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  1. MINIMAL LUXURY- A GUIDE One of the most influential art forms of all times, Minimalism has had a much greater impact in the world of design, media,visual arts and communication than any other artform. The reason, you ask ? It’s the Simplicity, the class and the quintessential modernity that lies in the clean, straight lines, the uncluttered freshness and subtle monochromes Started in the States during the 60s and 70s, This art movement had the power to make Statements with just one element. ‘Less is more’ is often used to describe how minimum elements can be used to depict something perfectly, make an impression and generate views and opinions.Minimalism is relatively a simpler concept to understand than what people perceive as Luxury. Luxury in a broad sense is ‘a condition or situation of great comfort, ease, and wealth’. When we think of the word ‘Luxury’, We think of comfort, We think of wealth, lavish interiors, gourmet buffets, proper table setting but what We do not think of is how all of it is presented. It’s quite simple, Its the clean backdrops, the neatly done details, and the finish which gives a piece of art or decor the tag of being ‘luxurious’ We, at The Artment have cracked the code and have decided to share with all of you. To help you create an aura of pure simplicity with opulence, We bring to you home decor products which along with being minimal, are crafted perfectly, each piece uniquely carrying a story with it.

  2. In this blog, We’ll be describing how can you create a nuanced corner in your home without using much. Step 1. Declutter Decluttering is the biggest flex of this era. You need to get rid of everything that is not needed at the moment. Decluttering will not only clear the space, it also is a great tool to clear your head, to think positive thoughts, to generate productive ideas and channel your energy in the right direction and of course, to let go of the useless bits of your life. Step 2. Make it even For your home to look minimal, ‘evenness’ is key. Wherever you need this minimal corner to be, you need to make some changes to the backdrop. Paint it evenly, get a wallpaper and paste is with precision, iron your bed-sheets and other fabrics and make don't forget to make finishing touches.

  3. Step 3. Bring in the ‘Luxury’ A great combination to achieve this look is adding a metallic touch to the whites and neutrals. Usually, Gold, rose gold and silver work very well with light colors and earthy shades. White and gold is one combination that never fails to amaze us with its ability to create an aura of sophistication. Fabrics with sheen like satin, gold mats, and velvet go rather beautifully with hard materials like glass, metals and carved wood. Step 4. Calculative addition

  4. While creating a minimal look, one thing that people forget is the calculation. With each ‘luxurious’ item, you should always add a subtle element to maintain balance in terms of the overall look and feel of the theme. Add small, metallic accents, glass vases with white or yellow flowers, pillar candles, decorative petals/stones to add the final touch without going over the top . 4 simple steps and Voila! Your drab corner is now a space you’ll think about bringing your guests to.

  5. For a real-time experience, We bring to you a wide range of products which can help you put al this information to some use. Visit our ‘Minimalism’ section to explore decor pieces, so artistically alluring, you’d want to get ‘em all. Always remember, This blog is completely safe and you SHOULD try it at home and let us know the results and feedback in the comments below. Signing off, With he(art)y wishes Team TheArtment