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What Is The Gyan Mudra? Accessing Ancient Wisdom PowerPoint Presentation
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What Is The Gyan Mudra? Accessing Ancient Wisdom

What Is The Gyan Mudra? Accessing Ancient Wisdom

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What Is The Gyan Mudra? Accessing Ancient Wisdom

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  1. WhatIsTheGyan AncientWisdom Mudra? Accessing What do Buddha, Jesus Christ, and the hipster yoga instructor sitting at your local coffee shop (reading Eat, Pray, Love, no less) have incommon? They’re all familiar with the most recognizable hand gesture in meditation: the GyanMudra. Also known as the “Seal of Knowledge,” the Gyan Mudra is an ancient symbol used by the yogis of antiquity and modernityalike. Intrigued? What Is The GyanMudrā? The Gyan Mudra is ahasta mudrā,or hand gesture, used in yoga andmeditation.

  2. Mudrās are a set of meditative exercises detailed in ancient yogic texts. They are practiced to balance the flow of energy within the body and are important tools used in the pursuit of enlightenment. You canlearn more about mudrāshere. In Sanskrit, Gyan roughly translates to “consciousness,” “wisdom,” and“knowledge.” The Gyan Mudra symbolizes one’s receptivity to knowledge and is used in meditation to experience the Supreme Universal Truth: You are (within) the Universe and the Universe is (within)you. It is believed to foster a connection to the highest self, bringing a heightened state of consciousness through focus, intention, and awareness ofbreath. Also, the Gyan Mudra is believed to have numerous health benefits and is used as a remedy in Ayurvedic medicine. How Is Gyan MudrāPracticed?

  3. The effects of mudrās are very subtle — they create slight changes in the body’s life energy (prana) circuitry. To feel the full effects of the Gyan Mudrā (or any mudrā, for that matter) it is recommended to practice it, mindfully, in stillmeditation. Furthermore, bringing awareness to the breath (pranayama) will enhance the efficacy of this mudrā. Learn how to best combine pranayama with mudras from this infographicby spiritual teacher and master, Deborah King (author of Mindvalley’s Be A Modern MasterProgram). While seated comfortably, gently place the tip of your index finger on the tip of your thumb while keeping all of your other fingers straight and relaxed. Then, rest your palms on yourknees. The direction of the palms can influence the effects of this mudrā — place your palms upward to connect with celestial wisdom, place them downward for a grounding effect, or place them outward to project wisdom onto others (like the picture of the statue above). Beginners should try to hold the Gyan Mudra for at least 10 minutes in a silent, seated meditation. This practice can be done multiple times a day and in combination with amantra. Once a basic level of mastery is attained, this mudra can be incorporated into daily life; it can even be done while walking (although, it is not recommended while driving or operating heavy machinery). As Deborah King teaches: You know the truth when it is spoken. Listencarefully. For that, it is of the utmost importance to do this mudra mindfully; listen to the truths you channel, and integrate them into your beingaccordingly. Health Benefits Of The GyanMudra The Gyan Mudrā activates the air element within the body, which is one of the reasons why breath is an integral part of itspractice. The Gyan Mudra, when paired with breathwork, stimulates the brain and nervous system by sending waves of fresh oxygen throughout the body. It is believed to heal join pain, aid digestion, strengthen nerves, and revitalize the pituitarygland. It is also believed to have a number of spiritual, mental, and emotionalbenefits. It helps to redirect the flow of prana toward the root chakra(the energy center at the base of the pelvis), creating a sense of balance and calmness. Because of this, it is an Ayurvedic remedy for tension and depression.

  4. Most importantly, the Gyan Mudrā is said to have an “expanding” effect — it expands the awareness of consciousness and spirit, inspiring focus, knowledge, andenlightenment.