chocolate chip cookies n.
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Chocolate Chip Cookies

Chocolate Chip Cookies

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Chocolate Chip Cookies

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  1. Chocolate Chip Cookies The Dream Team

  2. Cookie dough • In order to determine if you could cheat and buy ready-to-bake cookies, bake cookies from homemade dough, cookie dough sold in the traditional log shape, and the new dough bars • Would you rather enjoy a homemade cookie right out of the oven…or cheat and buy ready to make cookie dough?

  3. Experiment time!! • To find out if the tasters could tell the difference, they baked up three batches of cookies • 1st batch included a homemade recipe which was taken from the back of a semisweet chips • 2nd batch was refrigerator dough sold in the traditional log shape

  4. Cont… • 3rd batch was from a new product sold as a dough bar. • The dough in the 3rd batch was already pre cut into pieces so all you have to do is it throw them into the oven and bammmm

  5. Results Thoughts, opinions, concerns?

  6. Results • The homemade batch didn’t win? • When it comes down to chocolate chip cookies, the number of chips per cookie is what counts. • Both types of ready-to-bake cookies were chock full of tiny chips… • One (the winner) had more chips than the homemade cookies

  7. Cont.. • Tasters praised the homemade cookies as light and chewy, they criticized their spars dotting of chips. • Taster wanted more chocolates bite-for-bite • The problem can be solved by adding more chocolate chips or by switching to the mini-chips used in the other dough.

  8. Ready-to-bake cookies • Two types of ready-to-bake cookies won not only for having the most chips but also for their more natural, craggy appearance. • The break-and-bake cookies were a little too flat and uniform to suggest homemade.

  9. Everything comes down to money.. • How much does the convenience of ready-made-dough cost? • Break-and-bake cookies and the slice-and-bake cookies each cost about $3.59 and give about 20-24 cookies. • The ingredients that are used for the homemade cookies cost about $4.50 but the recipe makes at least four dozen cookies..which is a better value

  10. Cont.. • When you have extra money.. It is not a deterrent, the log of prepared cookie dough is your best bet. • Would you rather save money and make your own cookies or would you go out and buy everything for more money?

  11. How to solve the mystery of the chewy chocolate chip cookies • What is the problem? • Tried innumerable published recipes claiming to produce thick, chewy cookies but were disappointed batch after batch

  12. The goal • The quest began: Wanted to duplicate, at home, the big, delicious, chewy chocolate chip cookies bought in the trendy specialty cookie shops. • The home-baked chocolate chip drop cookie had to look and taste like the ultimate, sinful cookie: • What is the ultimate, sinful cookie???

  13. Cont.. • Thick (1/2 inch high) • Jumbo (3 inches in diameter) • And bursting which chocolate • Mouthwatering..uneven surface texture with rounded edges • Slightly crispy but tender on the outside and rich, buttery, soft, and chewy on the inside

  14. The solution • One key element in achieving this cookies was melting the butter • When butter is melted free water and fat separate • Then the melted butter is combined with the flour, the proteins in the flour grab the water and each other to immediately form elastic sheets of gluten

  15. Cont.. • After numerous tests, varying the type of flour, the proportion of flout to butter, and sifting and not sifting, they decided that the best cookie resulted from unsifted, bleached, all-purpose flour, which has a lower protein content than unbleached.

  16. Respond Questions page 731 • What kind of arguments is the first section of “Ready-to-Bake Chocolate Chip cookies”? (For example, an argument of fact or of definition?) The list of recommended products? What kind of arguments is “Solving the Mystery of the Chewy Chocolate Chip cookie”? The recipe? What evidence can you provide your claims?

  17. Respond Questions page 731 cont.… • Examine carefully the first section of “Ready-to-Bake Chocolate Chip Cookies” and the first section of “Solving the Mystery of the Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookie”. What sorts of ethical appeals do you find in each? What sorts of appeal to emotion? To facts and reason?