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Summer Camp 2013 Stavanger, Norway

Summer Camp 2013 Stavanger, Norway. Parent Briefing Friday 22 nd February 2013. Agenda. Welcome Stavanger 2013 The Leaders Before we go Travel to camp At camp Travel home Our Camp Badge – Winning Design Appendices. Stavanger 2013.

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Summer Camp 2013 Stavanger, Norway

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  1. Summer Camp 2013 Stavanger, Norway Parent Briefing Friday 22nd February 2013

  2. Agenda • Welcome • Stavanger 2013 • The Leaders • Before we go • Travel to camp • At camp • Travel home • Our Camp Badge – Winning Design • Appendices

  3. Stavanger 2013 Every four years the Norwegian Guide and Scout Association hosts an International Scout Jamboree. The next Jamboree is situated in the port city of Stavanger on the southwest coast of Norway from 6th to 13th of July 2013, and the 11th Scouts will be there. We’ll be travelling on the 5th and retuning on 15th July. The Jamboree caters for 15,000 Scouts from sixteen different nations. Western Norway is a stunning location with picture- postcard fjords and a wide range of on- and off-site activities. 4

  4. The Leaders Scott Richards Suzy Wylde (Scout Leader) (Asst. Scout Leader) Karen Todd Abdoul el Karaoui (Beaver Scout Leader) (Asst. Scout Leader) Nancy Little Steve Irvine (Asst. Beaver Scout Leader) (Asst. Scout Leader) A team with 35 years experience in Scouting and have led Scout trips to Egypt, Russia, Denmark and Switzerland, to name just a few locations.

  5. Before we go • Obtain or check validity of European Health Insurance Card https://www.ehic.org.uk/ expires after 5 years, E111 now invalid • EHIC takes approx. 7 working days to process, must have for travel (copy to leaders) • Non-EU passport holders need Schengen Visa from London (copy to leaders) • Check Passport is valid to at least 15th January 2014 (copy to leaders) • Parents & Scouts to complete a Permission to Camp form and a Good Behaviour contract • Trip comprehensively insured by specialist Unity Insurance • Travel insurance cover - See Appendix 2 • Electronic Devices – See Appendix 3 • Medication – See Appendix 3 • Pocket Money – See Appendix 3 • Kit List – See Appendix 4

  6. Travel to camp • Edinburgh Airport – British Airways, Fri 5th July. • Flight BA1445 to London Heathrow T5, departing Edinburgh at 1.45pm. Meet check-in on ground floor at 11.45am • Flight BA746 to Stavanger, landing 7.45pm (Norway time) • Norway time is British Summer Time +1 hour • Pack a tea for London, no liquids or sharp objects • Staying overnight in Scout Hall near Stravanger • Travel in full uniform, i.e. scout shirt, neckerchief, hoody, kilt socks, flashes, sporran & kilt for males/at the knee skirt for females (no mini-kilts please…and that goes for boys too!) • We’ll give further detailed guidance on what to pack in ruck sack versus what to transport in container soon. Maximum weight is 23kg (51lbs) for checked. Baggage allowance is 23kg (51lb) for hold luggage, but less is more No sharp objects or knives permitted

  7. At camp • Accommodation is Patrol Tent & Scout Hall • Daily routine; drawing stores from quarter master, cooking meals, washing-up, adventure activities, hosting visits from foreign groups, etc. See Information 1 hand-out • Stay informed throughout camp at http://www.blipfoto.com/persevere. Camp blog updated at the end of each day • Pocket Money Bank Account facility available • Big opportunity to meet Scouts from other countries and learn about their cultures, e.g. Muslim Scouts will be observing Ramadam from 9th July. • Take stickers and badges for swapping • Save any Scout or Guide 50p you find in your change…highly prized • Scouts behave to the values and our behaviour contract.

  8. Travel home • Stavanger Sola Airport – British Airways, Mon 15th July • Flight BA745 to London Heathrow T5, departing 12.20pm (Norway time) • Flight BA1452 to Edinburgh, landing 5.55pm (British summer time) • On arrival at Edinburgh airport, Scouts will come through the domestic arrivals gate and then collect their luggage • Camp will formally end and Scouts will be handed over to your care at the arrival gate. The leaders will be on-hand for questions • Parents reception in September to see and hear how we got on Plan to be at Domestic Arrivals at the airport by 5.50pm on Monday 15th July (remember we are flying from London Heathrow flight BA1452 on the return leg) In case of delays, you can check arrival information at http://www.edinburghairport.com and click on ‘Flight Information’

  9. Important Information • Home Emergency Contact – Prime Contact • David Anderson, Assistant Scout Leader • 0131 552 5254 • 07976248418 • Away Emergency Contacts – Secondary Contacts • Scott Richards 07429452449 • Suzy Wylde 07761003925 • 11thenescouts@gmail.com • Norway Scouts National Office • 0047 22 99 22 30 • nsf@speiding.no. The leader contacts are for emergencies only, the daily blog should give you lots of insight into camp life. See guidance on mobile phones

