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What is an example of a Lagomorpha? seal goat rabbit fox PowerPoint Presentation
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What is an example of a Lagomorpha? seal goat rabbit fox

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What is an example of a Lagomorpha? seal goat rabbit fox
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What is an example of a Lagomorpha? seal goat rabbit fox

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  1. What type of animal has the highest metabolism, thus the highest body temperature?reptilesbirdsmammalsfish

  2. What is an example of a Lagomorpha?sealgoatrabbitfox

  3. What type of mammal is in the order Chiroptera?ratssquirrelsmonkeysbats

  4. What is an example of a songbird?storkfalconpenguinbluebird

  5. What is an example of a shorebird?ploverowlflamingoostrich

  6. Pouched mammals are calledMonotremesMarsupialsPlacental

  7. The only pouched mammal native to North America is thecuscusopossum kangaroowambat

  8. What type of mammal is in the order Proboscadea?zebraselephantsmanateescows

  9. What type of feather gives birds their streamline shape?downcontourflightsynthetic

  10. Why do scientists think birds evolved from reptiles?jelly-like eggs, scaly skin, fossil recordsamniotic eggs, smooth skin, fossil recordsjelly-like eggs, smooth skin, fossil recordsamniotic eggs, scaly skin, fossil records

  11. All mammals have what?pouchesfingers and toesthree chambered hearthair

  12. Which one means “two-halves”?CephalopodGastropodBivalveTunicate

  13. Which group has members that can live either in salt water, freshwater, or on land?GastropodsImerisCephalopodsBivalves

  14. Which name means “head foot”?BivalveCephalopodGastropodImeris

  15. What is the name of the teeth in frogs that crushes prey?maxillaryincisorsvomerinedeciduous

  16. Amphibians lay jelly-like eggs in the water, reptiles layamniotic eggs in the wateramniotic eggs on landjelly-like eggs in the waterjelly-like eggs on land

  17. Which of the following is venomous?tuataraKomodo DragonMexican Bearded LizardIguanas

  18. Which organism is a gastropod?squidclamsnailoctopus

  19. Which organism can make a pearl if a piece of sand gets between the mantle and shell?GastropodsBivalvesCephalopodsIderinas

  20. Which organism is a Cephalopod?squidslugoystermussel

  21. Which means “stomach foot”?GastropodBivalveCephalopodGastrometacarp

  22. Which one means “two-halves”?CephalopodGastropodBivalveTunicate

  23. What is the name of the waterproof protein in reptile skin?histonecollagenkeratinaloe vera

  24. What is the name of the bottom part of a turtle’s shell?ventral platecarapaceplastronventral shield

  25. The pork tapeworm’s Genus species name is Fasciolopsis hepaticaTaenia soliumSchistosoma mansoniClonorchis sinensis

  26. The first, or invertebrate host is called the indirectcompleteintermediatedefinitive

  27. The common name of Taeniarynchus saginatus ispork tapewormbeef tapewormdog tapewormgummi tapeworm

  28. Which order do turtle/tortoises belong?SquamataCrocodiliaRhychocephaliaTestudines

  29. Which group of reptiles has the most species?snakes and lizardsturtles and tortoisesalligators and crocodilestuataras

  30. The Genus name of Planaria isMicrostomiumPhagocataDugesiaClonorchis

  31. The worms that are leaf shaped and parasites with complex life cycles areHirundineaTrematodaTurbellariaCestoda

  32. The Chinese liver fluke’s Genus species name isFasciolopsis hepaticaTaenia soliumSchistosoma mansoniClonorchis sinensis

  33. Gas exchange in the gills takes place in the gillslitsarchesoperculumsfilaments

  34. Filter feeding sharks, like the whale shark and basking filter the water usingbaleengill rakersfibrinogencoffee filters

  35. Hagfish are consideredpredatorsparasitesscavengersomnivores

  36. The free-living flatworms are placed in the classCestodeaTurbellariaTrematodaTriclada

  37. The simple eyespots seen in most turbellarians are calledocelliauriclesstatocystschemoreceptors

  38. Tapeworms lackreproductive organsa mouthhookssuckers

  39. The holdfast structure of a tapeworm is called the strobilaacetabulumscolexproglottid

  40. The development of a head region on a bilaterally symmetrical animal is called organ organizationcephalizationdiploblastic organizationcentralization

  41. Members of the Turbellaria includefree-living flatwormsmonogenetic flukestapewormsroundworms

  42. Members of the Cestoda includefree-living flatwormsmonogenetic flukestapewormsroundworms

  43. Agnatha means cartilage fishbony platesbony fishjawless fish

  44. Swimming with the mouth open to allow water to passively flow over the gills is calledbuccal pharyngeal pumpingpneumatic coastal ram ventilation

  45. Skates and rays have holes/gill slits in the top of their heads calledspiraclesoperculanarespneumatophores

  46. The water flow over the gills in fish is calledosmoticactivecountercurrentexchange

  47. Fish mostly regulate buoyancy by adjusting the volume of gas/air in the stomachthe gillsthe body tissuesthe swim bladder

  48. In the epidermis of fish skin, sensory pits make up the utriculipneumatic pitslateral line systemsacculi

  49. The majority of fish reproduce by laying eggs, then the male covers them with sperm (external fertilization) calledviviparousovoviviparousoviparousbrooders

  50. The tail of sharks is known as _________ cercal, because the top lobe is larger than the bottom lobe.homoheteroisodorci