AWARDS Academy Part II: District Convention Awards PRESENTED BY THE 2013-2014 CNH DISTRICT AWARDS COMMITTEE - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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AWARDS Academy Part II: District Convention Awards PRESENTED BY THE 2013-2014 CNH DISTRICT AWARDS COMMITTEE PowerPoint Presentation
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AWARDS Academy Part II: District Convention Awards PRESENTED BY THE 2013-2014 CNH DISTRICT AWARDS COMMITTEE

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AWARDS Academy Part II: District Convention Awards PRESENTED BY THE 2013-2014 CNH DISTRICT AWARDS COMMITTEE
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AWARDS Academy Part II: District Convention Awards PRESENTED BY THE 2013-2014 CNH DISTRICT AWARDS COMMITTEE

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  1. AWARDS Academy Part II: District Convention AwardsPRESENTED BY THE 2013-2014 CNH DISTRICT AWARDS COMMITTEE

  2. Presenters! Stephanie Yu UC Berkeley District Awards Chair Lucia Gasca UC Santa Cruz Sunset Representative Catherine Liou UCLA Metro Representative

  3. Presenters! Melanie Wong UC Davis Capital Representative Filip Hess UC San Diego Paradise Representative Jonathan Cao-Nguyen UC San Diego Executive Assistant

  4. Presenters! Jennifer Que Orange Coast College Desert Oasis Representative Annie Nguyen UC Irvine Magic Kingdom Representative Tiffany Wong UC Berkeley Golden Gate Representative Jonny Paguio Cal Poly Pomona Foothill Representative

  5. Behind the Scenes! Erin Szelagowski UC Davis Central Coast Representative Truong Pham CSU Fullerton Executive Assistant

  6. Back to basics • What? • Word or Excel Awards documents • Filled out by Circle K members and judged by Kiwanians • Win certificates, patches, & district-wide recognition! • When? • Most District Convention Awards due March 5th &presented at DCON • Some DCON Awards due on-site • Where? Awards Website: T-Pond: • Why? Recognition, District Unity, Evaluation of Progress, Publicity, Legacy

  7. How to Submit Awards • 1) Mail all awards by March 5th(unless otherwise specified) to: Cal-Nev-Ha Kiwanis District Office 8360 Red Oak Street, Suite 201 Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91730 • 2) Exceptions (E-mail and On-site) • E-mail Mei Po Wong Award by 10 pm, March 5th to: • District Awards Chair: • District Governor: • On-site (Various awards are submitted on-site.) • Outstanding Traditional Scrapbook Award • Outstanding Non-Traditional Scrapbook Award • On-site OR by Mail (mail preferred) • Oratorical Contest • Spirit Award Submission Form

  8. Distinguished vs. Outstanding Distinguished: Awarded to every person/club that applies for the award and receives the necessary point total. Outstanding: Only awarded to the top three persons/clubs Either way, you’re a star!

  9. General Tips • The cover pages of Excel awards all contain checklists and recommended resources. Take advantage of them! • Note the tabs on the bottom for filling out Excel awards! • Don’t forget about the Endorsements page! • Use your resources: CERFs, MRF, MRP Info, Committee Meeting Minutes! • Don’t procrastinate! Set personal due dates for drafts! • Take into consideration: • Do you need outside assistance (i.e. letter of rec)? • Can you fill in the info as you go along? • Split work among board members • For all Distinguished Officer/persons awards, start NOW and fill in events as the year goes along!

  10. District convention Awards Description & Tips!

  11. Distinguished E-Board/A-Board Presented to each Circle K Club Executive Board Member/Appointed Board Member who demonstrates excellent achievement in his/her role Description: There is an award for each E-Board member. There is one universal application for all A-Board positions. These awards highlight each board member’s dedication, participation, and contributions to Circle K. TIPS • Remember to get the signatures for the cover pages early! • Don’t put off until the last minute! There’s a lot to do and the earlier you start, the better. • Collect events from club secretary’s MRF and CERFs. • Use the Event Filter to sort/organize your events • Ask for recommendation letters early! • Treat your friends with the same courtesy as you would advisers • Proofread! Little mistakes really detract from your accomplishments. • Start filling in pieces here and there NOW! I • It helps and prevents procrastination. • It also builds better initiative :D • Remember to attach all documents that the award asks for!

