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Mataguay Scout Ranch 2012 Summer Camp PowerPoint Presentation
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Mataguay Scout Ranch 2012 Summer Camp

Mataguay Scout Ranch 2012 Summer Camp

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Mataguay Scout Ranch 2012 Summer Camp

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  1. Mataguay Scout Ranch 2012 Summer Camp

  2. Management Team Introductions • Jeremy Sewell – Camp Director • Eric McAvoy – Program Director (Not with us today) • Joseph Garcia – Commissioner • Vincent March – Business Manager

  3. Agenda • Coming to camp – What to bring, Med forms, Food allergies • Sunday Check-in • Week Schedule • Rugged O’s • Session Schedule • Blue Cards • Leader Trainings • Questions

  4. Coming to Camp What to bring: • Sleeping Bag • Small Pillow • Foam Sleeping Pad or Air Mattress • Plastic Ground cloth (for Rugged O’) • Pack or duffel bag (for Rugged O’) • Small Day Backpack • Scout Handbook • Scout Uniform Pants or Shorts • Scout Uniform Shirt • Troop Neckerchief with slide • Scout Uniform Belt • Scout Cap or Hat • 3-5 pr Socks • 3-5 pr Underwear • 3-5 pr Undershirts or camp T-shirts • 1 or 2 extra shirts (Scout related) • 1 or 2 extra pants, jeans, shorts • Pajamas/Sleepwear • Sweater &/or Jacket • 1-2 Towels, including one bath size • Washcloth • Hiking Shoes/boots • Sneakers/water shoes • Swim Suit • Flashlight, small with new batteries • Shaving bag • Shampoo • Soap • Hairbrush or comb • Toothbrush • Toothpaste, small tube • Dental Floss • Metal Mirror • Pocketknife • Canteen or Water Bottle • Sunscreen/lotion • Personal First Aid Kit • Chap stick/lip balm

  5. Coming to Camp • Spending Money – Bring enough to cover your activities and a little extra for snacks and souvenirs from the trading post. ($50 - $75) • Medical Forms – A completed BSA medical form is required for anyone attending camp. Sections A through C must be completed.

  6. Coming to camp • Food Allergies – You are required to notify the camp two weeks prior to your arrival of any dietary restrictions or needs. Failure to do so could result in additional camp fees. • Questions on coming to camp?

  7. Sunday Check-in A Frame - You will receive your Backcountry Guide and campsite assignment. Please leave one seat open in your lead car so the Backcountry Guide can direct you to your campsite. Backcountry Guide –A Staff member will be assigned to your troop for the week. They are there to help you with any questions and getting settled into camp.

  8. Sunday Check-in Campsite – Our campsites come ready with tents, cots, running water, and Kybos. The tents are setup in a patrol system and hold two campers each. Once you have reached your campsite unload all of your gear to the side of the road. Drivers, please stay with the vehicle. As soon as a vehicle is unloaded your backcountry guide will give you directions to park in the Indian Rock Parking Lot.

  9. Sunday Check-in Medical and Swim Checks – Once you have moved into your campsite your backcountry guide will take you to the pool for a medical and swim check. Please have all of your scouts and leaders in swim suits at this time. (Closed toe shoes are required in camp at all times) Please bring all of your medical forms with you. *Anyone planning on getting in the pool or lake at any point throughout the week must do a swim check.

  10. Sunday Check-in Tour – Scouts and leaders will receive a brief tour of the main areas of camp. (Dining Hall, Trading Post, Silva Lodge, etc…) Silva Lodge – Once your tour has reached Silva Lodge your unit leader will check-in with the Camp Director to go over your troop roster, forms, and any unpaid balances. During this time your Backcountry Guide will direct the rest of your troop back to camp to finish moving in.

  11. Week at a glance

  12. Week at a glance

  13. Rugged O’s Rugged Overnighters (Rugged O’s) are a Mataguay tradition and a great way to get out and explore the camp on Wednesday night. While some merit badges require attendance at a Rugged O to complete certain requirements, all of the programs are open to any Scout who wishes to participate. It is suggested that Scouts bring a Day-Pack, sleeping bag, and ground cover for their participation in the Rugged O’, in addition to the Ten Essentials.

  14. Rugged O’s • Stargazers • Shooting Sports • Fishing • Wilderness Survival • Pathfinders • Mountain Biking • Pirates • Cowboys • Climbing • Pottery • Rugged I

  15. Week at a glance

  16. Session Schedule

  17. Session Schedule

  18. Blue Cards • Scouts must bring a blue card on the first day of class for each merit badge they plan to work on. • Unit leaders will receive the filled out blue card at the end of the week.

  19. Leader Trainings • Youth Protection Training • New Leader Essentials • Safety Afloat/Safe Swim Defense • Leave No Trace Trainer Certification • Climb-On Safely