grinder safety n.
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Grinder Safety

Grinder Safety

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Grinder Safety

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  1. Grinder Safety Portable Grinders Stationary Grinders

  2. Grinder Safety (I) • Always get the instructors permission to operate the grinding equipment • Always wear safety glasses and a face shield during operation • Never wear loose clothing around this machine while in operation • Wear close-fitting gloves and a lab coat or heavy shirt for protection

  3. Grinder Safety (II) • Small work pieces should be held by a vise while using the portable grinder and with vise grips while using the stationary grinder. If the pieces are too small to handle they should not be machined with a grinder. • Check the grinding wheels to see if it is free of any nicks, gouges, and cracks • The tool rest helps position and guide materials during operation. Make sure the tool rest is adjusted 1/16” or less from the wheel • Always hold the metal firmly on the tool rest

  4. Grinder Safety (III) • Always move the metal back and forth while grinding unless specified by the instructor. This ensures even wear on the grinding wheel. • Always turn the stationary grinder off when finished with an operation and wait for them to come to a complete stop. • Never walk or pass through the sparks while grinding is taking place • Never grind the weld sparks / debris into another worker in the shop

  5. Grinder Safety (IV) • Always use the designed wrenches to change grinding wheels on the portable grinders • Always make sure all guards are in place and working properly • Never throw the portable grinder on the ground or into the work • Always make sure the portable grinder has come to a complete stop before setting it down. • Both hands are always on the portable grinder during operation. • Only use abrasive grinding wheels for the material they were meant to machine. (Steel and Aluminum do not mix)

  6. Stationary Grinder Parts Motor Switch Spark Deflector Safety Shield Grinding Wheel Tool Rest Coolant Pot Dust Chute Pedestal

  7. Portable Grinder Tool Rest Trigger Handle Idle Handle Safety Guard Trigger Motor Housing Grinding Wheel