is saas based ecommerce solution right for your business n.
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Why SaaS Based ECommerce Solution is right for your business PowerPoint Presentation
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Why SaaS Based ECommerce Solution is right for your business

Why SaaS Based ECommerce Solution is right for your business

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Why SaaS Based ECommerce Solution is right for your business

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  1. Is SaaS based eCommerce Solution right for your Business?

  2. Software as a Service or SaaS model is a way of providing service all over the internet. It is a software distribution model where a third party provider hosts applications and make them available to their customers.

  3. These days SaaS based platform are gaining the market attention and have a long way to go. Reading further you will get to know how BuildaBazaar has proven itself as the best ecommerce solution in India.

  4. Scalable Service Usage- Depending the type of requirement, customer get the option to access the service on demand. Cost- Overall SaaS basedeCommerce solutions are more affordable, merchants get rid of the crazy expense for development of a website from scratch. Benefits of SaaS Model include- Reason why they best suit your online business? • Accessibility – Access the SaaS service from all over the Internet, the user can access them from any device with Internet enabled. • Regular Updates- The merchants rely on SaaS provider for regular updates, reducing the burden of in-house IT staff. • Flexible Payments- SaaS basically works on pay as you go model. Rather than purchasing the software to install, customers subscribe to the SaaS service.

  5. The popular SaaS based Ecommerce Solution In India – BuildaBazaar • Launched in 2011. BuildaBazaar currently hosts more than 60,000 online stores across the world from all niches ranging from big enterprises such as Fortune, Amul, HiDesign and Crossword. It is a service based software that lets retailers create an eCommerce store, upload product catalog, customize their site and sell their products.

  6. Chose the Ideal Plan for your Store • BuildaBazaar has multiple plans to meet all your business requirements. From Silver to Enterprise plans all of them are customizable according to the changing business needs and demand. If you are not sure about the plan at first then start with 15 days trial today!

  7. Over Hundreds of Themes to Choose From ThemeJungle • Your products are complete zero if you don’t have a proper online store to display them elegantly. • Finding difficulty in searching any online theme. No need to worry, BuildaBazaar is here with a website called • ThemeJungle give you freedom to choose from over 100+ premium and professional themes according to your niche and product category.

  8. Manage Your Catalog With Ease And Customize At Convenience • Manage your products right and smartly sell online. BuildaBazaar’s CMS helps you manage products , add new products to the store, edit the price and stock. With powerful bulk tool ass multiple products with ease. Customize and create your store as per your requirements.

  9. Add Secure Payment Gateways In Your Online Store • Travel an extra mile and add payment gateway in your online store. Receive payment using Credit cards, Debit cards & Net banking through your own payment gateways. BuildaBazaar’s SaaS platform supports integration with payment gateways like DirecPay, Billdesk, TechProcess, CCAvenue, HDFC, Axis and PayPal. Accept payment from anywhere into your bank accounts and give your customers a hassle free shopping experience.

  10. Online Store Builder • These were some of the fey features discussed about India’s one of the most renowned online store builder. For more information reach us at and get your online store ready in just 24 hours!

  11. Start with 15 DAYS FREE Tria and take your business to the next level in just 24 hours!