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st Game of Thrones Season 8 Fan Theories, Predictions and thoughts

The die-hard GOT fans have kept their fingers crossed ever since the Season 7 was finished and are anticipating what surprises season 8 might bring to them. Here, to provide the food for GOT fansu2019 thought, weu2019re offering some predictions and possibilities that GOT Season 8 might come with. Do read forth and remain entertained till the final Season is aired!

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st Game of Thrones Season 8 Fan Theories, Predictions and thoughts

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  1. 18​FEBRUARY2019 12 Best Game of Thrones Season 8 Fan Theories, Predictions and thoughts Written by ​Jiten Patel It’s been well over a year (507 days as on Feb 16, 2019, to be specific) Game of Thrones season 7 is over. The diehard fans have kept their fingers crossed ever since and are anticipating what surprises season 8 might bring to them. The speculations are high, the rumor mill is churning and some scoops are doing the rounds of the web too. However, nothing real, concrete is known about what shocks GOT season 8 might bring on reel to the massive fanfare. No matter when GOT season 8 hits screens, it’s nothing that could stop fans to run the market before George R. R. Martin’s (GRRM) horse. Irrespective of how hard we speculate and guess, but the sure thing is we’ll still be flabbergasted with GRRM’s ability to add some uncanny elements,

  2. unexpected knockouts and deadly scenes that, perhaps, go with the spirit so strong and popularity that immense. The show ruled the roosts on HBO with millions of fans watching it in awe since 2012. Accordingly, waiting until April, when GOT season 8 is expected to come, is increasingly making fans impatient. During this huge gap between season 7 and 8, fans have tried hard dissecting every single episode and scene to take out one clue or the other. Here, to provide the food for the fans’ thought, we’re offering some predictions and possibilities that GOT season 8 might come with. Do read forth and remain entertained! Daenerys and Jon defeats the army of the dead   

  3. As Jon Snow has committed his allegiance and pledged to serve Daenerys Targaryen, both will fight the menace that army of the dead and Night King poses. They win the battle but not without paying high costs. Half of the army is lost and gone with that too are the most prized, menacing, fire-belching and battle-winning companions, dragons that are.   Daenerys and Jon march towards King’s Landing    After winning the battle, Daenerys Targaryen and Jon Snow might march towards King’s Landing. They might take Jaimie Lannister’s help to meet Cersei and put pressure on her to surrender.

  4. Cersei demands battle of combat  Contrary to their expectations, Cersei challenges Jon and Daenerys for a battle of combat to decide who will rule. Well, a warrior as he is, Jon accepts the challenge willingly. The battle is going to be hard as Jon Snow fights on behalf of Daenerys Targaryen against guess who – ‘The Mountain’, Cersei’s fighter. Jon kills ‘The Mountain’ in a duel    After a vigorous fight, Jon outdoes ‘The Mountain’ and gives this throne to Daenerys. Cersei is punished by death but not before her and Jaime’s child is born.    

  5. Jon & Daenerys’ child rules Westeros  It is also quite possible that the child of Daenerys Targaryen and Jon Snow will rule the Westeros. This is not all as the possibilities are endless. Some of them might even come as greater surprises to us. Melisandre comes back to help    The possibility of Red priestess Melisandre coming to save the day can’t be ruled out either. She declared in Season 7 that her days of ‘whispering in the ears of kings’ are over and then left Westeros. However, the priestess told Varys, “​I’ll return one last time, my dear Spider. I’ve to die in this country just like you​”. It’s a clue enough for her possible return.”

  6. Jon as prince or Daenerys as the princess as promised  It is expected that Jon is the prince or Daenerys the princess that was promised. However, this seems too easy a prediction. Keeping GOT track-record in mind, nothing ordinary, homely, casual and commonplace find mention. Instead, something beyond imagination, shocking, exquisite, unique, extraordinary and exclusive does. Jon rides Rhaegal, the dragon bearing his father’s name    Well, we all know that Daenerys is left with two dragons and she only rides Drogon. Also, Jon’s close moment indicating that he is a Targaryen too makes it a presumption of Jon riding Rhaegal, the dragon named after his father in the GOT season 8, fit enough.    

  7. Tormund and Beric are alive    We all were in awe with what appears to be a crushing end to Tormund and Beric in the GOT season 7. However, we can expect with great vehemence that Tormund and Beric are going to survive the attack to fight another time, again. The reason behind this speculation is that none saw them die. This seems an unlikely thing for a show that takes immense pride in showing some of the most brutal and ghastly deaths.          

  8. Violent Reunion of Dragons    A sight of Dany’s fire-belching dragons unleashing destruction on the opponents and bringing the armies of any sizes to knees is surely pleasing. How about an epic battle between these monsters in the sky. After Night King’s spear hitting the bull’s eye in Season 7, we can expect a violent reunion between Rhaegal and Drogo and the undead Visarion. The combat is expected to be an epic one as the upgrade Viserion, after being zombified by the Night King, now throws a blue flame, which apparently is hotter and more destructive than the standard fire shooting of siblings.        

  9. Jamie ending Cersei’s reign    Many anticipate that Jamie might realize, though a little late, what rest of the world know already – Cersei is a pure, crazy monster. As per a prophecy by a fortune letter Maggy that Cersei asked her if she would ever have children with the king. To which Maggy replied, “​Gold shall be their crowns and gold their shrouds,”. “And when your tears have drowned you, the Valonqar shall wrap his hands about your pale white throat and choke the life from you.​” The Valonqar in High Valerian means younger brother. We expected that Tyrion will revenge on Cersei but we might not rule out the possibility of Jamie the twin brother and her lover calling it a day and disposes of the despot gone amuck. Other surprises that might be in store  The surprises for the fans might be aplenty and can include reunions between Jon, Arya, and Gendry, Theon Greyjoy finally finding redemption, Nymeria returning with her pack of wolves to fight the army of the dead, Ned Stark being alive, Tyrion discovering Targaryen roots, Arya

  10. becoming Littlefinger, Sam being the prince actually promised and so on so forth. However, the fact remains that things will be in the clear light of the day only when GOT season 8 hits the silver screen.

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