贵方为促进我们双方的贸易和友谊所作的努力。 3. 贵方对此事的及时处理。 on the recommendation of..承..推荐、介绍 by courtesy of ... through the courtesy of...承..的好意相告 三. 1. 承蒙中国银行的介绍, 2. 多亏我驻贵国使馆经参处的介绍, 3. 经汤姆和威廉姆公司推荐, we learnt that you are the chief importer of electric appliances in your country.

  12. Exercises Translate the following letter into English 美国 J & M 有限公司已将贵公司的名称和地址告知我们,并认 为贵公司是中国有潜力的棉布买主。棉布属于我公司的经营范围, 我们将很乐于与贵公司建立直接的业务关系。 兹随函附上商品小册子和价目单各一份,以便于了解我们可供 出口棉布的概况。一当接到贵方的具体询价,将立即航空邮寄我公 司的报价单和样本。 恭候佳音。 ………. 谨上

  13. Writing Guidelines 1. Generally speaking, this type of letter should include the sources of information related to -the address, e.g. how you know his name and address; -your intention, i.e. Why you are writing to him; -a brief introduction of your firm, e.g. your business scope、 your branches, and also your liaison offices, if any; references as to your firm´s financial standing and credit rating, etc. 2. If you are in the market for the goods the addressee can export, you may also request for samples, price-list, catalogues, etc. Meanwhile you may state simple, clearly and concisely what you can sell.

  14. Report Writing 报告写作 • Memorandum and Informal, Short Reports 备忘录与非正式的短篇报告 • Proposals and Formal Reports 建议书与正式报告 • Punctuation Marks 标点符号

  15. 商务信函构成要素 • 标准部分: • Letterhead 信头: 包括发信人公司的名称、地址、传真或电传号码。 • Date Line 发信日期 • Inside Address 封内收信人地址 • Salutation 对收信人的尊称 • Body 正文 • Complimentary 结尾敬语 • Signature 签名 二. 特别部分: • Attention Line 制定收信人 • Subject and Reference Lines 事由 • Organization Name 公司名称 • Author, Title and Department 撰稿者印刷体姓名 • Reference Initials 主办人代号(便于考查信函的主稿人和打字人) • Enclosure Notation 附件注明 • Copy Notation 复本注明(CC to Mr.Li 或 CC The Uni Trading Co.,Ltd.)

  16. Make corrections in the format of the following letter Rocky Mountain High Country Realty Mile High Building One Denver Plaza Denver, Colorado 80200 Pueblo, CO 81002 2009 West Prospect Street Ms. Kim Jameston, Attorney Dear Ms. Jameston: We appreciate your April 23 letter concerning the failure of one of our sales Representatives to inform your client of the possible zoning of the Blake property. Please accept my sincere apology for not having corresponded with you sooner. The sales.............. ROCKY MOUNTAIN HIGH COUNTRY REALTY Cordially, Residential Property Sales Manager, Joe Crossman Ms. Ms. Kim Jameston, Attorney 2009 West Prospect Street Pueblo, CO 81002 Cordially, ROCKY MOUNTAIN HIGH COUNTRY REALTY Joe Crossman Sales Manager Residential Property

  17. Letterhead Systems A/S Corporation Tel:+45 83894232 Fax:+45 83894234 Web Site: E-mail: Dateline March 23, 2004 Inside Address Mr. Jame 收信人姓名 Director of Personnel 收信人职位、头衔 Windsor Mils Inc. 单位名称 212 Magnolia Avenue 门牌号码、街道名称 Spartanburg, South Carolina 29301 城市、州、邮编 The United States of America 国家 Attention Line Attention Mr .Li (指定收信人或某个部门) Salutation Dear Mr. Zhang Subject Line Re / Subject: Claim No. MA-457972 信文的主旨 Body ----------------- ----------------- Complimentary Close Cordially, Organization Name Systems A/S Corporation Signature Author, Title Joe Grossman Department Sales Manager Reference Initials XYW : SH Enclosure Notation Encl. Copy Notation CC to Mr. Zhang

  18. March 10, 1999 Professor Fan Hong Foreign Languages Department Jiangxi normal University Jiangxi, 300027 Dear Prof. FAN, I am very interested in Business English and wish to learn more from your lectures. This week I am going to write a letter to IBM company Requesting information about the availability of a product. Could you Please send me some information on the formats of the business letter? I would be very grateful for your kind help and early reply. Sincerely yours, (Signature) Li Ping

  19. Complimentary Close客套结束语 • 亲密式:Cordially, Cordially yours, Intimately yours, • 普通式:Sincerely, Sincerely yours, Yours sincerely, Very sincerely yours, • 正式:Your truly, Yours faithfully, Very truly yours, Yours very truly, Faithfully yours, • 最正式:Respectfully, Respectfully yours, Yous respectfully, Very respectfully,

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