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Tuesday/ Wednesday PowerPoint Presentation
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Tuesday/ Wednesday

Tuesday/ Wednesday

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Tuesday/ Wednesday

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  1. Tuesday/ Wednesday

  2. Do Now…(Page 22L) What part of speech are the underlined words? Identify both words in each sentence. • Even though I wanted to go, I decided to stay. • She put the paper on my desk. • He loudly stomped to his room. • Yikes! I think I saw a spider! • Florida is a beautiful place to visit. • She wants to buy a new shirt. Answer the following questions: 7. What is the definition of bias? 8. What is the definition of stereotyping? 9. Why can’t we trust writing that contains bias or stereotyping? Make the following words plural. 10. Apply 11. Lady Add –ing to the following words: 12. Jump 13. apply

  3. Quick News… • Today, we will take the spelling and definitions quizzes from last week. You will get new roots, words, and a spelling rule, but we won’t take the quiz until next Thursday/ Friday. • No vocab quiz this Thursday/ Friday • Persuasive Essay due Monday 9/10 or Tuesday 9/11 (you’re welcome ) • There is NO reason for your essay to be late or incomplete. • Unit Assessment #2 9/13 or 9/14 • Papers will ACTUALLY get passed back today. Make sure you take them with you!! • Rubrics are on the board • If you earned a 1 or 2 on any of the quizzes or standards (on the Unit Assessment), you have until 9-18-12 to retake them. After that, they are set in stone. • Benchmark #1 18 school days • Grades… • Take your homework out and set it on your desk for me to start checking while you are working.

  4. Answers for Vocabulary #3… Spelling Definitions J D A G E I B C F H • Biannually • Benefit • Arrangement • Truly • Bicycling • Maliciously • Malfunctioned • Sameness • Benevolently • Advancing

  5. Roots (page 23L)

  6. Spelling Rule #3 (page 23R)

  7. i before e, except after c . . . . • achieve, believe, brief, hygiene, grief, thief, friend, grieve, chief, fiend, patience, pierce, priest ceiling, conceive, deceive, perceive, receipt, receive, deceit, conceit • . . . and in words that rhyme with hay. . . • neighbor, freight, beige, sleigh, weight, vein, and weigh • . . . and some other exceptions. . . . • either, neither, feint, foreign, forfeit, height, leisure, • weird, seize

  8. Practice (page 23R—under notes) • My sister's daughter is my n___ce. • That child is getting up to misch___f again. • Pay the bill and ask for a rec___pt. • This truck's engine runs on d___sel fuel. • Did you rec___ve my last letter? • Telling lies is dec___tful. • I can't bel___ve she has married him. • P___rce the lid before cooking. • A conc___ted man thinks he's the best. • There was great rel___f at the rescue. • She has painted the c__ling dark red. • I only met him br___fly.

  9. New Words (page 22R)

  10. Glossary Update… Add these terms and definitions to your glossary. • Stance what you are trying to prove (similar to the position) • Position which side you are on • Evidence your proof as to why you are right • Reasons support for your stance • Counterargument disproving one of the other side’s reasons • Thesis Statement this sentence comes as the last sentence in your introduction paragraph. It tells what your entire essay will be about. (Stance + 3 reasons = thesis statement)

  11. Let’s Brainstorm… Reasons to support… Students SHOULD wear uniforms Students SHOULDN’T wear uniforms Students need to express themselves (freedom) This is “college” ready, but college students don’t wear uniforms Added expense because you still need reg. clothes Not comfortable Saves time/money on laundry Bullying from outsiders • Uniforms reduce fights • Won’t get lost on a field trip • Less time in the morning • Looks professional • Saves parents money on regular clothes • Students can focus in class (less distractions) • Reduces bullying • Makes everyone equal • Less gang involvement • Represents your school • Get ready for wearing uniforms to jobs • People will think you take school seriously • People will know where you go to school • Makes you look smarter • Shows what grade you are in

  12. Fill in your outline on page 19L • Step 1: Fill in your stance • “Middle school students should/should not wear uniforms.” • Step 2: Choose three reasons that support your stance and fill them in under the outline for II., III., and IV (Body #1, 2, and 3). • Step 3: Choose one reason from the other side and write it next to V. Counterargument on your outline. You are going to prove this reason wrong, so choose one that you can easily disprove. • Step 4: Write your thesis statement on the index card using the following format: • Step 5: Tape your index card (with your thesis statement on it) underneath the assignment sheet on page 19R. • “Middle school students should/should not wear uniforms because reason #1, reason #2, and reason #3.

  13. Page 20L/20RIntroduction paragraph… • Avoid 1st person (I think, In my opinion, we…) • State your opinions as though they were facts. • Your argument will sound much stronger. • Make sure your goal of writing this essay is clearly stated. • Do not begin any of your sentences with “well…” or “so…” • Your hook should be the first sentence of your introduction. • Read over your essay to catch silly errors!!!!

