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Mrs. Biddle

Mrs. Biddle

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Mrs. Biddle

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  1. Mrs. Biddle Period 1: Algebra 2 Period 2: Algebra 2 Period 3: Academic Algebra 2 Period 4: Prep B Lunch Period 5: Algebra 1 Support Period 6: Academic Algebra 2 Period 7: Study Hall

  2. A lil’ about me… 7th year at PGHS Have taught A1, AA1, Geo, AGeo, A2, AA2, & HA2 Grew up south of Pittsburgh Graduated from Penn State in December, 2003 Married since 2004, one child, Declan (b. 3/18/09) I love my job!

  3. Course Overview Review Linear & Absolute Value equations & inequalities Quadratic & Square Root Functions Polynomials, Radicals, and their Functions Radical Expressions & Rational Exponents Exponential & Logarithmic Functions Reciprocal & Rational Functions Introduction to Trigonometry Sequences & Series Statistics

  4. Grading Scale • Each quarter, your grade is calculated using total points that are converted to percentages. • Your Assessment Total (total points earned divided by total points possible on all graded assessments like tests and quizzes) is multiplied by .8 (80%) • Your Homework Total (total points earned divided by total points possible on all homework assignments) is multiplied by .2 (20%). • Your final course grade is made up of the following components: • Quarters 1, 2, 3, & 4: 20% each • Midterm Exam and Final Exam: 10% each • Total of 100% 80% - 20% Grading scale. What does this mean?

  5. Grading Scale • Assessments are any of the following: • Tests (percent scores – all out of 100) • Quizzes (including Math Review Quizzes, point values will vary) • Graded homework assignments (point values will vary) • Projects (point values will vary) • Problem Solving Friday assignments (point values will vary) • Nightly homework assignments awarded the following scores: • 2 points for complete, showing all work possible. • 1 point for the following: complete without showing all work (answers only) or partially complete. • 0 if not attempted. • NOTE: If you are present the day an assignment is given and the day it is checked, and you do not do the assignment, you MAY NOT make it up for partial credit. Grading: Assessments & Homework

  6. Daily Class Breakdown Disclaimer: Not all days will be the same. We may need a few more minutes for HW review or we may have some extra time at the end of the period for you to begin your homework. We will have time for the four bullet points each day, unless it is test/quiz day. • Each class period will be broken into 4 segments. • 8 minutes for Math Review • 5 minutes for Homework Review • 30 minutes for Instruction/Guided Practice • 3 minutes for Clean Up (return calculators/books, etc.)

  7. 1. Math Review • 1 – 3 questions at the start of each class period. • You MUST show your work to earn full credit. • Completion of questions, review and discussion of answers will take no longer than 10 minutes. • Quiz on the material every other Friday. • MR Quizzes followed up with Problem Solving Friday Daily practice in basic concepts

  8. 2. Homework Review • Answers to all homework assignments will be available on my wiki for you to check. I EXPECT you to check your answers for correctness and reattempt each question you got incorrect. • You put a question on the board. • Someone else does it on the board, SHOWING ALL WORK for a bonus point to be applied to the homework grade. • This is one of only 2 places to earn bonus points. Take advantage of it!!! This is your chance to ask questions about last night’s homework assignment.

  9. 3. Instruction / GP • Teach, notes, practice. 4. Clean Up • Return books, calculators, borrowed materials. • Pick up your cell phone from the Toy Box.

  10. Textbooks No physical textbook…yet. Online textbook instructions on my wiki. Cover it, tag it, leave it.

  11. Sign-Out • Restrooms • One person out at a time. Sign out, take wooden pass and agenda book, sign in when you return. • Other Destination • Teacher Room (valid) • Office • Nurse • Guidance You must have a signed AGENDA BOOK to leave my room for any reason (other than to get a drink).

  12. Technology • My wikispace that includes: • Important links (book, powerschool, etc) • Helpful websites (Online Resources) • Assignment/Assessment Calendar • Homework answers • Follow me on Twitter (@Biddle_216) for classroom info • Online textbook • Video tutors, extra practice, practice quizzes, etc. • Email (

  13. Food & Drink NO FOOD OR DRINK IN ROOM 216. Except for bottled water, of course.

  14. Cell Phones… …are a distraction. • The only “Tech Friendly” zone is the Cafeteria during lunches. NOT room 216. • Cell Phone Day Care at the Toy Box • Safe, protected environment where your precious can be stored during the class period so it will not be a distraction to you or to others. • Drop-off when you get here, pick up at the end of the class. • Failure to comply will result in referrals and your precious being removed from your possession and taken to the office.

  15. When you get here… When you enter the room, the following things should happen before you sit in your assigned seat: • You SHOULD NOT have in your possession: • Your cell phone • Your music player • You SHOULD have in your possession: • Your assigned MR folder with at least 1 piece of paper. • A calculator (unless told you don’t need one) • A writing utensil

  16. You are responsible for your own education. • I will: • Do everything I can to help you reach your goals. • Be here to help you learn and have success in this class. • Do my best to prepare you for the next chapter in your life. • I will not: • Baby you. • Bend or break any rules for any reason. • Tolerate excuses, laziness, or disrespect.

  17. Your 1st Assignment… • Go to my wikispace • Click on your page • Pds 1 & 2, click a blue Algebra 2 button • Pds 3 & 6, click a purple Academic Algebra 2 button • Scroll down and open the • On my wiki, open the document for the “Syllabus/Email Assignment” (look for today in the calendar) • The “Syllabus/Email Assignment” document is the instructions for your assignment. Use it with your syllabus to complete the assignment. This assignment is due by 6am, Friday, August 31st.

  18. Evacuation Drill Stadium Side, 40-yd line. Look for me, line up on the 40.