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The Australian Marine Complex PowerPoint Presentation
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The Australian Marine Complex

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The Australian Marine Complex
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The Australian Marine Complex

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  1. The Australian Marine Complex John O’Hare, General Manager Department of Commerce

  2. AUSTRALIAN MARINE COMPLEX - HISTORY In 1989 the Senate produced a report entitled: ‘The North West Shelf- A Sea of Lost Opportunities’

  3. AUSTRALIAN MARINE COMPLEX - HISTORY In 1994 the WA State Government commissioned a study to examine ways to provide suitable infrastructure to assist WA companies to be internationally competitive in major projects; ‘The Jervoise Bay Infrastructure Plan’

  4. AUSTRALIAN MARINE COMPLEX - HISTORY In 1998 the House of Representatives Standing Committee on Industry published a follow up report to the 1989 report entitled; ‘A Sea of Indifference’ The WA State Government selected the AMC as its main project for funding under the federation Funding.

  5. FUNDING HISTORY • Commonwealth Funding$80 million • WA State Government Funding for the CUF $100 million • Funding for the Technology Precinct $20 million • Originally focussed on the Oil and Gas industry sector but still common use: • CUF infrastructure upgrade $170 million • Service and Supply Wharf $35 million

  6. THE AMC IS NOT A PORT • The Government’s vision for the AMC is: “A world class centre of excellence for manufacturing, fabrication, assembly, technology, repair and maintenance servicing activities in the marine, defence and resource industries.” • It does not compete with Fremantle Port’s business. • Companies are advised that loads from outside the AMC-CUF able to be transported by road to the Fremantle Port for shipping must do so.

  7. THE GORGON PROJECT • The WA Government built the service and supply wharf to accommodate the amount of vessel traffic being generated by the Gorgon Project. • Chevron gave a capital injection for priority access. • The wharf will return to common use after the completion of the Gorgon project.

  8. THE AMC NORTHERN HARBOUR Approved industrial use is defined as “…the use of the land principally for construction and repair of commercial vessels and for other ancillary manufacturing, engineering, repairing, refurbishment and other purposes as are compatible with servicing the maritime industry”. .

  9. THE AMC – CUF APPROACH & SUCCESS Seeks to attract work from Marine, Defence, Oil & Gas and Mining sectors. Proposals to use the AMC-CUF are assessed ‘in the best interest of the State’, i.e. the best economic benefit to the state. Since 2003 the AMC-CUF has delivered more then 360 major infrastructure projects worth in excess of $1.25 billion and generated more then 18,000 jobs.

  10. A COMMON USE FACILITY IN THE PILBARA Proposed facility capable of supporting a range of key industries including: • Housing • Construction • Marine • Defence • Paramilitary • Minerals • Oil & Gas.

  11. Summary