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Malaysia’s Leading Financial Comparison Platform

Malaysia’s Leading Financial Comparison Platform. What is Comparehero ?.

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Malaysia’s Leading Financial Comparison Platform

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  1. Malaysia’s Leading Financial Comparison Platform

  2. WhatisComparehero? • CompareHero is the leading financial comparison site in Malaysia. We compare all products related to personal finance such as credit cards, loans, life and general insurance as well as broadband and phone contracts Who? • CompareHero seeks to educate Malaysians on saving time and money. The goal is to be an independent ‘voice of clarity’ and expert on personal finance topics Why? • CompareHeroprovides high quality content such as news articles, videos, curated lists, infographicsetc with its in-house team of moneysaving experts What?

  3. What we do: Now we have built a free and easy-to-use market comparison website with the goal to educate the Malaysian people on saving time and money Save time and money on financial products Most users are able tosave over USD1000 in less than 10 minutes Purchase productscheaperthan going direct Find thelargest product rangeon one platform Gain access tailored products quick and easy Make thebest decision based on their needs Get 100% freeand independent advice Find thelargest product rangeon one platform Gain access tailored products quick and easy Make the best decision based on their needs Get 100%freeand independent advice

  4. Background: The team behind CompareHero has previously built more a range of successful internet companies… Gerald Eder Global Chief Executive Officer gerald@comparehero.my Gerald heads up the global operations Zee Fakier Chief Content Officer zee@comparehero.my Zee is in charge of the content team Floyd Sijmons Managing Director Malaysia floyd@comparehero.my Floyd takes care of the daily management Mads Faurholt-Jorgensen Venture Partner mads@novafounders.com Mads works with companies to secure funding, talent and growth 4

  5. Howup-to-date isthe Information? • Team of Financial Research Analysts scan publicly available information for each category twice a week. • We receive updates from our Partners in scheduled bi-weekly feedback reports as well as on an ad-hoc basis. Wecompare, you save.

  6. Do weoffermorethan just online comparisontools? • We are more than just an aggregator of services in the market. • Source of free personalized expert advice: • We give consumers a call once they have expressed an interest in one or more services. • Discuss their needs and helping them find the best possible solutions. • Source of self-help personal finance content: • Our blog • Through media and news partners. E.g. The Sun, Borneo Post, MyLaunchpad, Jobstreet, Yahoo, MSN, and many more. Wecompare, you save.

  7. Howarewedifferentiatedfromourpeers? • Concept of comparing financial services online is not new: • Key role models have been active in European and Australasian markets for over a decade. • However, it is new to the Malaysian market. • The key way in which we differ from local competitors is what we focus on comparing. • For example, a big focus for us is our Broadband category– that includes fixed line, mobile and TV-bundled service offerings. • No other website currently compares these. Wecompare, you save.

  8. Howarewedifferentiatedfromourpeers? (cont.) Our USP • For consumers: • Agreat customer journey. • Focus on the UX aspect of our website • Follow-up calls from our Money Saving Experts • Work very closely with Provider Sales Managers to ensure a high degree of continuity once we have passed someone over • For providers: • We are consistently told by our partners that people we introduce to them are often their best customers. • We place great value on two-way communication. Wecompare, you save.

  9. How do weobtainrevenue? Our service is free-of-charge for consumers, so… • Once we have established a customer wants a service and we have matched the best one for their needs, we pass them on to the provider of that service. • In this process we get a small reward from the provider to cover our costs. Wecompare, you save.

  10. Successful Marketing Strategies • Content marketing: • On average, over 70% of the 10,000+ visits to our site are organically generated. • To date, we have had works published on a regular basis by reputable marketing partners including Yahoo!, MSN Digital, Jobstreet, Mobile88, The Sun, The Borneo Post, and more. • SEO and SEM: • We leverage our high-level of in-house expertise in paid marketing very well. Wecompare, you save.