  14. The introduction has a "hook or grabber" to catch the reader's attention. 1. Opening with a Quotation: (Elbert Hubbard once said , "Truth is stronger than fiction.") 2. Opening with a Statistic or Fact: (74% of the population is under the poverty level.) 3. Opening with a Question. (Have you ever considered how many books we'd read if it were not for television?) 4. Opening with an Exaggeration or Outrageous Statement. (The whole world watched as the comet flew overhead.)

  15. (Page 20L/20R) Introduction Outline 1st sentence-Hook. 2nd sentence- Introduce your topic (uniforms). 3rd sentence- Give some background information on you and the topic. (why should we listen to you?) 4th sentence- clearly state your goal of writing this letter. (My goal in writing this letter is…) 5th sentence- Thesis statement--Clearly state your stance and very briefly state your 3 reasons why you are correct in your stance (Middle school students should/shouldn’t wear uniforms because reason #1, reason #2, and reason #3).

  16. (Page 21L-R) Body Paragraphs Notes • You will have 3 body paragraphs • Each body paragraph will focus on one of your reasons why you are correct in your stance. (The reasons should be on your outline on 19R) • You must have a topic sentence for each body paragraph, which will give an overview of what that paragraph is going to be about. This sentence will come as the first sentence in each of your body paragraphs.

  17. (Page 21L-R) Body Paragraphs Notes • You must back your reason with valid evidence. (facts, expert quotations, statistics, examples, proof) • You need to make a connect as to why this reason proves your stance. (reason #1 supports that middle school students should/shouldn’t wear uniforms because…)

  18. (Page 21L-R) Body Paragraphs Outline • Sentence #1- Topic Sentence (Middle school students should/should not wear uniforms because reason #1) • Sentences #2—3- Back up your claim in sentence #1 with evidence. • Sentences #4—6- Make a connection between your claim and your stance. (How does this prove that you are right?) • Sentence #7- Concluding sentence. (reword sentence #1, but make it sound like you have just won that point- why are you correct?) You will do this 3 times with each of your reasons/ arguments.

  19. Homework!!!!! • You will turn in your introduction paragraph and one of your body paragraphs on Monday for me to look over and provide feedback. • You may turn in more than one body paragraph if you want me to look over all of your body paragraphs, but only one is required.

  20. Page 24L – Counterargument Pre-Writing • Answer the following questions in complete sentences. • What is one of the arguments from the other side that you think you can disprove? (This should be the reason you wrote next to V. Counterargument on your outline on page 19L.) • How can you disprove this argument? • How can you use this argument to support your stance? Turn it around and make it good for your side of the argument.

  21. Page 24R Counterargument Paragraph Outline • Sentence #1: Bring up the other side’s argument and disprove it. (Others might think ______, but this is not true because ______.) • Sentences #2-3: Prove why this argument of the other side is not true. (Evidence) • Sentences #4-5: Use this new point to support your stance. [(Other side’s argument) actually supports students wearing/not wearing uniforms because_____.] • Last Sentence- Concluding sentence. (reword sentence #1, but make it sound like you have just won that point- why are you correct?)

  22. 25L- Conclusion Pre-Writing • Answer the following questions in complete sentences. • Did you prove that students should/should not wear uniforms? If so, how? • After hearing your arguments, what do you think Ms. Vallejo should do? • If your hook was a question, then answer it. OR… If your hook was not a question, then write a concluding sentence connecting it back to your hook.

  23. 25R- Conclusion Outline -First Sentence: Rewrite your thesis sentence from your introduction (Middle school students should/should not wear uniforms because reason #1, reason #2, and reason #3.) -Sentence #2-3: Answer or refer back to your hook. -Sentence #4: state what you want Ms. Vallejo to do now that she has heard your arguments. (After hearing these arguments I am sure that you will ________.) -Last sentence: State why you’ve won the debate of uniforms vs. no uniforms in an accomplishing way.

  24. Thursday/ Friday

  25. (Page 26R) Subject, Object, Predicate SUBJECT: The Do-er Subject is the person or a thing who or which carries out the action of the verb. Example: -Mr. Clinton is teaching Algebra to the students. -The action is “teaching”. That action is carried out by Mr. Clinton. So, “Mr. Clinton” is the subject of the verb. • Monkeys are playing around in the garden.

  26. (Page 26R) Subject, Object, Predicate Object: the reciever of the action The object is the person or a thing upon whom or upon which the action of the verb is carried out. Example: Monkeys are destroying the garden.

In this sentence the action is “destroying”. That action is carried by the monkeys. But the action (destroying) is carried upon the garden. So “Monkeys” is the SUBJECT and “GARDEN” is the object of the verb. -Mr. Clinton is teaching Algebra to the students.

  27. (Page 26R) Subject, Object, Predicate Predicate: action phrase • The predicate in a sentence is what tells about what a person or a thing did. • The predicate must (1) agree in number with subject, (2) have the correct tense and (3) be in the proper voice {active or passive}. Example: Monkeys are destroying the garden.

