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Social Studies

Social Studies

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Social Studies

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  1. Social Studies Brian Jacobson

  2. Mr. Jacobson B.A. In History / Social Science Technical Director for GMS Drama Club Hobbies Include: Painting Bowling Golf Favorite Food: Sushi Favorite Movie: Last Crusade

  3. What My Students Think This Course is About... Prehistory Mesopotamia Ancient Egypt Ancient China Ancient India Greece Rome Islam Middle Ages

  4. What This Course is Actually About... Skills and Appreciation

  5. Cornell Notes

  6. Organization Skills There will be periodic notebook checks. These are to insure that students not only keep a neat notebook, but also to insure that students have the skills needed to succeed in higher level learning environments.

  7. Writing Skills In social studies we develop the skills to produce research papers. This type of writing is vital for future success in high school and college. We therefore focus on how to do research and how to turn that research into writing.

  8. My Policies

  9. Respect My class is based on respect. The subject material can be very sensitive for many students. Therefore every culture is given a fair treatment and intolerance is not tolerated. This class is also apolitical. We will never discuss political positions. Should important world events arise that need attention I will always take a fair and balanced position.

  10. Homework Homework is given regularly. Homework in social studies should not take more than 20 minutes. I will always accept late homework. (within reason)

  11. Grades All grades are based on total points not letter grades or averages. Homework 3 pts Quizzes 20 pts Tests 50 pts *Point Values will vary based on assignment but these are typical.

  12. Grading Example: This student earned 80 out of 88 possible points. His or her final grade would therefore be a 91%

  13. Thank You