  10. Camp Badge - Winner

  11. Camp Badge - Winner Millie Jeyes – Well done!

  12. Appendix 1 - FAQs Q: How do I know what my Scout is doing each day? A: You can see what we’ve been up to at http://www.blipfoto.com/persevere (We‘ll make updates at the end of each day) Q: What if my Scout runs-out of pocket money? A: If this is a possibility, use the camp bank to to help your Scout phase/ration their spending. The leaders will not have spare funds to supplement Scout discretionary spending. Q: What are the plans for meals? A: We are will have breakfast, packed lunch, main meal and supper with fruit snacks and fresh water available between meals. Meals will be nutritionally balanced and accommodate dietary preferences, e.g. vegetarians, allergies, etc. Q: What currency will my Scout need? A: They need Norwegian Krone (NOK), not Euros Q: What happens if my Scout becomes ill or is injured? A: The camp has a fully equipped on-site doctor and the main hospital for the city; Stavanger University Hospital, is nearby. Norway has advanced medical services and we carry full insurance for medical repatriation. Our aim is to have fun and be safe

  13. Appendix 1 - FAQs Q: Do I need to arrange travel insurance for my Scout? A: No, all Scouts are covered under our insurance policy; see Appendix 2 on next page. Q: Will I be able to contact my Scout while they are away? A: Experience of trips abroad shows that Scouts can become home-sick by direct contact parent , especially mid-week, so we do discourage it. Our programme will be full and fun and you are encouraged to keep track of what the troop is doing through the blog. If leaders feel that contact with home is beneficial or necessary at any point they will contact you to arrange this. In an emergency at home, use the contact details for Scott or Suzy. Q: Will my Scout be supervised at all times? A: All activities will be supervised by qualified leaders or staff. Scouts will have free time, but boundaries and time constraints are applied. There are social areas within the camp and Scouts will be encouraged to socialise with other troops. The rule of 3’s applies. Our aim is to have fun and be safe

  14. Appendix 2 – Group Insurance

  15. Appendix 3 - Policies Mobile Phones & Other Electronic Devices Although many Scouts have personal mobile phones, we strongly discourage them at camp. There is a risk of accumulating high charges, as happened to one Scout on our Kandersteg trip, and the risk of loss of the hand-set too. Experience shows that parents contacting Scouts directly can be unsettling for them. Small cameras, iPods, etc. may be brought to camp but at the Scout’s own risk. Unfortunately, these devices and mobile phones are excluded from the insurance policy provisions, so we cannot claim lost items on the group insurance. Good Behaviour Scouts are representing their families, the Scout movement and their country so we need safe and respectful behaviour at all times. Listen carefully to instructions and any request from a leader should be followed willingly. Respect, and look-out for each other. Medication Policy We need to know all relevant medical information, including any medications currently being taken. Scouts should carry their own and give a spare to the leaders, for safe-keeping. Pocket Money Policy Norway is an expensive destination, but we recommend a maximum of £50 pocket money. You can choose to bank this with the leaders or entrust it to your Scout. We are happy to accept NOK or Sterling two weeks prior to the camp departure date. If entrusting with your Scout, you should provide NOK currency only.

  16. Appendix 4 – Kit List Have fun and be safe

  17. Appendix 5 - Costs • Cost to Travel (actual) - £292 per Scout. Flights with BA from Edinburgh to Stavanger via London, Heathrow. • Insurance (actual) - £ 15 per Scout • Cost of Camp (estimate) - £243 per Scout. The price includes all food, activities and excursions during the camp. • Total Cost per Scout = £550 approx. (which compares with £600 per head for Kandersteg in 2011). • Note: The cost of transporting large kit and tents is being met by a Norwegian/Scottish company Edgen Murray Europe Ltd, from Newbridge, who are sponsoring a container from Grangemouth. 18

  18. Appendix 6 - Fundraising • Fundraising by Scouts and Parents to date: Varies, see fundraising statement. • Lybrun Fund = £50 per head • Bank of Scotland Foundation = £35 per head • Regional Grant = £50 per head • Final cost will £550, less £135 grants, less deposit and any additional payments, less your personal fundraising share. This varies from family to family. A statement of the balance due will be produced in early March with details of payment deadlines. • Seeking one final fundraising event Many thanks to Peter and Fiona Holmes and Colin Anderson for their fundraising efforts and to all the Scouts, Leaders and Parents too! 19

  19. Appendix 7 - Timeline November 2012 – Estimates November 2012 – Finalise attendees December 2012 – Pay holding deposits for camp and flights December to Spring 2013 – Continue fundraising and accept regular payments from parents to camp funds account February/March 2013 – Obtain Visas (if applicable), passports and Health Cards March – May 2013 – Obtain kit, including kilt, sporan, hose, etc. May 2013 (to be confirmed) – Pay cost balance on camp June 2013 – Prepare and ship container July 2013 – Attend camp, have loads of fun, etc. September 2013 – Parent presentation http://11thleithscouts.wordpress.com/ 20

  20. Finally & Questions • Collect sizes for hoodies • Vote for most popular hoody colour • Copy passports, visas and E111 • Permission to camp Form and behaviour contract • 11th Scouts Website • http://11thenescouts.org • Stavanger Camp Website • http://www.stavanger2013.no/articles/view/id/about-Stavanger-2013

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