  11. How fast do weanswercustomerqueries? • We aim to answer consumers’ queries immediately. • Chat Box Customer Service Hotline manned by a team of Money Saving Experts between 9am – 7pm Monday through Friday. • If for any reason the Money Saving Expert is not able to answer a question immediately, they will take down the customers contact details and revert back with an answer within 24 hours. Wecompare, you save.

  12. Can customers apply for broadband plans directly through our website? Are there any risks involved? • Yes, you can apply through our website: • E.g. For P1 services, the customer is directed straight to P1’s online application site upon clicking the “go to site” button. • P1 helps you with the rest. • For others we help you select a service connect you with the provider who takes care of the rest. • There is no risk in the application process for these services online, the part we take care of. • We, like our partners, spend a significant amount of time and money on ensuring our website is secure and that the integrity of our database is maintained. Wecompare, you save.

  13. CompareHero’sFuture Plans • Constant improvement of current service. • Finding new and innovative ways to provide insight. • Making the application process easier and easier for customers. • Launching the General and Life Insurancecategories in Q2 2014. Wecompare, you save.

  14. Combating the Shrinking Value of the Ringgit • Key tips for financial health

  15. CombatingtheShrinking Value oftheRinggit Context Government aiming to strengthen fiscal position. Restructuring of Subsidy Programs; Sugar, Petrol and Electricity KL still ranked in the top 10 Cheapest Cities in the World. Expansion of what people perceive as ‘necessary goods’. Wecompare, you save.

  16. CombatingtheShrinking Value oftheRinggit: TipsforMaximization A. Don’t let excess savings sit idle in a low-interest deposit account. • ASN/ASB Schemes. • Average effective yields of 8.81 and 6.11 per cent respectively over the past three years. • No upside through capital appreciation, no risk of capital depreciation. • REIT investment • REITs are incentivized to pay out 90% of taxable income. • REITs are exempt from RPGT. • Yields range between 4.58 per cent  to 7.52 per cent across all 14 Bursa-listed REITs. Wecompare, you save.

  17. CombatingtheShrinking Value oftheRinggit: TipsforMaximization B. Don’t pay more than you need to for goods and services: • Use Comparison Websites to ensure you have a complete and up-to-date overview of services in the market. • Use e-commerce and online discount sites to avoid paying massive in-store mark-ups outside of sale periods. • Buy items ‘second-hand’; • Mudah.my • Duriana.com Wecompare, you save.

  18. CombatingtheShrinking Value oftheRinggit: TipsforMaximization B. Don’t pay more than you need to for goods and services (cont.): • Cut your utility costs: • “BalikKampung” for the weekend? • Switch off appliances and remove plugs • Turn of water-heating and A/C’s • Reduce ‘chill’ in fridge and freezer if there is nothing fragile in them. • Check energy usage parameters before buying electrical appliances. • Comparehero survey showed that 83% of people do not do this. Wecompare, you save.

  19. CombatingtheShrinking Value oftheRinggit: TipsforMaximization C. Implementing a budget: • Leverage on technology to stay on-top of your finances. • Free App “Money Manager” has 5 income and 12 expense categories. • Write a list before going shopping and stick to it. • Also, try to go on a full stomach to further avoid impulse buys. Wecompare, you save.

  20. CombatingtheShrinking Value oftheRinggit: TipsforMaximization D. Pay your debts on time if you can: • Check what you owe on your credit card every 2 weeks. • Set aside a portion of your income to cover these expenses. • You will avoid paying 9-18% interest. • Use services such as MYEG to check on your fines. • They are free and don’t cost you much time. • Avoid accumulating late-payment penalties. Wecompare, you save.

  21. Thankyoufortuning in! • Feedback or ideas? Always welcome! Please email info@comparehero.my or the CEO directly; floyd@comparehero.my The time is NOW! • Looking for a great and exciting job opportunity, and feel you have it in you to provide the best help to people in Malaysia surrounding personal expense and finances? Look no further: please email hr@comparehero.my with your CV.

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