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  1. eMO

  2. What is eMO? • eMO means Electronic transmission of MO • It facilitates transmission of MO electronically among connected POs registered as eMO offices

  3. What is eMO? • The connected Hos & Sos will book eMO for other connected Hos (including Sos & BOs in account) and other connected Sos (including BOs in account • It is not a new service but a system of transmission of MO

  4. Features • eMO booked in selected offices but will be paid in all Post Offices • Fully secured since web registration of eMO offices by Divisional administrator • Unique PNR number for every MO booked to facilitate tracking through India Post web site

  5. features • Standard communication messages • Conventional MO form is not used; only a pay-in-slip is used • MO pay-in-slip retained at office of remittance; MO paid voucher retained at office of payment • It is essential that Meghdoot is implemented fully and in a network, as it is integrated with Meghdoot

  6. Booking of eMO • eMOs are booked in Point of Sale only to Pincodes covered by Registered offices • Capture of correct Pincode at the time of booking is important • In the Supervisor’s option he can correct the pin code before authorisation

  7. booking of eMO • eMO system will have provision for • Remittance from one to one • Remittance from one to many • Remittance from many to one

  8. Booking and transmission of eMO • Remitter to fill in pay-in-slip and sign and tender with cash • Counter PA checks and books in Meghadoot 6.5 Point of Sale • Receipt in two copies generated • One copy to customer • Another copy pasted to eMO form

  9. Booking and transmission of eMO • Receipt will have 18 digit PNR number • First 6 digits- office code • Next 6 digits- date • Last 6 digits- Serial number • eMO written in regional language, data entered in English only

  10. Booking and transmission of eMO • PA signs the eMO form and impresses date stamp • End of the day generates printed journal through computer • Amount credited under separate head of account

  11. Booking and transmission of eMO • PM/SPM checks with reference to eMO receipt, eMO form and eMO list information fed in the system by PA and ensure • Correct amount & correct address of payee • eMO form is impressed with date stamp and signed by PA • Oblong stamp is also impressed

  12. Booking and transmission of eMO • Authorize transmission through system • eMO form kept in safe custody of PM/SPM for prescribed period • Cancellation not permitted once authorized ? • Returns need not be submitted

  13. Booking -many to one • Bulk payee will be created by the Sys. Administrator/ purpose also can be created • This will be available for all eMO offices in the country for booking • The name of the bulk payee ought to be unique and easily identifiable

  14. Booking- one to many • To be created by the Sys. Administrator • Unique customer id will be given • For booking bulk eMOs, remitter need not present individual eMO forms • Data can be obtained either in XML or text format

  15. One to many eMO • Remitter will also present hard copy of the list of money orders to be sent • Remitter can also get login id , so that he can track the MO booked

  16. Cancellation of eMOs • If an eMO is wrongly booked, such MO can be cancelled by the Sys. Administrator. But the before the transaction is authorised by the Supervisor or before the submit account is done whichever is earlier

  17. Payment • After payment, PO of payment will upload payment details into system • Payment information to office of booking electronically • Customer may also have intimation of payment by email

  18. eMO payment • When Pa logs into the eMO module a message of the no. of MOs pending for printing appears • PA takes print out of eMO payable by connected PO (HO/SO) and non-connected POs in account with it • It will be printed PIN code wise along with a list • In duplicate- Payable in same office • In triplicate- Payable at connected/other offices

  19. eMO payment • eMOs printed signed by PA and Supervisor and date stamped • eMOs printed will be transferred • Payable in same office – MO paid PA with 2nd copy of the list, acquittance on 1st copy • Payable at offices in account with – Sub account PA with two copies of list, acquittance on 1st copy

  20. eMO payment • Other procedure of payment as in the case of ordinary MOs • Payment particulars uploaded into the system • Acknowledgement will be kept with paid vouchers in HO and can be sent to office of issue on demand

  21. eMO payment • Journal of eMO paid generated in system, a copy will be retained in PO as office copy • Amount charged under separate head eMO paid

  22. eMO payment • At Head Office • Consolidated journal of eMO paid will be generated • Paid vouchers preserved for same period as in the case of ordinary MOs • Paid list will be sent to PAO

  23. Thank you