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How to Keep Your Chocolate Chip Cookies Fresh?

How to Keep Your Chocolate Chip Cookies Fresh?<br>

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How to Keep Your Chocolate Chip Cookies Fresh?

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  1. How to Keep Your Chocolate Chip Cookies Fresh? Chocolate chip cookies are best when eaten directly out of the oven. There is no other feeling better than having warm and gooey cookie crust. However, most of us don’t get time to make it every day, and therefore we store it later. So, what are the ways by which we can store best chocolate chip cookies so that they can be fresh? Best ways to store chocolate chip cookies Best ways to store chocolate chip cookies- - We all must have tried weird and unconventional ways to store chocolate chip cookies. But, do you know that there are many simple ways by which you can keep these cookies fresh for many weeks to come! • Plastic Containers • Plastic Containers- - This is probably the most used and most straightforward way to store cookies. However, the most important thing to consider is having an excellent air- tight seal. Cookies can be stored for several weeks in a proper plastic container. • Aluminum Foil • Aluminum Foil- - Aluminum foil is an ideal choice for storing baked goods because of its manipulative structure. However, you may get concerned because of its materials

  2. and the minute possibility of air slipping in. The most convenient way to avoid this problem is to double/triple wrap your food. • Wax Sheets • Wax Sheets- - For storing chocolate chip cookie, you have to think about the crispy cookie texture and the chips as well. To keep your containers a clean and hygienic and your cookies separate, it is better to use wax sheets. This will help you stop the cookies from getting stuck together. • Keep Them • Keep Them Cold for keeping them fresh. Keeping cookies in the fridge is a convenient way to store baked goods for bakers for almost 3 months. All you have to do is merely microwave it for 15- 20 minutes. This tip can help you bake a large number of cookies in a single session, without any problem. Cold- - Storing cookies in a refrigerator or freezer is also a good option • Don’t Mix Cookies • Don’t Mix Cookies- - It is not recommended to mix your chocolate chip cookies with other types of cookies. This is because of the fact that mixing cookies can end up mixing flavors. The ultimate tip to salvage slightly stale cookies The ultimate tip to salvage slightly stale cookies- - If you want to make your stale cookies fresh again, then simply pop them in your oven just before serving. They should not be kept in the oven for more than two or three minutes at 300 F. That’s it! However, this tip only works for cookies such as chocolate chip cookies, sugar cookies, or bar cookies. You should not try it with iced or chocolate-covered cookies as they would not be able to take the heat and will melt. You cannot do anything if your iced or chocolate covered cookies are stale. You simply have to crunch them up!

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