 In the above sentence, the word “monkeys” is subject. Whereas the phrase “are destroying” is the predicate. And the word “the garden” is the object. -Mr. Clinton is teaching Algebra to the students

  28. Active Voice (page 26L) • Active voice means that the subject is doing the action. S  O P S = Subject = the Do-er P = Predicate = the Action O = Object = the Receiver of the action

  29. So… • Instead of … • The ball was thrown by me. • You would write… • I threw the ball. (S) (P) (O) S  O P

  30. Active Voice (page 26L) • Rewrite the following sentences in active voice—skipping lines—and identify the subject (S), predicate (P), and object (O). • The books were set on the table by Tom. • The bird was caught by the cat. • Yesterday, Ellen was pushed by Kathy. • The essays were written by the students. • Next month, the benchmark will be taken by all students.

  31. (Page 27L) chapter 2… • The Magistrate forces Juan to help him count and document all of the Mistress’s belongings, even though Juan is still very sick. • Brother Isidro takes Juan to the convent where he lives, and he hides him while Juan gets stronger and more healthy. • Juan helps with the kids and sick people and wished that he could stay with Brother Isidro forever. • Brother Isidro takes Juan to the Magistrate’s house so that Juan can begin his journey to Madrid. • He sleeps where the horses are kept.

  32. (page 27R) Chapter 3 • Juan and Carmelo begin their trip to Madrid with the mules loaded. • Carmelo beats Juan, takes advantage of him, and doesn’t feed him tells him to steal his food. • Juan escapes from Carmelo. • Juan will work for the baker for 40 days in exchange for food, shelter, a coat. • Juan meets a handsome gentleman who lets Juan travel with him. • Juan and the gentleman part ways. • Carmelo finds, beats, and drags Juan to Madrid. • Juan meets Diego who feeds, heals, and bathes him.

  33. (28L-R) Checklist Must have… • Date (Upper left corner-Put the due date) • Your address under the date • The school’s address under your address • A greeting with a colon (Dear Ms. Vallejo:) • 1 introduction paragraph • 3 body paragraphs (3 reasons) • 1 counterargument paragraph • 1 conclusion paragraph • A salutation or closure with a comma (Thank you for your time,) • Your signature under the salutation • Your name neatly printed under your signature.

  34. (28L-R) Formatting your Letter Tips to remember… • Follow the handout I gave you for formatting issues. • Follow the spacing on the handout I gave you. • Type or hand write very neatly. • Read and reread your final draft. Have a friend or parent read it over to catch any easily corrected errors. • Have your final draft (and any rough drafts you have) ready to turn in on Monday!!! NO EXCUSES!!!

  35. Things to Remember (page 28L-R) • FOLLOW THE OUTLINES!!!!!!!!!!! (They are online in case you need them.) • Don’t start your sentences with “so” or “well” or “also” or “and” • The thesis statement (the sentence written on your index card) should be the last sentence in your introduction paragraph. • Start your introduction with a hook, but not a Yes/No question. • State your goal in your intro paragraph. • Each reason gets its own body paragraph, so you should only talk about one topic in each of the body paragraphs. • Wear vs. were • Students wear uniforms (as in plural uniforms) • Come see me on Friday afterschool if you are having trouble with any part of the essay. I will also be available all weekend via email. • Feel free to change your counterargument reason if you can’t seem to flip it to support your stance.

  36. Advanced Introduction Paragraph Imagine never having to worry about what you are going to wear. Uniforms are becoming more and more common in a middle school setting because they level the playing field for students. I am one of the many students at College-Ready Middle Academy #4 who loves to wear uniforms. My goal in writing this essay is to persuade Ms. Vallejo to keep the current uniform policy. Middle school students should wear uniforms because they reduce bullying, make students look professional, and reduce distractions.

  37. Advanced Body Paragraph Middle school students should wear uniforms because they reduce bullying among peers. Many times students are bullied because of the way that they dress. Different economic statuses allow some students to buy the latest fashion trends while others are forced to wear hand-me-downs, but uniforms allow all students to be equal. Studies show that 80% of bullying is due to the way one dresses. Uniforms make everyone look the same, so students do not pick on one another. Wearing uniforms will reduce bullying because students will all wear the same thing, creating equality among all students.

  38. Advanced Counterargument Paragraph Although others might think that students need to wear their own clothes to express themselves, this is not true because students can express themselves with their personalities and behavior. Expressing oneself with the clothes they wear is simply a superficial way of showing who they really are. Students should show who they are by the way they act and treat others, which can easily be done while wearing a uniform. Expression of oneself actually supports that students should wear uniforms because it forces students to express themselves for who they really are and not just what they can afford to wear. Middle school students should wear uniforms, so that students can show their individuality with their personalities.

  39. Advanced Conclusion Middle school students should wear uniforms because they make everyone look the same, get students ready for the real world, and help students focus in class. Wearing uniforms is one less thing for students to worry about while getting ready for school in the morning. The current uniforms, consisting of blue collared shirts and khaki pants, are perfect for students who care about their education and their future. Middle school students who want to succeed in life should wear uniforms with pride because it helps themselves, their parents, and their peers.

  40. Persuasive Essay Time • You have the rest of the period to work on your persuasive essay. You must be doing one of the following or I will take this time back and we can move on with grammar lessons… • Writing your body paragraphs • Revising your introduction paragraph • Writing your counterargument paragraph • Writing your conclusion paragraph • Asking me a question about your essay.