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Building the Analytical Platform For The Oncology ACO/Oncology Medical Home PowerPoint Presentation
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Building the Analytical Platform For The Oncology ACO/Oncology Medical Home

Building the Analytical Platform For The Oncology ACO/Oncology Medical Home

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Building the Analytical Platform For The Oncology ACO/Oncology Medical Home

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  1. Building the Analytical Platform For The Oncology ACO/Oncology Medical Home

  2. Building the Analytical Platform for the Oncology ACO /Oncology Medical Home • Articulation of a data capabilities framework • Provider requirements with regard to advanced IT and data analytic capabilities • Challenges and hurdles to achieving a comprehensive IT and data analytic capability   • “Roll out” of a comprehensive platform from a health system and group oncology perspective Why we are addressing this • Re-structuring of care delivery and of payment models • Quality is the new finance • Requirement to track care processes, develop accurate estimates of spend by population segment, and measure and report outcomes What we will discuss

  3. Panelists Moderator: John Whang, M.D., FACC, Chief Operating Officer, President, Reimbursement IntelligencePanelists:Thomas R. Barr, MBA, General Manager, Oncology Metrics™, a division of Altos Solutions, Inc. Mike Nangia, Vice President, Platform Strategy, Net.Orange VasuRangadass, Chief Executive Officer, Net.Orange

  4. The 3 V’s of Data Rate of data generation Amount of data Kinds of data

  5. Framework for an analytics platform Lower Priority Now High Priority Future Aggregation: Also known as “data warehousing” Interoperation: How one brings in and shares data Analysis: “Running” or “Reporting on the data”

  6. Building the Analytical Platform For The Oncology ACO/Oncology Medical Home

  7. Oncology Medical Homelearnings from The COME HOME experience

  8. The COME HOME Model Oncology Patient 1. Best Practices Care: Triage, Diagnostic & Therapeutic Pathways 2. Electronic Health Records – to share/track real-time patient information; monitor quality 3. Team-Based Care: Med/RadOnc, Diag Radiology, NPs, RNs, LPNs, Pharmacists, Med Techs, Care Coordinators, first responders – working as team to keep patients in OP setting and out of ER and hospital 4. Active Disease Management: Patient Education, patient/provider web portal 5. Enhanced Access: 24/7 Triage Line with “first responders” (8-6) and On-Call Providers (6-8) 6. Enhanced Care: On- or near-site lab, imaging, pharmacy 7. Financial Support for Medical Home Services

  9. COME HOME Practices Northwest Georgia Oncology Centers, P.C. COME HOME practices

  10. Summary of the COME HOME IT solution

  11. Key IT Learnings

  12. Learning #1 Practices have invested heavily in EMR rollouts and many of them have seen a drop-off in productivity as a result. A medical home solution cannot further compound the problem. It has to leverage, and interface with, the EMR system and eliminate duplicate data entry. Minimal disruption to clinicians is a key success factor.

  13. Learning #2 Not all EMR systems are capable of exchanging clinical data through standardized mechanisms The current EMR data standards (CCD, CCR) don’t cut it in Oncology The leading Oncology EMR vendors are keen to support standardized data interchange, but they are not there yet Check if your EMR vendor will support you. If not, make sure there’s a vendor out there that knows how to interface with your EMR

  14. key requirements for an Medical Home technology platform

  15. Overview Accessible by all roles Accessible on all devices cOS™ Clinical Operating System

  16. cOS- Future State Ref. Arch. For Providers/Payers $ client-specific configurations You write your own Open Healthcare services to build Apps Clinician Dasboard Value Based Care Referral Management Quality Reporting Specialty EHR Client Apps Client Apps ED Admission Alerts Results Available Alerts Missed Schedule Alerts Client Apps Client Marts cOS Patient Portal Clinical Triage Management Meaningful Use Population Health Clinical Trial Management Client Applications (Apps) Complex Event Bus Cubes, R-OLAP R-Hadoop XDR Datamarts/ EDW Unified Data Transport and Data Acquisition and Normalization cOS- Clinical Operating System ClinicalData FinancialData cOS OPERATIONAL CLINICAL FINANCIAL • PAS • Pathways • Payroll • DSS • Cost Accting • Enrollment • Inventory Mgmt • Education • Case Mgmt w/f • External PHR • Risk Strat • Attribution • - External EHR • Radiology • OE/CPOE • Labs • Home Health • HIE/CDR • Blood Bank • OR • Pharmacy • Trials • Drugs • Guidelines • GL • COA • AR • Budget • Claims/Remits • ATB • Forecasting • Sub Entities • Eligibility • ACH Existing Employer / Hospital / Payor /Practice Systems