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Dual Credit Application Packet 13 Steps PowerPoint Presentation
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Dual Credit Application Packet 13 Steps

Dual Credit Application Packet 13 Steps

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Dual Credit Application Packet 13 Steps

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  1. Dual Credit Application Packet13 Steps Checklist

  2. Things You ShouldKnowbefore you Start

  3. Residency • If a student is classified as undocumented, he /she must complete a hard copy paper DCCCD Admission application. Student must also complete a notarized affidavit statement which is found on page 8 of the hard copy DCCCD application. It is the responsibility of the student to have the form notarized. • If complete a hard copy paper DCCCD Admission application. Student must also provide a legible copy of the front and back of his/her Permanent Resident Card (valid I-551 card) or have a notarized affidavit statement which is found on the last page of the hard copy DCCCD application. It is the responsibility of the student to have the form notarized.

  4. Parent/Guardian Access to Official Student Records Proxy Form This form mustbe completed to allow parent(s) or legal guardian(s) access to student educational records. Picture ID is required for student and proxy representative

  5. Official High School Transcript Transcript must have thesignature of an high school official and the official seal. Home School Transcripts must include title of each course with letter grade, signature of principal and seal of notary.

  6. College Placement Scores Submit copies of qualifying test scores for TSI Exemption (TAKS, ACT or SAT scores) or submit college assessment scores if available. (THEA, Accuplacer, Compass etc.) TAKS Scores 2200 on exit level TAKS in English Language Arts (with a writing score of 3) and/or Math   SAT Scores: 500 Critical Reading, 500 Math with a composite score of 1070 ACT Scores 19 Verbal, 19 Math with a composite score of 23 Accuplacer Scores Reading (78), Sentence Skills (80),Writing (6 or 5 taking only Govt, Soci) Math (not needed)

  7. DCCCD High School Enrollment and Consent to Emergency Treatment Forms Complete the High School Enrollment, Consent to Emergency Treatment with all required signatures (parent, counselor, student & principal) and desired courses listed. Incomplete forms will not be processed. Students 18 and older are not requiredto fill out the Consent to Emergency Treatment .

  8. Vaccination against Bacterial Meningitis ( Spring 2012) Proof of vaccination may be required for all Dual Credit Students beginning Spring 2012.

  9. Dual Credit Application Let’s Begin the Process

  10. Before beginning the online DCCCD application process: Allstudents must have an active email address PRIOR to beginning the online DCCCD Application Session. There were will be no time allotted for students to create an email account. Students must also have a social security number to complete the online DCCCD application.

  11. ONLINE Complete the ONLINE Dual Credit Admissions Application here: Upon successful submission, you will immediately receive a Letter of Acceptance/Confirmation page with your Eastfield College Student ID number. You MUST print this out.

  12. Create a Password • Students will need to create a Password. • Enter your password twice. Use letters and numbers only, no spaces or special characters, and a minimum of 6 and a maximum of 9 characters. The password must contain at least 1 alpha character and 1 numeric character. Example: * Password: DualCredit123 * Confirm Password: DualCredit123 • Remember your username and password are not case sensitive. If you have provided your email address, you will receive notification of your username and password. Otherwise, please make a note of them for future use. • Please review all of the above information for accuracy. You will not be able to change this information once your account is created. STEP 1

  13. Citizenship Category • It is essential that the student complete the citizenship question accurately. If the student has a social security number, and/or a permanent resident card, it is very important that they answer question one correctly. Number 1. Are you a US CITIZENSHIP? • Yes must be answered to proceed to the next category. • If the student answers No, the student must complete a DCCCD hard copy (paper) application. STEP 2

  14. Military Veteran Status • If you have any military affiliations please click on the correct answer. Most likely students would indicate one of the following: • That they are a dependent of a veteran, dependent of a deceased veteran or a dependent of a veteran with a combat related injury? • None of the above STEP 3

  15. Emergency Contact • Please refer to your Emergency Contact form to complete this section STEP 4

  16. College Planning What semester will you begin taking classes? • Example: Fall 2012 What is the reason for you attending? Note: The only answer students should key in is either • Two Year Degree or • Transfer to a University STEP 5

  17. High School or International Equivalency Education Students will answer this question by only clicking on • I am or will be a High School Graduate NO other choices should be entered. What year did you or will you graduate? • Students should enter the month/year of High School graduation: Example: May 2013  Which best describes your High School or international equivalent? • The only answer the student should click: Texas High School •  The student will then select the name of their High School Did you take a TechPrep college course or courses for College Credit? • Students who have taken AP courses would answer YES to the question. •  For Questions 2 - Students will answer Yes for the Texas Grant Eligibility or Distinguished Achievement Program and for Question 3 – Students will answer No to Did or will you graduate with an IB diploma. STEP 6

  18. Previous College Work Students must check: • I have no previous college experience •  There should be no need to enter other college experience because the student has checked that he/she has none. • Unless otherwise, please attach all college transcript except DCCCD) STEP 7

  19. Texas Success Initiative (TSI) Section Most students will click on the very last Statement: • I have not taken any of the tests listed above • Unless otherwise, submit hard copy scores STEP 8

  20. Previous Enrollment The student should answer No to the question that reads: • During the twelve months…..did you attend a public college or university in Texas in a fall or spring term? STEP 9

  21. Residency Claim Students should only indicate: • That he/she is a RESIDENT OF TEXAS STEP 10

  22. Acquisition of High School Diploma or GED Students will only answer: • Yes to Question 1. • Yes to Question 2. Students will SKIP OVER Basis of Claim to Residency Section. STEP 11

  23. Review For Accuracy Once the student(s) have completed all the questions that were asked during the online session, the student(s) will need to review carefully that the information entered is correct and accurate. STEP 12

  24. Final Step • All students must print the Acceptance Letter page • Additionally, student will need to provide all the necessary forms which are required to be submitted to the College. STEP 13

  25. For More Information: Sharron Wagoner Dual and Concurrent Enrollment Coordinator 972.860.7024 Renae Washington Academic Advisor II 972.860.7209 Checkout our website at:

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