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Meat Grinder Accident PowerPoint Presentation
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Meat Grinder Accident

Meat Grinder Accident

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Meat Grinder Accident

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  1. • A 26-year-old sausage factory worker suffered a grisly end when he slipped and fell feet first into a meat grinder which chewed off his legs and killed him. • Father-of-four Michael Raper was trapped from the waist down for two excruciating hours after he become entangled in the huge auger at the Bar S Foods plant in Lawton, Oklahoma.

  2. • Amid gruesome scenes co-workers watched in horror before frantic emergency workers managed to cut the machine in half and free him. • Mr Raper was taken to hospital but died the following day. • The aunt of Mr Raper's fiancee, who he was due to marry in February, told KFOR-TV: 'He slipped and went into the machine. He was still conscious at the time so I can imagine the agony he was in, and he lost both of his legs.' • Lawton Fire Department Lt Steve Thornton spoke of the terrible sight that greeted his team when they arrived.

  3. • He said they found Mr Raper, who was in charge of cleaning the machine, trapped and added that it took a further hour and 45 minutes to free him. • 'His legs were caught in an auger,' Lt Thornton told OKNEWS. • 'They used a forklift to stabilise the auger while cutting it in two, lifted up the auger and pulled him from the machinery। 'It was basically disentanglement because the gentleman was trapped.' An air ambulance was requested but Mr Raper was taken to hospital by land after the tragedy on Tuesday night. He was treated at the Comanche County Memorial Hospital where he died on Wednesday from 'severe injuries

  4. • Mr Raper lived in Duncan with his fiancee and four children. • Ms Ferris added: 'He made my niece very happy, • 'I just can't believe it. It just happened all so fast. • His cousin, Austn Wren, told OKNEWS: 'Mikey had a very caring heart and would do anything for you if you needed it done.' • Mr Raper's uncle, Charles Wren, added: 'He loved to play jokes on people. He was just a good guy and that's all I could say, is that he was just a good guy and he would do anything for you.' • An investigation into the incident is being carried out by the federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration. • Bar S Foods said they were co-operating and added that they have a positive record of safety practices