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Microsoft SQL Server PowerPoint Presentation
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Microsoft SQL Server

Microsoft SQL Server

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Microsoft SQL Server

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  1. Microsoft SQL Server Installation

  2. Presentation Overview Hardware and Software requirements Installing SQL Server 2000 Troubleshooting installations and upgrades



  5. Additional Software Requirements Server 2000 installations include: Internet Explorer 5 If SQL Server 2000 is being installed on Windows NT Server, Service Pack 5 or higher must be installed prior to installation of SQL Server 2000 If the XML features are going to be used, Internet Information Services must be installed prior to a SQL Server 2000 installation

  6. Installing SQL Server 2000 Before inserting the SQL Server 2000 CD-ROM: Be sure the computer, on which SQL Server 2000 will be installed meets hardware and software requirements If installing on a machine with a version of SQL Server already installed, back up current installation Understand the availability requirements for the installation and plan accordingly

  7. Additional requirements : Log on to operating system with an account that has local administrator rights on the computer Shut down any instances of operating system Event Viewer and Registry Editors that are open Shut down any services on the computer that are dependent on SQL Server Create valid domain user account(s) that will enable SQL Server 2000 components to log on and provide network access to the SQL server 2000 installation

  8. SQL Server Setup • Insert the SQL Server CD-ROM • Select “SQL Server 2000 Components” • Select “Install Database Server”

  9. The setup process initializes the InstallShield Wizard

  10. Options regarding type of installation to run: • Create a new instance of SQL Server or install Client Tools • Upgrade, remove or add components to an existing instance • Advanced options

  11. Default Instance of SQL Server • SQL Server permits one default instance per cluster • This is the default setting

  12. SQL Server Setup Type Typical Installs all of the components and assumes the default installation options Minimum Installs only the minimum components required Custom Allows administrator to explicitly select components and subcomponents as well as customize the collation settings for an installation

  13. COMPONENTS OF SQL SERVER 2000 Client Connectivity component Books Online component Development Tools component Code Samples component

  14. SQL Server Service Account • Enter the SQL Server service account information

  15. SQL Server 2000 Authentication Modes SQL Server 2000 authenticates user logons in one of two ways: Windows Authentication Mode User logs on to server using a Windows NT or Windows 2000 user account Mixed Authentication Mode Both Windows and SQL Server-based authentication are implemented

  16. Windows Authentication Mode is strongly recommended with SQL Server 2000 Provides the following benefits over SQL Server authentication: Secure validation and encryption of passwords Auditing Password expiration and minimum password lengths Account lockout after multiple invalid logon requests

  17. Select the licensing model based on your product purchase

  18. As the installation continues, you will see informational pop-up windows informing you of the installation progress; sometimes the screen will appear blank as shown

  19. Completed • At this point your SQL Server failover instance has successfully completed installation

  20. TROUBLESHOOTING INSTALLATIONS AND UPGRADES Most problems are caused by: Too little disk space Conflicts with other running applications Shared files that are locked Problems like these can usually be avoided if all pre-installation requirements are met

  21. Useful Files for Diagnosing Problems SQL Server Setup will create three files that can provide information about problems that occur during an installation or upgrade: Sqlstp.log Setup.log Errorlog

  22. Thank you