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Special Thanks to…

Special Thanks to…

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Special Thanks to…

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  1. Every Monday in July!!! Special Thanks to…

  2. What is the difference between a hunter and a bottom dweller? A Catfish is a relative of the Shark but it ain’t no Shark. Agents earning less than $50,000 are related to Top Producer but they ain’t Top Producers . Top Producer earn above $100,000 Gross Commission Income Rainmakers earn $250,000 - $2M Top Producers and Rainmakers are HUNTERS!!!

  3. Hunters are a different breed. Hungry Intense Tireless Focused Persistent Relentless Single Minded

  4. Shark Feeding July 2012 = Minimum 10 Listing Appointment Name: Date: Annual Income: YTD: Pending Transactions Price/Commission/Closing ______/________/_______ ______/________/_______ ______/________/_______ ______/________/_______ ______/________/_______ ______/________/_______ ______/________/_______ ______/________/_______ Total Listing Inventory # _______Volume $_________ Listings Taken Asking B.P.O. ______/________ ______/________ ______/________ ______/________ ______/________ ______/________ Price Reductions:___ Open Houses: ___ Staging Analysis: ___ Craig’s List: ___ Sphere Notes: ___ Sphere e-mails ___ Absentee Notes: ___ Expired Letters: ___ E.B.O.L. ___ Farm Hit: ___ Doorhangers Delivered Mo.___ Wk.___ Projected Monthly _____ Weekly_____ REO Applications Made Mo.___ Wk.___ Projected Monthly _____ Weekly_____ Door Knock Telephone FSBO Mo___ Wk___ Expired Mo___ Wk___ Lis Pendens Mo____ Wk____ Just Sold Mo____ Wk____ FSBO Mo___ Wk___ Expired Mo___ Wk___ Lis Pendens Mo____ Wk____ Just Sold Mo____ Wk____ Absent Owner Mo____ Wk____

  5. AShark Goes on 10 listing Appointments Per Month…. 10 listing appointments will generate a minimum of 4 listings taken!

  6. 4 x 12 = 48 Listings Taken in a calendar year!!! 25 – 35 closings of not less than $4000 = $100,000 -140,000 GCI

  7. Where the hell am I supposed to get 10 listing appointments? Expired Listings from June 30th -July 9th Expired Listings From May of 2012 Expired Listings from April of 2012 Expired Listings from March of 2012 Expired Listings from February 2012 Expired Listings from January 2012 Seasoned Expired Listings from 2011 For Sale By Owners Doorknocking around a just sold Telephone surveys around a just sold Telephone survey around a just listed Doorknocking around a just listed Doorhanger . Postcards. Letters Newsletters

  8. To go on 10 listing appointments To take 4 listings per month To list not less than 48 homes per year To close not less than 30 properties To earn not less than $100,000 MANAGE THE TASK DO NOT MANAGE RESULTS!!! How many human touches can I make! 5 human touches 10 human touches 20 human touches 50 human touches 100 human touches If I am going to become the hero of my own life

  9. Multi Billion Dollar a year Diet and Exercise industry???

  10. What do Fitness & Addiction Therapy… have to do with… Real Estate?

  11. The secret… It’s not the program, it’s the person! Unwavering Commitment Obsessive Desire Persistence which does not recognize failure !

  12. Car Breaks Down Marlins Tickets Fishing Trip Fancy Dinner Tires Walgreens New I-phone Doctor Golf Vacation Prom Gown Extras At The Mall

  13. Wealthy men and woman manage their money differently than most people!!! PAY MYSELF FIRST Part of all I make is mine to keep!!! As long as I pay myself first and protect that money I will constantly get richer and richer NO MATTER HOW MY INCOME FLUCTUATES!!! TOP PRODUCERS MANAGE THEIR TIME DIFFERENTLY than most people!!! Handle my A and B work first!!! I protect my A and B time FIRST!!! As long as I prospect and go on listing appointments I will get richer and richer NO MATTER HOW THE REST OF MY BUSINESS or Personal life goes!!!

  14. A The #1 Learned Skill of Real Estates Highest Earners Time Blocking Work bursts Prospecting Time FIXED Recurring Ritualistic A Day in Real Estate WITHOUT “A” & “B” time is a day off!!! This is the highest paying activity in your career!!! LIVE WITH DECISION MAKER… DURING THE DECISION MAKING PROCESS!!! This is what you get paid to do!!

  15. Week 4 Source of Business Charting

  16. $119,000 GCI

  17. The purpose of planning is decision. The purpose of decision is to cut off from all options. Once we have made a commitment to what we WILL DO!!! We no longer have to entertain alternatives. We only need to execute the commitment we have already made.

  18. Lack of loyalty is one of the major causes of failure in every walk of life” Napoleon Hill Top Producers change direction less frequently. Top Earners work for the same broker longer. Top Tier Professionals have a longer term view of opportunities. An interesting observation of sharks in action is they don’t eat each other. They work together well. They don’t bicker or fight over little things. Top Earners have better customer satisfaction ratings than low producers. They treat people better, because that contributes to income generation.

  19. Spend a Dime Make a Dollar #5 • 10¢ invested should return $1 G.C.I. • Lead Generation vs. Institutional Advertising • Small Business Opportunities Direct Mail Telemarketing Open Houses Door Hangers Door Knocking Networking Events Niche’ Demographics H.O.A. Newsletter Ads Personal Sphere of Influence

  20. Pay Yourself First #4 • 10% of every commission dollar earned “ For every ten coins thou placest within thy purse take out for use but nine. Thy purse will start to fatten at once and its increasing weight will feel good in thy hand and bring satisfaction to thy soul” Arkad The Richest Man in Babylon

  21. #3 Persistence Nothing in this world can take the place of persistence. Talent will not; nothing is more common than unsuccessful people with talent. Genius will not; unrewarded genius is almost a proverb. Education will not; the world is full of educated derelicts. Persistence and determination alone are omnipotent. Calvin Coolidge

  22. The ONLY sustainable advantage in business is world class service! #2 • Price and Commission wars • Competition in Seller’s markets • Buyer’s market • Low Interest Rates - High Interest Rates Service to all people around you. Always deliver more than you promise Always give more value than you receive

  23. 100% Responsibility for all things #1 0% Victim The basic difference between an ordinary man and a warrior is that a warrior takes everything as a challenge while an ordinary man takes everything either as a blessing or a curse. Carlos Casteneda Tales Of Power

  24. In order to complete the course… • We need receive one email with all of your assignments together • Dashboard • 40 contacts with notes and results • Journaling • Source of Business Chart • ONE PDF EMAIL IF POSSIBLE • Once we receive this comprehensive email • We will review and personalize your certificate of achievement • We will also move your name to the top of the list in your • CITY • COUNTY • ZIP CODES • “ I would rather work with 200 sharks than 2000 catfish” •

  25. Every Monday in July!!! Special Thanks to…