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The Ara Ararauna

The Ara Ararauna. Science Project By: Lila Battistini. Classification. Kingdom: Animilia Phylum: C hordata Class: Aves C ommon name: Blue and Yellow Macaw Scientific name: Ara A rarauna. Physical Description of the Ara Ararauna. Can reach up to 76-86 cm long

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The Ara Ararauna

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  1. The AraArarauna Science Project By: Lila Battistini

  2. Classification • Kingdom: Animilia • Phylum: Chordata • Class: Aves • Common name: Blue and Yellow Macaw • Scientific name: AraArarauna

  3. Physical Description of the AraArarauna • Can reach up to 76-86 cm long • Have blue wings and tail, and dark blue chin • Golden under-parts • A green forehead • Strong black beak • White face lined by small black feathers

  4. The AraArarauna

  5. Biome of the Araararauna • The AraArarauna lives in South America • Lives in the Tropical Rainforests • The tropical Rainforest is hot all year around

  6. How the AraArarauna get their food and what their food is • Eats things like • Palm fruits • Seeds • Berries • Nuts • And clay • The AraArarauna cracks the nuts with its strong beaks and jaws. • The AraArarauna eat clay because it helps their digestion. • Uses its talons the grab food to put in its beak.

  7. Predators of the AraArarauna • The most common natural predators are snakes.

  8. Dangers to The AraArarauna • The biggest problem causing danger to the birds is deforestation.

  9. Classification key of the AraArarauna • Kingdom: Animalia • Phylum: Chordata • Class: Mammalia • Order: Artiodactyla • Family: Bovidae • Genus: Bos

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