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  1. TAP 2 How it really happen

  2. TAP Was a Cover Up • TAP was a cover up to the truth but everyone says I the young ant am lying. • Now I am on trial for lying to the public on private matters. My attorney quit so I am left to defend myself. • No one believes what I say anymore so I am left on the cold streets to take care of myself.

  3. No One Told The Queen No one has told the queen yet and she’s about to lose the thrown to her in great daughter. Who would love to see me lose my head in any case great or small. Everyone seems to love her but I don’t. Also once we all pledge allegiance to the daughter she will have the power to decide my fate.

  4. Now I Have to Find A Way To The Queen • Tomorrow we pledge allegiance to the daughter and so in which will probably be my last day alive. • My only hope is to find a way to the queen which will be difficult to do since the guards already have pledge to the new queen. • But there is hope, my inmate said that she use to be close to the queen so when the queen comes by to night she’ll let me talk to her.

  5. TheQueensRash The queen came by and ask for me by name she asked why I was in there. I told her I was being charged with lying to the public with private matters. The queen the ask how come she wasn’t informed on this matter and I said I don’t know. She told guards to let me out and to tell all guards to arrest her daughter.

  6. This is What Really Happen How your houses are warm is not by solar but by wind and this is how so. The wind is use to power these huge wind mills which send electricity to our hills. We can then use it to turn on the heat and thus that is how it is done.


  8. Bye ByeByeByeByebye by Don’t think Do