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  1. CREATIVE HANDS KNOWS NO LIMIT I Nandita Kumar have an armed forces background and have had a bend for creativity. It was only when I was given the responsibility in our society as a committee member for upkeep of the society and horticulture that I realised where my heart lies. It was not my responsibility but my passion which drove me to achieve my goals. I wanted to uplift the society not by splurging but creating things out of waste. I would ask people to donate their old stuff or catch hold of the junk dealer. Little bit of colour and a creative mind got me my results. With all around encouragement from the residents of the society I became even more focused and continued to experiment with different materials and forms.

  2. After a Satisfactory result inside the apartment I thought why can’t I achieve something outside my comfort level Why do we need to point fingers? Why can’t we together as residents get our surroundings clean, green & beautiful. With this zeal I started approaching the neighbouring RWA’S and along with some strong working hands we created a group called ??????????? ???? ( selfless service) This group was formed on 14th July 2018 Today this group has 75 enthusiastic individuals bound together with a vision to change the scenario of vaishali sector -4 stretch which is bogged with waste, garbage,sewage, unmaintained plants, broken dividers & uncontrolled traffic. It all started with making an example out of one of the huge divider outside Sunbreeze Apartment. Which was given a face lift with the support of Nagar Nigam. Waste material like bottles, tins, oil cans, ladders were painted and used beautifully for planting plants & beautify the divider. The purpose to showcase the above divider was to send a message & give faith to the residents that together we can make vaishali clean, green & beautiful. Our first drive with the residents was barely a week after the opening ceremony of the above divider by the City Mayor Asha Sharma Jee & Commissioner CP singh Jee. Here the residents generously donated plants and took part in the plantation drive and covered nearly all the dividers on the vaishali main road. The upkeep of which is the responsibility of the society opposite it.

  3. Our second drive was on the chosen date of 2nd October 2018 it was a cleanliness drive to clean the sector 4 market.Determined group of residents began the exercise to clean the market area & around..This Drive was started with banners being put up & invites being distributed. Word was also spread through social media like twitter and Facebook. Nagar nigam has promised us good amount of help & residents from neighbouring societies are anxiously waiting for participation. Market shopkeepers are equally excited to be a part of making this drive a mega success This was the first step towards the vision with many more things in line to unfold and show the strength of common citizens along with support of government making a difference in the place we stay. My perseverance paid & during our last meeting few residents decided to register the group under society act and chose members to handle the activities. I was unanimously chosen the president. I’m positive that one day there will be a turnaround and efforts won’t go waste. I feel if small small areas are taken up by the residents to make it beautiful then the place they live in would be a lovely place to stay in. In future we want to showcase that a lot can be achieved in Vaishali by public & govt agencies partnership. TOGETHER WE CAN Source :