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Scrap ETIDs PowerPoint Presentation
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Scrap ETIDs

Scrap ETIDs

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Scrap ETIDs

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  1. Scrap ETIDs ETID has a Scrap Moduleto create and submit ETIDs for Scrap Property.

  2. Scrap ETIDs Drop down choices assist customer in completing the scrap turn ETID. A QRP certification is also available.

  3. Hazardous ETIDs ETID has Modules to create and submit ETIDs for Hazardous Waste, Hazardous Material, and Hazardous Special Service Requests.

  4. When creating HW ETIDs, users provide additional hazardous information and supporting documentation.

  5. Your can create Hazardous Waste Profile Sheets (HWPS) and attach it to an ETID. You can must Certify and Submit your HWPS before it can be attached to a HW ETID.

  6. You must Certify and Submit a HWPS before it can be attached to a HW ETID.

  7. Special Service Request Module for submitting requests for services under your disposal contract. Drop down choices assist customer in completing the Special Service Request.

  8. ETID Messages Get Messages provides a location to view/process ETID’s based on actions taken by Disposition Services Sites. It can be used as an alternative way to managing ETIDs in lieu of by Status Code. Customers will receive messages notifying them that an ETID has been approved, rejected, or redirected.

  9. The “ETID – Messages” screen provides a summary of messages by priority. “Action Required” means an action identified in the message will be required of the user. “Warning” and “Info” messages inform of an action that has been taken on an ETID or WPS, but no further direct action is required. Use the filters to adjust listings of messages.

  10. ETIDs related to a message may be viewed. To view an ETID from the Message center check the box and select “Select for Viewing” or click on the DTID number.

  11. Note the message given in red at the top of the screen. Action buttons allow a customer to take various actions based on the ETID status.

  12. Read WARNING messages and INFO messages can be deleted. For Action Required messages, the action taken will automatically delete the message.

  13. For additional information on using ETID: Contact your local Disposition Service Site for questions regarding specific turn-ins For Customer Support: By email: DLA Contact Center By Phone: 1-877-352-2255