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Grade 5 Parent Information Session PowerPoint Presentation
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Grade 5 Parent Information Session

Grade 5 Parent Information Session

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Grade 5 Parent Information Session

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  1. Grade 5 Parent Information Session Wednesday 12th February 2013

  2. Welcome (Stuart) • Curriculum in 5/6 • Literacy • Numeracy • Inquiry (Science & History) • Digital Literacy (School Website, Cyber Safety) • Specialist classes • NAPLAN • Homework • Mobile Phone Usage • Camp – Mt Buller • Behaviour & Protocols • Questions- welcome throughout

  3. Curriculum- Literacy (Stuart) • Literacy • Reading Groups • Whole Class Reading Sessions: Lisa K Reading Comprehension Strategies • Independent Readers • Reading Structure: • Whole class reading activity on Mondays • Reading Group lessons over a 4 session cycle: Tues, Wed, Thurs, Fri • 1x Teacher groups, 3 x Independent activities • T group: Reciprocal Reading, Spelling/Word Study, Genre Focus (Information Reports/Persuasive Texts) • I group: Comprehension activities (Visualizing, Language Activities, Speaking & Listening Activity (e.g. readers theatre/role play) • Students are grouped for teacher groups based on specific needs.

  4. Curriculum- Literacy (Stuart) • Writing- Choice Writing, Writer’s Notebook, Genre Focus, Teacher Modelling, Teacher Conference, Author’s Chair • Writing: • Conditionsfor writing and expectations • Structure of lesson • Genreswill include choice writing, information reports and persuasive pieces • Skills will include planning, brainstorming, editing, structuring pieces to match a specific genre, self and peer assessment, inspiration for writing

  5. Curriculum- numeracy (Ross) • Numeracy: • Monday: Problem Solving focus in own class • Monday: Number Groups 1 (Students are grouped according to their needs in number based topics) • Tuesday: Number Groups 2 (Follow up lesson to Monday) • Wednesday: Maths Zones 1 (Lessons for maths topics other than number, the topic is split into 3 ability zones, the teachers for each zone change depending on the topic, students choose the zone they think matches their ability- with teacher discretion) • Thursday: Maths Zones 2 (Follow up lesson) • Week even timetable has zones on Thursday and Friday • Homework will match the Number group students are in.

  6. Inquiry- science & history topics (Ross) • Changes to AUSVELS • Focus on Science & History • Shorter topic length to cover all that is required • Term 1: Winter Olympics (H), Desert Survivors (S) • Term 2: Blood on the Southern Cross (H), Science Matters (S) • Term 3: Blood on the Southern Cross (H), Earth’s Place in Space (S) • Term 4: Come to a Land Down Under (H), Lightshows(S)

  7. Digital Literacy (Stuart) • School Website (Information available, password) • • Student Netbooks/ Chargers/ Expectations • Bring their netbook every day • Bring their netbook charged • School Netbooks - For students who do not have their own netbook • Cyber Safety • Incorporation of Netbooks into daily lessons • Netbooks are used daily & need to be at school

  8. NAPLAN • Grade 5 is a NAPLAN year • Dates Tuesday 13th May to Thursday 15th May • Language Conventions • Writing • Reading • Numeracy

  9. Specialist classes (Ross) • Art • French • PE • Digital Literacy (every 2nd week) • Music (every 2nd week) Other: • 5/6 Sport sessions • No Library sessions for Senior School – Digital Literacy instead • Taking classes to the library every Friday week

  10. Mobile phone policy (stuart) • Is your child carrying a mobile phone to and from school? • Please provide a written note to inform the class teacher of this. • Phones must be switched off during the hours of 9.00am-3.30pm. • Contact and messages to students must be made through the office during these hours.

  11. Homework (Stuart) Updated from Term Newsletters • Handed out on Tuesday afternoons • Due back the Monday of the following week • New Grid/Homework design under construction • Rotate between a Numeracy and Literacy focus • It is an expectation that students will work on any projects at home • Numeracy will a mixture of tailored number group needs (set by number teacher), and Mathletics. • We recognise the added pressure of many students having extra curricular commitments outside of school hours. Please see your child’s teacher if your child is struggling with the workload. • We are very conscious of ensuring the students are prepared for the heavy workload they are soon to face in secondary school.

  12. Camp – Mt Buller (Stuart) • 2014 Camp is to Mt Buller – 8th September to 11th September • Will involve a mixture of instructor lessons and free-ski (teacher observations) • Cost for the 2012 camp was approx. $670 – keep in mind the discount of 75% will no longer apply (at 25% off instead) • Cost is 2014 TBD – Aim is to keep low as possible • Change in accommodation – Split over two venues • Asking for parents to assist in pre-cooking meals • Fundraising • Survey Monkey to gather information on ski ability and equipment • There will be a camp info night closer to the event • Camp in 2012 was extremely fun for students of all abilities and I highly encourage students to attend

  13. Behaviour & protocols (Stuart) • Expectations of senior school students • Behaviours & consequences • Representing the school • As in all year levels at Toorak Primary School, the teachers have very high expectations for the behaviour and conduct of all Grade 5 students. • As leaders and role models in the school to the younger students it is of the utmost importance that they follow and adhere to the protocols developed as a group at the beginning of the year. • Please encourage and discuss the below protocols with your child. We appreciate your support in this area of your child’s development. • Reflection Room • Student Leadership 2015

  14. Protocols & consequences • Protocols: • We are respectful of everyone and all materials we use. • We stay on task and strive to extend our learning. • We are active and respectful listeners. • We are responsible, mature role models. • We will think, act and speak positively. • Consequences: • General hint given in relation to the protocol. • Verbal warning given to specific student in relation to protocol. • Student moved to another area in the classroom. • Student sent to another classroom to work. Restorative Practices conversation with teacher. • Student sent to office to speak with principal or assistant principal. Parents called and informed.

  15. Other/Questions: • Late Arrivals/ Absence Notes • Class Reps needed please • Parent Volunteers (Gala Days, Displays, Resources, Reading with students etc) • We are currently investigating the use of Student Diaries to assist with workload management and parents communication • High School in 2016 • Thank you for attending, we appreciate your time and support of Grade 5.