  12. Distinguished Membership Development & Education (MD&E) This award is presented to clubs that have shown excellence in the areas of membership retention, education, development, public relations, and club growth. TIPS • Cannot apply for the Distinguished A-Board Award • Supplement to the Overall Total Achievement Award • Use Event Filter to organize events in the MRFs • Remember to include REQUIRED supplemental samples • Campus publications/advertisements (if applies) • Community publications/advertisements (if applies) • Remember to attach up to 10 other supplemental MD&E samples • Use CERFs and MRF to calculate percent attendance at District and Divisional events • Keep track of International, District, and club MD&E resources you've used

  13. Distinguished Kiwanis Family Relations Presented to Circle K clubs that show excellence in their Kiwanis Family relations. This award demonstrates the club's involvement in maintaining a strong relationship with the diverse branches of the Kiwanis family. TIPS • Awarded to clubs who earn 55 out of 120 points • Cannot apply for the Distinguished A-Board Award. • Distinguished K-Famalso needed for Distinguished Total Achievement & Distinguished Kiwanis Club Awards • Take advantage of all essay questions; they can help you earn extra points that you missed elsewhere. • Events can be repeated on this award because they are being graded on different aspects of the event itself. • Use the Event Filter to organize and sort events! • If you can’t remember the exact number of Kiwanis Family members at a particular event, guess to the best of your ability

  14. Distinguished Club Improvement Presented to any Circle K club in the District that has demonstrated growth and improvement. TIPS • Clubs that received 1st, 2nd, or 3rd place for Total Achievement at the 2012 District Convention may NOT apply for the Distinguished Club Improvement Award for the 2013 District Convention, UNLESS they have moved up in a level of the following divisions: • Bronze (Clubs with 50 or less members) • Silver (Clubs with 51 to 80 members) • Gold (Clubs with 81 or more members) • An event can only be listed ONCE in the whole application. Events cannot be repeated under multiple sections, even if they apply to both categories • Only NEW events can be listed on the application • i.e. Events that the club did not take part in the previous year

  15. Outstanding Newsletter This award is presented to the top three Circle K clubs that regularly produce a high quality newsletter that serves as an effective communication tool for the club and its members. TIPS • Submit one copy of AT LEAST four issues of your newsletter! • We recommend you print in color! • Keep track of the dates of publication • Look at the award now! There are many easy, but often forgotten points • i.e. Sending the newsletters to particular individuals • Including the CKI International & District Logo and Pledge • Include articles not only by the club members but also from neighboring clubs, LTG, Governor, etc.! • Include pictures to add more visual appeal! • Make it look clean and organized but colorful, creative, and original at the same time!

  16. Sample Newsletters District Publication: The Sunburst Created by: TrianaCrighton UC Berkeley Newsletter Cover1st place, DCON 2013Created by: Catherine Ho

  17. Sample Newsletters UCLA Newsletter Cover2ndplace, DCON 2013Created by: Alice Lin UC Irvine Newsletter Cover3rd place, DCON 2013Created by: Adrian Francisco

  18. Non-Traditional and Traditional Scrapbooks These awards are presented to the top three clubs that produce a high-quality, creative, and innovative scrapbooks chronicling the current year’s activities of the Circle K club. TIPS • Make sure they are extremely portable! • Stay within all of the height guidelines • Traditional: single bound volume not to exceed 18” x 27” • Non-Traditional: any shape within 20” x 20 “x 20” • Incorporate the theme throughout and be creative! • Include pictures, newsletter articles, and other memorabilia • Separate events to distinguish the three tenets • Make sure to clearly show the activity taking place! • Spotlight our Anti-Bullying DSI! • Don’t forget to highlight our international service partners and charities! • March of Dimes, UNICEF, Better World Books, and STUFH • For bonus points, make it interactive! The Ultimate Scrapbook!

