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Lotus Sametime

March 6, 2003. Lotus Sametime. Web Conferencing Instant Messaging On-Line Awareness. Tom Hillebrand GreyDuck. Instant Messaging. Immediate communication with people across the hall or around the world Easily begin a Collaborative meeting. Sametime on-line demo. Sametime Bots.

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Lotus Sametime

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  1. March 6, 2003 Lotus Sametime • Web Conferencing • Instant Messaging • On-Line Awareness Tom Hillebrand GreyDuck

  2. Instant Messaging • Immediate communication with people across the hall or around the world • Easily begin a Collaborative meeting Sametime on-line demo

  3. Sametime Bots • Request Information from a Chat Session • Send an IM to “Ask a Question” • Type: Stock IBM • Return: The price today is $77.10

  4. Demo IM AIM and Sametime On-Line Status Send files

  5. Comments from Pilot Group • “This was useful when I needed a quick response and I was on the phone, or in a meeting.” • “Answers come back faster than with email.” • “Instantly recognize who is on-line and available.” • Multi-tasking -- 85% of test users said it saved them time & money • Sometimes a phone call or face-to-face isn’t necessary • “When using IM you get to the point faster (because you don’t want to keep typing)” • Span geographic and temporal boundaries to help support the decentralized workforce (Sales offices, your office in Hong Kong) • No need to fumble around making multiple phone calls or having long email threads going back & forth. • You can save your chat transcripts for future reference

  6. The Future of IM • SIP • SIMPLE

  7. On-line Meetings • Instant Collaboration • Broadcast Meetings • Screen Sharing • Give/Take control of another computer • Audio/Video over IP

  8. Demo Web Conferencing Start a Meeting from the Connect Client Show various tools in a meeting Screen Sharing! The Meeting Center

  9. On-line Meeting Benefits • “This was a great help to myself and the customer because they could show me the issue they were experiencing in real-time.” • Just one test saved at least 2 hours • “Can save both travel expense and telecommunications cost” • Ease-of-use means questions will be answered sooner rather than later • “Many potential uses for both formal and impromptu meetings with partners and customers” • “No need for a conference room”

  10. ROI • ROI Calculator • Now…How much would you pay? • Secure Instant Messaging and Bots • Web Conferencing • On-Line Awareness Only $38.42 per user at Level A (No Server License)

  11. Why Lotus Sametime? • Much like email became a business necessity, instant collaboration is expected to do be a requirement • Many web sites incorporate this technology today No imposed limits on concurrent users or number of meetings Preferred Partner • End user sets up their own meetings when needed • A yearly license/maintenance renewal (no monthly fees). • 200 Users = $7,684 for first year, then $1,718 per year • (WebEx $10,800 per year with limitations: no broadcast capabilities, 6 concurrent users, no IM, not self-service) • Includes Instant Messaging, On-Line Meetings and the ability to add On-line awareness to applications. • Record meetings for later playback, screen sharing, whiteboard, polling, IM, Send Web Pages, Raise Hands, IP Audio/Video • Thin client/browser based • Enterprise-level, secure solution, use Groups • Server based ‘buddy list’ • Sametime Connect client or run from the web • IBM/AOL Leading in Standards Implementation

  12. Other Considerations • Sametime Developer Toolkit • Sametime Connect - Client Packager • Server Installation • Simple for single server installations • Large installation can take advantage of clustering, separate MUXs, separate server functionality • SIP Gateway

  13. References • Collaboration Case Study • IM Industry Direction • Sametime Market Leadership • IM Standards • Ingersoll-Rand • More Links from Lotus (click on Press References)

  14. References (Cont’d) • Study Proves Domino and Notes Have Faster, Better Development Environment • The study, designed to measure platform effectiveness and capabilities in a real-world example, found development of a typical collaborative business application costs 44% less and takes 42% less time on Domino than on Exchange. (learn more) • 10 Reasons to Choose Domino for Collaborative Application Development • For over 10 years,the proven capability of Domino ™has appealed to thousands of developers and Lotus Business Partners for building robust, collaborative applications. Despite Microsoft 's efforts to catch up, Domino remains the premier platform for architecting collaborative Web applications, leveraging existing technology investment and keeping pace with technological change. (learn more) • A Comparison of Lotus Sametime 2.0 and Exchange 2000 Conference Server 1.0 • Sametime 2.0 demonstrates the maturity of an enterprise software product in this comparison with Microsoft's first conferencing server release. (learn more)

  15. For More Information • www.GreyDuck.com and click on News • info@GreyDuck.com

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