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Together, Alone

Together, Alone

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Together, Alone

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  1. Together, Alone The life and work of Edward Hopper Rooms by the Sea, oil on canvas, 1951

  2. Edward Hopper • 1882 – 1967 • Born in NJ, worked in NYC • Summered on Cape Cod and the coast of ME • Traveled extensively throughout the US including the South, the Southwest, and New England • Supported himself as an illustrator • Two retrospective shows, Time cover story

  3. Art Work • Preferred to work with oil paint • Used muted blues, greens, and yellows • Interested in portraying different qualities of sunlight or artificial light • Focus remains on the figures when present • Subject matter does not stray from reality • Not categorized into a particular artistic movement or school

  4. Content • Paintings captured the “American life” of the early twentieth century both before and after World War II • Urbanization, Transportation, Technology • Work explores the psychological aspects of these social changes • Isolation, Alienation, Loneliness, Desperation

  5. Compositions • Feature otherwise mundane subject matter made interesting/captivating • Influenced by his US travels but are imaginary • Paintings have a narrative quality and require some interpretation • Figures (singularly, in pairs, or in groups) are detached from their environment and each other • Moment following an action or change

  6. House by Railroad, oil on canvas, 1925

  7. Early Sunday Morning, oil on canvas, 1930

  8. Manhattan Bridge Loop, oil on canvas, 1928

  9. Gas, oil on canvas, 1940

  10. Night Windows, oil on canvas, 1928

  11. Hotel Room, oil on canvas, 1931

  12. Western Motel, oil on canvas, 1957

  13. Office at Night, oil on canvas, 1940

  14. Hotel Lobby, oil on canvas, 1943

  15. Soir Bleu, oil on canvas, 1914

  16. Morning Sun, oil on canvas, 1952

  17. High Noon, oil on canvas, 1949

  18. People in the Sun, oil on canvas, 1960

  19. Nighthawks, oil on canvas, 1942

  20. Below are a few modern takes on Hopper’s most famous work Nighthawks. These are not works created by Hopper, but are inspired by him and his work.

  21. Artistic Success • Recorded America’s twentieth century transformation • Provides a strong social commentary on his acute observations • Together, Alone

  22. Creative Writing ProjectThe theme of your story will be:“Together, Alone” • Due 3/12: A hard copy of your Hopper and Hemingway inspired Powerpoint story! Page 1 of your Powerpoint = The Hopper image inspiring your story with its title and date below it. Pages 2 and 3 of your Powerpoint = A story that is at least 2 slides using 20 point font and is written in the style of Hemingway. (You will need to examine his works closely in order to mimic it effectively.) The theme of your story needs to be “Together, Alone.” • Due 3/14 at the beginning of class to my email inbox: The FINAL draft of your story that is at least 2 slides using 20 point font with NO ERRORS. Remember, it needs to capture the theme of “TOGETHER, ALONE” and be directly inspired by the image you selected and mimic Hemingway’s writing style. *If you are worried about submitting this electronically via email, then please save your Powerpoint to a flash drive so that you can put it on my computer as you enter class on3/14. Additionally, to ensure that your assignment is not inaccessible, consider sending it to me early, and also send yourself a copy, to a different email than your Firstclass account. If you have any questions about the submission process, please speak to me in person during tutorial or send me an email. Finally, if you do not want to participate in the Peer review day on 3/12 because you feel that it infringes on the rule of no assignmetn being due on that day, that is fine, your final draft will still be due on 3/14, and I will have an alternative assignment for you to complete in class on 3/12,