  19. Sample Traditional Scrapbook UN Reno 3rd Place, DCON 2013

  20. Sample Non-Traditional Scrapbooks UC Irvine3rdplace, DCON 2013Created by: Kevin Lam UC Berkeley 1st place, DCON 2013Created by: Bertha Te

  21. Outstanding Website This award is presented to the top three clubs with the most outstanding webpage based on appearance, content and usage, organization, and promotion of district events. TIPS • Make it simple enough for everyone to use • Make it aesthetically pleasing • Incorporate your theme while following CKI graphic standards (Kiwanians really like that!) • Use website as a main resource on club activities for current and prospective members • Calendar: Service projects, events, meetings, etc. • Newsletters, Photos, Ads • Membership forms • Promotion of District Events • Links to K-Fam, divisional, district, and international sites • Keep updating! Applications were sent in October, but the websites are monitored monthly

  22. CNH Website! Home Page J-Cloud: Cal-Nev-Ha’s Resource Database

  23. Outstanding Interclubbing Presented to the top three Circle K clubs who have shown unity and fellowship through the implementation and participation of events with other Circle K Clubs and Kiwanis Family Clubs. TIPS • This award will be cross-referenced with the MRF, so please provide accurate information! • Double check ALL miles traveled (count both to and from event) • If you don’t remember exactly how many people attended an event, do your best to guess! Be honest please • Don’t forget about District Events • Based on following criteria: • Type of project • Kiwanis Family attendance • Meeting attendance & project event attendance • Miles traveled • Program Essays of < 250 words

  24. Outstanding Single Service This award is presented to the top three clubs that, through dedication and unselfish efforts, have produced the best overall club service project completed between April 1, 2013 and February 28, 2014. • A single service event brings to life to an idea that is meant to help a cause or better the community. • Must be work-oriented, focused around spending time and effort rather than money. • The project entered in this competition is limited to a one-week time period and a focus on a single organization. • One 2,000 word essay • Don’t forget 10 supplemental materials • Service hours includes: • Project planning • Travel to and from project site • Actual project time • Clean-up

  25. Outstanding Total Achievement TIPS • All short answer questions must be 250 words or less unless mentioned otherwise. • Application for Outstanding Total Achievement is combined with the Distinguished Club Award • Criteria for Distinguished Club Award: • Clubs with 35 members or less must earn at least 450 points to receive distinguished honors. • Clubs with 36 members or more must earn at least 600 points to receive distinguished honors. These awards are presented to Circle K clubs that have excelled in all aspects of club operation. • Two mandatory supplements of The Membership, Development and Education and Distinguished Kiwanis Family Award must be submitted with this award • Bronze, Silver, and Gold Divisions • First, second, and third place awarded for each division • DO NOT procrastinate on this award; it takes a long time to complete and must be carefully filled out • Do your best to fill out all parts of the application and leave very little blank. • This is one of the longest awards to judge so make it is as accurate as possible

  26. Mei Po Wong Overall Service Presented to the top three clubs with the best overall club service program in each category. This award is named after Mei Po Wong, a Circle K-er from Mt. San Antonio College who was killed in an accident caused by a drunk driver. Mei Po served as president of her club, and she was serving as the Lt. Governor of the Foothill Division at the time of her death. This award is given to honor her extraordinary commitment to service and the Kiwanis Family. TIPS • Clubs are placed in three different divisions • Bronze (Clubs with 50 or less members) • Silver (Clubs with 51 to 80 members) • Gold (Clubs with 81 or more members) • This is the ONLY award to be submitted via email, read the cover page for more info • Service hours must be categorized into any one of the following: • CKI’s International Service Initiative (ISI) • CNH’s District Service Initiative (DSI) • Community Service • Service Projects and Partners • Campus Service • Continuous Service • Each service event can only be listed under one category • Use the Event Filter to filter out non-service events! • Use CERFs to help you describe your service projects

