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the East Marmara Automotive Cluster PowerPoint Presentation
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the East Marmara Automotive Cluster

the East Marmara Automotive Cluster

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the East Marmara Automotive Cluster

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  1. Case StudyTurkey/East MarmaraThe Case of the East Marmara Automotive Cluster: A Bottom-up Approach 11th May 2012, Paris

  2. the East Marmara Automotive Cluster • Advantages: • Geographical location (proximity to • the EU markets and largestdomestic markets) • Technological infrastructure in place, • Presence of various local universities, • Improving R&D capacity (among the cluster actors: OTAM,TUBITAK MAM Research Center), • Presence of a large pool of labour one of the leading European automotive clusters* *Source: PRO-INNO Europe (2008) “The Concept of Clusters and Cluster Policies and Their Role for Competitiveness and Innovation: Main Statistical Results and Lessons Learned "

  3. Main Actors within the Cluster

  4. The Importance of the Sectoral Development UBTYS 2011-2016 Automotive Ninth Development Plan Report of the Automotive Special Expertise Commission (2007-2013) “The Turkish Automotive Industry to become the most competitive production base and advanced R&D center of the Europe ” Industrial Strategy and Action Plan for Automotive Sector 2011-2014 Long Term Vision of the Sector “Turkey to become a production base and R&D center in automotive in the Eurasian Region” Criteria: R&D Spending, FTE R&D Personnel, Foreign Trade Statistics * Turkish Statistical Institute (TURKSTAT).

  5. Prospects of the Turkish Automotive Sector* • In The Short Term Production: Over 1,0 Million Exports: Over 14 Billion $ Already Realized • In The Medium Term Production:2,0 Million Exports:25 Billion $ Can be Achieved Which Corresponds To An Additional Employment of 200.000 Persons This Requires An Additional Investment of At Least $ 5 Billion *Ninth Development Plan Report of the Automotive Special Expertise Commission (2007-2013)

  6. ForeignTrade Data fortheAutomotiveSector (2000-2010)* Dependency on Imports Strenghting R&D and innovation competences through the supply chain -TARGET ORIENTED SUPPORT MECHANISMS- *Kaynak: T.C. Bilim, Sanayi ve Teknoloji Bakanlığı, Türkiye Otomotiv Sektörü Strateji Belgesi ve Eylem Planı 2011-2014, Ankara, Şubat 2011.

  7. Domestic Automobile Initiative • September 2011 • Under the coordination of the Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology • focus on improving the R&D capacity, innovation, design and brand building • the private sector to havethe leading role

  8. A Bottom up Policy Making Process High-Level Prioritization Group Meeting of the Automotive Sector Determiningthe R&D needsandpriorityareas as an input for theTargeted R&D SupportMechanisms for theAutomotiveSector

  9. Determining the Call Themes for the Targeted Sectoral Support Mechanisms • Determination of theMainResearchAreasandSub-TechnologyThemes • Pre-assessmentandprioritization of definedsub-themesbyTheAutomotiveTechnology Platform • Comparativeanalysisconductedbyutilizingthepre-prioritizationresultsandfinancialsupportstatistics of thelast ten yearsbysub-technologythemes • HighLevelPrioritizationGroup • TargetedProjectsAdvisoryGroups Agenda: Determiningthepriorityareasamongthedefinedresearchareas Agenda: For each priority area defined; constituting the technology roadmaps of five year period and identfying the R&D and innovation capacity • Callsto be opened in specificsub-technologythemes Infrastructure R&D Project Support Undergraduate/Graduate programs to be opened and scholarships Human Resources Supports and Investments (Phd; Post-doc, research supports etc)

  10. Thank you For further questions on the TR Case Study, Please Feel Free to Contact: Department of Science, Technology and Innovation Policy-TUBITAK Atatürk Bulvarı No. 22106100 Kavaklıdere Ankara Turkey T  +90 312 467 3659F +90 312