  27. Designed to encourage members to share their attitudes, beliefs, and experiences regarding the organization through a prepared speech. Oratorical Contest Prompt: “How have you ‘paid it forward’ as a member of the Kiwanis Family? What does being a part of the Kiwanis family mean to you?” This is awarded to the top three members that produce a high-quality, creative, and innovative speech promoting Circle K. • Must be original • Max 7 minutes • Max 2 entries per club • Must submit complete manuscript of oration either by mail or on-site prior to judging • May use 5" x 7“ index cards • 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place awarded • Judging Criteria: • Speech • Clarity of message, depth, originality, organization, reference, grammar • Delivery • Posture, voice, and attention of audience

  28. Hall of Fame This award is presented to a Circle K member of the California-Nevada-Hawaii District who, through his or her contributions and achievements, has demonstrated outstanding dedication to the principles and ideals of Circle K. TIPS • THREE letters of rec must be included: • One from a Kiwanian • One from school faculty/staff member/employer/Co-Worker • One from another Circle K member or LTG. • There are requirements of who can or cannot be nominated, be sure to read those carefully on the award. • In the essay include everything the member has done throughout their entire CKI career! • If the nominee was ever in a district committee or ran a committee, include that information as well. YOUR NAME HERE!

  29. Last Year’s Hall of Fame Winners This rarely happens! Chris Tung UC Berkeley Kevin Goble UNLV

  30. Kiwanian of the Year and Faculty Advisor of the Year This award is presented to a Kiwanianwho exemplifies the spirit of fellowship within the Kiwanis Family. This award is presented to the faculty advisor who has been a valuable resource and liaison for our club and Circle K in general and is someone who exemplifies the spirit of fellowship in his/her actions and words. TIPS • Choose a Kiwanian/Advisor your club feels was there for your club throughout the year and has gone above and beyond • Letters of recommendation must be typed, double-spaced and no more than 750 words. • Don’t forget to add up to THREE supplemental materials to help your nominee. • E.g. Newsletters, pictures, testimonials, etc. • Take advantage of the supplemental materials! • Can be nominated by a CKI Club or an individual CKI member. • If a faculty member or Kiwanis was a recipient of the award at last years DCON 2012, they ARE NOT eligible to apply for this year’s DCON 2013.

  31. New awards! Description and Tips

  32. Outstanding General Member of the Year This award is presented to two general members of Circle K International in the California-Nevada-Hawaii District who, through their contributions and achievements, have demonstrated outstanding dedication to the principles and ideals of Circle K. TIPS • Enter only activities from beginning of Fall 2013 term to February 28, 2014. • Max of 2 nominees per club • Make sure the nominees attend DCON! They may receive the award! • Keep track of all events the nominee goes to • This award honors one general member in each of the following divisions for a total of TWO winners: • New Member • Any new member in first year of Circle K who never held a position in any Circle K club, district, or international board • Returning General Member • Any member in second year of Circle K or higher who has never held a position in any Circle K club, district, or international board

  33. Distinguished Kiwanis Club This award is presented to Kiwanis clubs that exemplify the spirit of fellowship within the Kiwanis Family. • A Kiwanis club may be nominated by a Circle K club or by an individual Circle K member. • The nominating club and/or individual can fill out award in collaboration with the nominated Kiwanis club. • The nominated Kiwanis club must sponsor at least one Circle K club. • Kiwanis Family Relations Award must be submittedin order to qualify! “Serving the Children of the World”

  34. Spirit Award Submission Form This award is presented to a Circle K club of the California-Nevada-Hawaii District which encompasses the essence of fellowship through spirit at District Convention by bringing unity and strength to the club, division, and district. • Submit on-site at Convention, March 21, 2014, 7 pm • “I. Judging Standards” reflects criteria evaluated by Kiwanians for judging • First two sections of criteria on submission form is solely so Kiwanians can identify clubs • Attire • Cheering

  35. Resources • Interactive Awards Website: • 2013-2014 District Awards Manual: • 2013-2014 Official Awards – PC & Mac Compatible • Awards Event Filter and Event Filter Tutorial • July Awards Proposal

  36. Contacts Awards Chair, Executive Assistants, and Liaisons!

  37. Q&A